Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Duck! It's Donald

Is Donald Trump the right person to be US President? I have no idea; he comes across as a gimp though. But anyway, it brought tears of delight to me to hear the BBC's very own half-wit, Jeremy Vine squealing in uncontrollable indignation that Trump had won, on Radio 2 this morning. His pain at such an affront to his right-on, I'm-cleverer-than-you, quinoa eating world was sheer delight.

How could you not howl with laughter at the irony of his outrage at the huge swathe of people in the US who voted for Trump. They shouldn't be allowed to vote because they differ from Vine's view and he is a great supporter of democracy.

He had some wondrous assertions; firstly that only old, white people voted for Trump (must be a lot of them then) and secondly that it was as weird as if Piers Morgan was the Prime Minister. No, luvvy, it is as mad as if you were Prime Minister. That would be a nation that had lost its senses.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Law And Judges: Not The Same Thing

News just in that 3 judges have decided that a government cannot govern, in their opinion. Actually, yet another well-funded person (why is it those intent on evil always seem to have money?) has asked some judges to rule as to whether the government should act on a democratic mandate, or not.

Of course what she was really saying was, she personally disagreed with leaving the EU and wanted someone to help stop it.

Judges interpret law, that is interpret what politicians (the legislature) have enacted. They don't have the right or duty to meddle and say black is white, to prove judges are more important and more powerful than any government. This has been simmering for some time.

What happened was, as part of its election promises, the Conservative party offered a referendum on whether we stay in the EU or not. The Conservatives won a majority in the House of Commons and formed a government. Acting on their promise, the referendum was held.

It would be bad form to ignore the result, but it wasn't binding. But a government that wanted to start out working for the people and not just being liars, would respect the result.

So, a clear majority want out, for the robustly good reason that the EU is a crock. We haven't (and won't?) join key elements of it and it isn't working at any level anyway. It isn't a country, it is a collection of politicians. That is what the EU actually is.

To leave, the rules say we have to invoke Article 50 of the treaty, so that is what is suggested. Now, judges say that a government should ignore democracy and must ask the permission of other parties to take the action required by the people. OK, so if the judges insist we have to debate 'Article 50', let's skip it.

Let's just tell the EU, 'we're out of here'. Not one wants that, but the judges, by interfering in areas over which they certainly have no mandate, let alone legal right, may force upon us in an effort to exert the authority of parliament.

Where, incidentally were the judges to remind us in the 1970's that no government has the power, that is the constitutional right, to hand this country over to a foreign power? And yet, Edward Heath did just that. Is it cynical to suggest that the Left leaning wet legs that judges have become, useless appendages to society, were happy to ignore the illegality of the UK signing itself over to an authoritarian Marxist construct, recreating the Soviet Union in Western Europe?

Yes they were. The question is, who is worse - Sir Phillip Green or these state sucking judges?

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Not Boris Then

What exactly is Boris about? Is he able to run a straightforward political career? About as likely as not noticing a pretty girl it seems.

Anyway, the leading Brexit campaigner won't be leading the Conservative party any time soon. So, who can? It is almost as difficult these days to think of a politician with any real conviction, any leadership qualities.

Labour are in a devil of a mess because they have a conviction politician as leader, with no leadership qualities at all. But then, when you want to end democracy and be in power forever, I suppose leading is not that important.

Gove is brilliant but I don't think he gels with people and the Left have done a good stich-up job creating a false image of the man. I feel for Jeremy Hunt who is presently being demonised by another Union, but leader of the Conservatives? No thanks.

Theresa May? If going missing when a decision is needed, when the going gets tough, then she would be in line. Otherwise, no.

Daniel Hannan? Definitely, but oh dear, he is only an MEP. Don't know Crabb, which might be his problem all over. amusing isn't it? They spend their time avoiding being of any utility to the country or its people and now cannot find a reason to be elected, a platform.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Referendum Review

So historic Thursday is a bit behind us now, some momentous things are happening as a consequence; time to review the situation.

Predictable things; Labour would blame each other no matter what happened. Marxist agitators would deny the result (and will doubtless be planning violent protests, they usually do), the EU bureaucrats would bluster and the markets would take advantage to try to make money.

What was a bit of a shock was Cameron resigning. I can see it might be honourable as he actively wanted something and he would now have to implement the opposite, but on the other hand, he is walking away when the work needs doing.

Corbyn has turned Labour into a Far Left party (something the papers never say, but always refer to Far Right people) and is not a useful sort in politics. However, look at Labour and tell me who could lead them and have a chance of being of any utility to the country?

As for the markets, they are doing what they always do and behaving in the most self centred way. All the volatility is just because of the bets they are placing on stocks, shares and commodities. Oh and currency. Very naughty the way they are driving it down, but a weak pound means our exports rise so hey ho. It will sort itself out.

There is a growing recognition amongst intelligent thinkers (instead of intellectual morons, who put ideology before all else), that this is an opportunity to change the stagnant politics we have today. As this is really what the population has been kicking back about, it would be entirely appropriate, but of course, getting rid of the anti-democratic, Soviet style government of the EU is a good start.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

If You Voted Remain

If you voted Remain in the recent referendum, here is the bit you missed.

In 1973 the Conservative Prime Minister deliberately lied to the public, in order to join the Common Market. He said it was just a trading bloc, when he knew it was actually only a political structure, everything around it was frippery. He knew it would lead to a superstate.

Being in dire straits at the time, it meant that the British people could be easily convinced that it would help economic recovery. So he drew up an Act that ceded sovereignty to a foreign power. This was unlawful, as it is not within the power of a UK government to do so.

Scroll forward to today and the much more openly stated objective of 'ever closer union' which I think most people hear as 'becoming nicer to each other', 'popping round for tea more often'.

But it means finally achieving the initial goal of the French and German participants, a single, Europe wide empire.

So, how would this empire operate? I think most British people would think, just like our government, but in Brussels, where we would have a big voice. In fact Britain will cease to exist and just become a region. A bit like East Anglia is a region of Britain. So Gibraltar will join with Spain and Portugal to become the Iberian region (well done for voting for that Gib).

If she is lucky, the power mad Sturgeon might be running the local authority possibly known as the Scottish region.

The 'government' will be like this;

Laws will not be submitted by elected politicians who are responding to the needs of constituents, they will be dreamed up by unelected bureaucrats. If the comedy 'parliament' tries to vote it down, they will be voting until they get it right.

The MEP's will operate along group, party lines. The police will be above the law (EU police already are), bureaucrats will be unimpeachable (which to all real intents and purposes they are now).

A thousand years of perfecting a system in the UK where everything is legal unless the elected representatives of the people make it illegal, with the agreement of the people (or they are kicked out with the new lot knowing what they must do), will be replaced. Instead, everything will be illegal unless the state, in the form of unelected bureaucrats allow it.

If you voted Remain you will probably deny this, even though it is easily discoverable. If you voted Remain and didn't know this, well now you do and shame on you.

If this form of government is OK with you, then I guess you live in Islington. And pine for the Soviet Union.

Fog In The Channel

Apparently, the people running the EU Project have decided to stamp their feet and be petulant. This is what actors and Left liberals understand; childish behaviour. To them it is a normal reaction. It seems you see, that the weather forecast is for fog in the English Channel and this will cut all the pathetic wretches off from where the brains reside.

Nice of them to see it that way, we used to think it might just be a conceit of ours.

Marxist Revolution Delayed, Again

Bloody democracy, bloody, bloody democracy. This EU referendum has really, really upset the Marxists. After all, they have spent decades trying to undermine all the institutions, to pervert British society and it seemed for all the world to be working nicely. Then, a project of lovely Marxist leanings has been interfered with by the bloody electorate!

Ordinary people, for heavens sake! It seemed all very straight forward - run Project Fear to terrify people who have been brought up in an education system that doesn't challenge them, with Political Correctness telling them what to think and to shut down debate where anyone persists.

Surely they had it covered, surely the stiff upper lip and British stoic resolve had been got rid of. And finally no debate or education about the EU had been allowed. So, ignorant, weak minded people could be easily lied to about the doom and destruction not toeing the line would bring on, as they had no information to go on.

Except, except..... the British are just not like that. Sure the Marxist weakening of society has had great success, but it wasn't enough. If you actually listen to what anyone ever said in support of Remain, it was all emotional, detail lite rambling. Ask a question and get waffle.

But as ever, the bright people brought facts. And now we get (particularly the BBC) reinventing history and explaining what happened. Educated youngsters voted Remain, thick youngsters voted Leave (it is OK to speak of people thus in this snowflake age, as the thickies were not toeing the official line). Which even if it were remotely true, would only prove how we have moved on with the meaning of educated.

It only takes a bit of effort and a dollop of common sense to know you have to vote Leave, but it takes a University education to believe stupid things.