Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Hmm, Troops On The Streets.

In what can only be described as an open and obvious display of panic, the UK government has agreed to deploy troops on the streets. There are all kinds of issues here; on what basis? Aiding the civil power, martial law, or has control been handed to the military?

Are they to guard locations considered targets in a tactical or visible manner? Are they for go or show? Will they have body armour (the police do)? What are their rules of engagement?

Let's look at the decision. It is believed that the Manchester suicide bomber had a device that was sophisticated enough to make it likely others were involved (design, supply?) Plus of course, who made it and who convinced this imbecile to do what he did?

This suggests a wider 'cell' and a still extant ability to strike again. But would they? Well, if we accord them the status of dedicated fighters (soldiers, as the media insist on calling them), then yes. But if, as they undoubtedly are, they are cowards who don't quite make it as human, then they will go to ground, vanish.

The bomb maker is a valuable asset and the 'brains' will have no intention of getting caught, or killed. So my prediction is, that there will be no incident in the coming days, no follow up. Sure some other loner smack-head, psychotic cannabis freak might drive a car at people, but that will just be copying what they see on telly. Certainly no part of a plot.

So again, why the troops? Well, our senior police officers, who have repeatedly shown they are complete and utter failures, will have seen the political opportunity the murder of children presents. Whilst the rank and file want to keep a mainly unarmed force, the senior officers want an armed force (sorry, service).

What kind of ambitious, self-regarding officer of rank would not want to have high profile police, dripping with bags and equipment openly displaying guns? The bigger the better. And helicopters and maybe armoured cars.

But they have had to ask for the unusual and (in Britain) hugely political deployment of soldiers, because that will release the, clearly small number, of available trained firearms officers to face this 'imminent' threat. Of course, if they had the right numbers and the right weapons.....

These 'trained' police, don't forget, managed to shoot and wound the killer of Lee Rigby (despite us being told police can't 'shoot to wound'), shot dead a man with a chair leg in a bag, shot dead a criminal who was naked in his bedroom. They also fell down the stairs trying to deal with an unarmed drunk man who they fired at several times, mainly missing - in a house.

The 'experts' who numbered an instructor in their ranks who shot and wounded a student on a firearms course, in a classroom. And as an interesting aside, the police never get criticised or legally pursued over these events, unlike our hounded soldiers.

Consequently, I see it that the politicking of certain key, yet pathetic figures, has forced the Prime Minister to move to panic measures. And panicking, as Cressida Dick could tell you, if she is about and not under a desk somewhere, doesn't lead to good outcomes.

It was once said that the sign of an effective police force is the absence of crime, not their visibility, rushing around after a crime has been committed. But the fashion today is very much the opposite, that lots of blue lights and guns and robocops shows the police mean business.

This lazy, easy resort to deploying troops is a dangerous precedent, deeply un-British and in the circumstance pertaining, wholly unnecessary anyway. The separation of our volunteer army from the people has always been clear and carefully controlled. Thatcher unleashed the SAS for a particular operation, where their skills were essential at the Princes Gate siege of the Eighties.

Control was, briefly handed over from the civil power (the police) to the military. Once over, so control was handed back. It is that controlled, when done right.

The Army, with high velocity weapons are not the right defence in this situation on urban streets and our police have repeatedly shown themselves too often not fit for purpose. And their leadership, the root of the problem, is of very poor quality.

Dealing with this terrorism is the opposite of what we are doing. The people of Manchester have instinctively got it right, go out and show that we stand together against their plots, brave in the face of danger. What they are doing is standing up for the British values that has and does make our society great.

Thus by inference we reject their value system based on violence and coercion. But the politicians become more martial, they puff and bluster, whilst maintaining all the safeguards to keep terrorism amongst us. The Trojan Horse schools? They are not just not educating children properly, they are the start point for radicalisation, creating division.

The hate preachers - why are they still operating and often true, why are they still here? The potential terrorists returning from fighting for ISIS in Syria. Returning? Don't let them in! Even if, heaven forfend it should cause Corbyn sleepless nights to take such action.

And finally, please can I never be told again, after a terrorist atrocity that the perpetrator was 'known to police'. Or how many plots were prevented (that strangely saw no one arrested, no one is aware they happened and no one goes to prison as a result).

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

General Election: June 8th

Theresa May calls a snap election out of nowhere, just after a paper was speculating that she doesn't like being PM and can't wait to stand down. Nicola Sturgeon says it is divisive, which she seems to say about most things, but like a stuck clock she is right every so often. Such as parliament, which is divisive, bearing in mind there is the government and there is Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition (and the Scots Nats who are neither).

As the useful idiots of Brussels and their hopeless Project Fear have been well and truly kicked into the long grass, it seems a little cruel of Mrs May to go into the long grass and kick them a little further. Maybe they will even reach the sunny uplands of their EUtopia, where unemployment is low to non existent (well, in Germany anyway), where economic woes have been dispelled and a trade surplus blossoms (er, if you're Germany) and your fellow citizens embrace as brothers, sharing the same laws, taxes, wealth and the holy benefits of the ECJ and Human Rights. All of which isn't true anywhere in Europe.

As long as Habeus Corpus doesn't matter to you, democracy doesn't matter, or the principle that the state owns you and tells you what to do and what to think is completely OK with you, then the EU is the place to be. A great idea.

If however, you believe in the Common Law, owned by the people and exercised on their behalf by an elected government, then Theresa May is the person to lead the country and deserves your vote. A further chance to tell the Marxist Left that we are fed up with their political correctness and being pushed about by the over mighty petty bureaucrats, so beloved of institutions like the EU.

Fed up with the Elite's sense of entitlement, the lies about tax cuts, green taxes and subsidies, the global warming scam, the end goal of the EU project, the whole lot.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Another Killer Muslim

Sorry, a deliberate headline to infuriate. Did you leap to conclusions, based on your own prejudice? Adrian Elms converted to Islam and as a result of the Muslims he came in contact with (who sought to influence him), drew him to kill innocent people indiscriminately.

He wasn't involved in international terrorism as a senior police officer jumped to judge. He was a Muslim when he decided to murder. But, that doesn't mean Islam is our enemy. It is a religion that has held back many countries around the world, being a faith of political control. Particularly here in the UK, Muslims can join a tolerant society and blend with people of all faiths and backgrounds. Where they choose not to, they allow evil people to use the cover of their religion to harm them and us.

Integration works exceptionally well, placing responsibilities on both sides and requiring an acknowledgement that British values must be shared. Ken Livingstone, despite being keen on creating division to further his political ends, said that Muslim Londoners will be horrified by what happened in Westminster. In correctly so doing, he accidentally agreed that integration was crucial.

Let us not be blinded by a tunnel vision towards communities refusing to integrate and speak English etc, to the failings of people paid to look after us. The Left-liberal weaklings, useful idiots to Marxists trying to undermine Western democracy, have for far too long held sway, fearing to act in a balanced and unbiased way, paving the way to extremist violence.

Tony Blair surrendered to the IRA, so why shouldn't political activists, who also happen to be Muslims, use violence to find another weakling to surrender to them? That they have such limited support that the best they can do is get loners and misfits to do their murderous bidding, is all the proof we need that we are not fighting Islam, but murderers who happen to be Muslims.

What success they have had here to date is massively due to the insidious creep of the Left, destroying our society and capitalism in particular. The weak, lying, scared senior policemen. Politicians who keep saying the 'extreme Right' are a significant threat and that their assertion that Muslims are the enemy is unacceptable. Except there is no real 'extreme Right-wing violence'. No-one who has considered what is happening conflates a killer who is a Muslim, into all Muslims being killers.

Yet this accusation is often repeated by normal people gulled into parroting Marxist tosh, and further reinforces the pathetic policeman in refusing to prosecute crimes by 'minorities'. Instead, they need to be rooting out the people who whisper venom into the ears of the easily confused, turning them into murderers.

Find the base, the root cause and deal with it. But so far the 'authorities' remain in thrall to finding spooks everywhere but hiding within Muslim communities. Where the evil men hide.

Finally, whilst deploring the snowflake generation as they continue their virtue-signalling after atrocities, I do actually think the image of Muslim women standing hand-in-hand on Westminster bridge was quite useful. Pathetic that they should feel they have to do that, but powerful in saying 'Adrian Elms is not one of us'. Which of course, he wasn't.

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit

Question Time is on, that programme designed to answer nothing, but get some soundbites for the BBC's left-wing audience to shout about. Quite late in joining the first thing I see is the rambling comic Salmond, the ex-leader of the SNP who was replaced by someone who isn't so obviously mad. But is. Then there is Keir Starmer, fresh from running the CPS as a political branch of 'justice'. To be fair, he isn't the worst in the debate by a way.

Ooh! Nick Clegg is talking now. Apparently, he wants to stay in an organisation that pays his wife. and him probably, there is of course a massive propaganda fund in the EU.

But anyway, the stunt driven 'Remain' camp keep asking questions they know there is no answer to and then say, 'they haven't got an answer'. What is the EU proposing when we inform them we are leaving? We don't know, they haven't said (for good reason). So why, how could Theresa May have a fully formed plan?

Thankfully no-one asked the clearly deranged Heseltine his view. He is after all, a key player in keeping us in the German empire of the EU, which he turned on its head in his recent muttering. Just be satisfied you knifed your party leader in the back and go away.

But there it is, the Remain camp funded and shouted for by those who benefit from it or are directly paid by it. Why should we (and why do so many scaredy cats) listen to what a bunch of corrupt, anti-democratic, unelected technocrats say? How long should we go on supporting a bankrupt France and allow Germany to impoverish so much of the European continent, to maintain their own economy?

By leaving the EU is Britain really, once again saving Europe from French and German empire builders?

Clegg delivers the Remain bottom line; referendums until we vote to remain. Very EU of him.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Portion Police

Well, completely flying in the face of the nannying injunction on the wrapper and risking the introduction of a new fining bureaucracy, I ate all 120 grams of a Nestle Crunch bar (Dairy Crunch before 1992).

Fines are a wonderful thing aren't they? Initially, when justice referred to, well, justice a fine was imposed when a gaol term would too extreme. Invented to deal with crime in a proportionate way.

Today of course the law, as defined by low grade politicians and implemented (interpreted, don't ya know) by pompous Judges is speeding towards total disrepute. If you imprison people, politicians must provide the budget to provide the structure for incarceration.

But a fine, oh my a fine, well that just requires bureaucrats to catch you out (Portion Police) broaching some arbitrary and pointless rule and then the politicians actually raise money! Win, win!

Who cares about proportionate? You can only truly display power if you fly in the face of such constraints. It is almost important to be disproportionate.

If you want to get even more philosophical, I suppose you could consider that the previous belief in proportionality was because the people owned the law and it sought to serve the people. At least it lived as an entity in fear of the people.

Now of course, to fit in with our overlords in Brussels (please God, not much longer) that has had to be turned on its head. To suit the French desire for everyone to have the appalling system their elite have imposed on the people, we have to put state ahead of nation, government before people.

Everything is illegal unless the elite choose to allow it. And bizarrely, unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats absolutely love this system. Your watchword can be 'outrageous disregard'.

Saturday, 4 February 2017

All You Need To Know About Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke MP(!) is the sort of person you should not trust to hold your ice cream while you tie your shoelaces

Friday, 27 January 2017

Our Tickle 50

Little punning there, sorry, serious subject. Well, to people that understand it!

The people of this country, under a law of 2015 voted to request and require their democratically elected government to withdraw the United Kingdom from the European Union. It is amazing, after years of propaganda, threats of doom from all and sundry, apathy and the general fear that maybe we should cling to nurse for fear of something worse, that we voted to leave.

But we did. And Jeremy Corbyn thinks that is the reason his party should not think it knows better, rather carry out the will of the people. Article 50 of course is an article of an EU treaty. It is the formal way to inform them we are leaving. Some of his MP's think their view more important than the public's though.

But wanting to leave is only something that stupid people and fascists voted for, according to the liberals. Now these are interesting people, because they call themselves liberals, which suggests freedom and tolerance (as it is intended to).

The manifestation though is that they are deeply and often violently intolerant of people having different ideas from them. So, a narrow, dictatorial society is what they are after, as long as the power rests with them.

This is OK though, because they are cleverer than you (clearly, you voted to leave the EU) and are lovely people who would never do you any harm (unless you disagreed with them).

I was trying to think if any country has ever been run on these principles and how it went. Nearest I can come up with is Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, oh and the very similarly structured EU.