Monday, 18 March 2019

What Is May Up To?

It seems puzzling, doesn't it? Theresa May has made some pretty unequivocal statements about Brexit, Leave means Leave, we will leave on March 29th (108 times in parliament), carry out the democratic will of the people etc. But here we are, on the cusp of handing actual and real control of the UK to the EU. In, but with no say - which is what her 'deal' supplied for her by the EU, is actually about.

So what is May, clumsy, incompetent, weak? Let's look at what happens through the process and not what she says. Article 50 is triggered with no deal as a the legal option. She appoints a Brexit minister, who turns out to have no say or role at all in the process. May threatens her cabinet and surprises them with the EU's stich up deal. It is binned.

 May sticks with it. May says it is the best deal possible, which is probably true from her perspective, but not if you are supporting the UK side. She sacks any Brexiteer for any reason; four of her cabinet ignore the whip and it has no consequence whatsoever, because they are Remainers. One even resigns from his Conservative Association, but is treated as a faithful soldier.

May allows stupid little (bleating) votes of no consequence and then agrees to be bound by them, which she was not obliged to do. Because they disrupt leaving?

So what does all this point to? Only one thing. From the outset May has had no intention of delivering Brexit, doesn't care a fig for parliamentary protocol, the good of the country, business, the economy or democracy. She cares about the EU. Why would you be moved by the aforementioned list, when the EU, being a dictatorship, doesn't give a hoot for these things and being an acolyte of this institution, nor does she. Political power trumps all.

If her constituency party was run by people of character, courage and decency, they would recall her and have a by-election with the stated aim of getting rid of the embarrassment she represents to party and country. But I don't suppose they are Conservatives, either.

I suspect she called a General Election because she hoped that it would see more Brexit backing MP's lose their seats, more than she worried about her majority. She finally put the lid on any kind of real victory when she lurched to the Left, copying Corbyn's 'ideas'. Yep, she is a serial loser.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Disgraceful; A Laughing Stock

Well, many parliaments around the world are based on the British model, but it showed just how bad it can be when stocked almost exclusively by self-impressed morons. Last night was a disgrace and will have made Britain and British politics the laughing stock of the world. Trump hasn't even come close to the haughty, hubristic tantrums on display here.

Here is the background. In the early Seventies, a Conservative(!) Prime Minister, Edward Heath, lied to the electorate about joining something called the Common Market. He told us it was a trading bloc and would make Britain a stronger country (we were, as all EU members are when joining, broke).

He knew though, as recently released government documents show, that the (then) EEC was a political project to unite all the individual countries of Europe into a single superstate, with a central government, and all the attendant structures such as tax, policing, military, laws, currency etc.

The EU has had as its abiding principle since its inception between the World Wars, that it should operate in secret and not reveal its objectives. Have you ever heard a debate about 'Europe'? Has its way of working ever been explained to you, at school, university, on TV? No. And that is very important to its success.

The EU is run by unelected bureaucrats, often referred to as technocrats, and has a pretend parliament to confuse the people of the various countries as to its operation. The MEPs can and do vote on laws proposed by the bureaucrats and can put forward amendments, but they will get the same law come back endlessly until they approve it. You can only imagine that when the single government is finally achieved this little farce will be deleted.

There is no common culture across Europe, no common language. We have different traditions and laws. Only the French and German traditions of attempting to subjugate Europe are permitted going forward though, with for instance, the (German) currency crushing the economies of the Southern European countries. There is no demos, but some politicians want an empire, so Europe will be balkanised.

Can you think of any example of a country, taking over several other countries and running them from a central government, which controls everything through laws and regulations? Yes, the USSR. How did that go?

Something even as fundamental as the law divides us. In Britain, a traditionally strong, inventive and industrious nation, we evolved laws that constrained absolute monarchs and placed the law in the hands of the people. We vote for people to represent us in parliament and if they don't do what we want, they are chucked out at the next election.

In the EU, where the law is dominated by the French, the State owns the law and the people do what they are told. A short summary of this would be, in Britain everything is legal unless we decide to make it illegal, in the EU everything is illegal unless the State allows it.

This comes from the militaristic, empire building tradition of not just France, but Germany also. The French see themselves as the finest administrators in the world and so should run the EU, but need German money so tolerate them as a 'partner'. Germany think they should run it, because they pay for it and tolerate French input because there would be another war if they didn't.

So, with some inkling that the EU was too different, too bureaucratic and not functioning very well and with a suspicion as to what they were up, what came next, the British voted to leave the EU. The largest turnout ever saw 17.4 million people issue this instruction.

Parliament had pledged almost unanimously to action the result. Both Labour and Conservative candidates ran on a manifesto to honour that pledge. Parliament voted overwhelmingly to trigger Article 50, the mechanism by which a member informs the EU that they are leaving.

However, ignoring 17.4 million people, their own election manifesto pledges and in many cases actually defying the majority of their constituents, MP's decided that no one tells them what to do. Most MP's are 'Remainers' and want to stay in the bureaucrats paradise, the EUSSR. So they started wrecking the process.

The analogy that the Remain MP's are acting like children having a tantrum at not getting their way, is in fact so accurate it is beyond parody. Using a typical Marxist trick (all of them, even the 'Conservatives') the Remainers try to create a false narrative. They say that the Leavers have lied incessantly, blocked progress and want a 'hard Brexit'. That the referendum only voted Leave because of the campaign of lies by vote Leave.

Let's examine that. Leave MP's have consistently insisted and voted to support the will of the people, being the proper role of parliament, and have only blocked attempts to thwart that, which cannot be characterised as 'blocking progress'. The Leave campaign was not massively funded, but may have made some technical mistakes in using the funds, on occasion, that didn't amount to a hill of beans.

Remain however, had enormous resources; the UK government pumped money into it, as did foreign individuals of high net wealth and of course, the EU. Massive collusion and misuse of funds took place, which the Electoral Commission have no problem with, because they choose only to investigate Leave.

As to lies, currently Britain should be in a recession, at least 600,000 people should have lost their jobs in 2016 and the pound should be on the floor. This is what Remain promised would happen if we dared to vote to leave. In fact, there are at least 700,000 more in work, the economy is growing (faster than the EU) and the world is knocking on our door looking for trade deals.

The media is almost all on the side of Remain, so there is no proper analysis (phew, says the EU) and the BBC fanatically so.

Consequently the world is treated to the spectacle of a bunch of immature, entitled bigots acting as if they alone possess the knowledge and wherewithal to understand the blindingly simple concept of leave means leave. (Ask if they would like some money, they know the answer to that!).

Here is another question for you; Remain also tell us that we trade so much with the EU that we will be destroyed if we leave (they never go any further by way of explanation, you will notice). This presupposes that the EU will not buy anything from us after we leave. But how about this; the EU is possibly the most over-regulated, risk-averse structures in the world. How much stronger and bigger would the UK economy be now, if we had never joined, never been held back by the EU?

And to the final point. Remainers, like all children assert ridiculous things to confirm their position. May lost a vote yesterday (by 4 votes) and so now she is 'morally' obliged to take No Deal off the table. No mention of how the moral authority of 17.4 million people stacks up with those 4 MP's (or even the maybe 500 Loser, sorry Remainer MPs).

But here is the thing. There are common laws and there are Constitutional laws. When Tony Blair decided in his supreme arrogance to abolish the position of Lord Chancellor he was informed that it was a Constitutional position and not within his gift to have any say on. (And there was Tony thinking he was either an absolute ruler of perhaps a god).

This throws up a slight flaw in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland joining the European Union (and they do call it joining, even though they mean the UK to be subsumed) By handing the power to make laws in the UK and indeed to change the very nature of our law-making, the government was handing authority to a foreign power - a Constitutional act and something that is not within their power.

Edward Heath wasn't just lying to make you think wrongly of the EU, he had to hide that we were signing away sovereignty, because to admit that would be to admit its illegality.

Technically, we have never been in the EU because it was impossible to 'join' such an organisation. (And the EU is an organisation just like the UN, or NATO or any other international body -except they don't get to run our country!)

Friday, 22 February 2019

The Arrogance Of Power

Fancy that, the people of a democratic country giving a clear and unequivocal message to their representatives and expecting that to mean something! We are very much in a post democracy democracy, and elections are just an old fashioned way of selecting MP's. These MP's then join the club in Westminster and, with no reference to their constituencies, do what their party tells them.

In this way they stand the best chance of progressing their career, which is to talk and make contacts for their own enrichment. They call this Centrist politics and convince themselves this gets them the most votes. What they mean though is business as usual, no one rock the boat - a cosy cabal to, again make the most of the career ambitions of MP's.

Naturally, being a form of corruption (and after seeing with Tony Blair, just how ineffective British law is at dealing with political corruption), it attracts devious and very low quality individuals. It doesn't have to be like this, it just allows it to happen.

Covering the lightweights like a security blanket is the actual government of the UK, in Brussels. They make the laws, Westminster nods them through, concentrating mainly on pursuing power and money. The lack of attention allows the EU leadership to progress, or even accelerate the political goal of the EU project; to convert the whole of Europe into a dictatorship under their control.

And then along comes Brexit. Of course the MP's at first try to ignore it, but it turns out the British people have awoken from the torpor that allowed such abuse of their trust. Apparently, they still believe that MP's should do what the people tell them!

It threatens to open up so many of their little secrets, this terrifying rebirth of interest in what politicians do. They nearly managed to smother the expenses scandal (or entitlement as they see it) by threatening the media, but it broke. The outrage didn't last and they renamed their (lack of) oversight as a sign that things had (not) changed. The return to political apathy was expected and manna from heaven.

But the other underground political project was also starting to annoy people and coming into sharper focus. This is the quiet push by Marxists to destroy capitalism, working through the institutions to undermine the way our country is run. This thrust by the Left ensures racism is always to the fore and they promote racial tension. They do the same with sexuality, homosexuals and the more recent modish trends are the direct result of promotion by Marxists, who care not a jot for these people.

The most talked about and apparent tool used by Marxism of course, is Political Correctness. This is a construct to stifle debate. In short it can be summed up by its supporting phrase "you can't say that". The other really important aspect was the destruction of education. If you look at North Korea, North Vietnam during the war there and all other communist regimes, they hate educated people to the extent that they are prepared to kill them.

The reason is that people taught and indeed expected to think for themselves will forever stop Marxism, because it is such an empty and elitist creed. This is why our schools now turn out children who, after in excess of 11 years of schooling are often functionally innumerate and illiterate. I know of a youngster who thinks that Ireland (her heritage) is part of the UK and she is from a good family and should be highly intelligent.

Back to Brexit. This simple matter, to leave an organisation to which Britain is uniquely unable to fit, has exposed many of the politicians for what they truly are. The Remainers, who agreed to abide by the referendum result, who campaigned in a general election to honour the will of the people have never had any such intention. They try to hide it, but they have nothing but contempt for people who disagree with them. Hence the endless, childish tantrums from the likes of the detestable Anna Soubry.

The Remainers have claimed, without any supporting evidence that the pro-Brexit campaigners have lied, that they had massive mystery donors, that the Russians interfered with the vote and that they broke the law by different campaign groups colluding. The truth of course is that the Remainers had enormous resources, with funds from the UK government and the EU (talk about interference!) and from big business that always profits from the EU. The Russians did some spoofing internet stuff, that almost no one saw.

As far as colluding campaign groups is concerned, Leave have proven this to be false, but the evidence has been ignored by the pro-Remain Electoral Commission who have also ignored clear and present evidence that Remain did and on a much larger scale than was even alleged, about Leave.

Project Fear in its many incarnations is the biggest lie factory of the whole affair. Before the referendum we had government telling us we faced an immediate recession and massive job losses if we dared go against them and vote to Leave. Being less stupid than most politicians the public went ahead and voted for the best outcome for the UK.

Having offended the elite with our opinion, they continue to spout the most ridiculous nonsense about isolation and huge price rises, shortages and companies unable to sell to the EU countries. All this happening without having any affect on the EU, who will continue to be as rich and successful as they currently are. (This is undoubtedly true, if by the EU you are exclusively referring to the likes of Juncker, Barnier and all the other bureaucrats).

Lets do what Soubry and the cabal of Losers don't do; be clear. There is no Demos in Europe, we are not all alike. The arrogant French and Germans, for their own benefit have crushed the southern European economies and then, to maintain their power, interfered in these countries internal politics. And why not? Surely, soon Brussels will not interfere, they will dictate.

We have different laws; in Britain everything is legal unless we agree to make something illegal. The Continental system demands that everything is illegal, unless the State makes it otherwise. This fundamental, democratic political fact is what is most annoying the Losers right now. That the people here, still get to tell them what to do.

Why do you think, after whining that there should be a second referendum (that they intended to corrupt), those who have deserted their parties recently, are not keen (at all) to go back to their voters - as the situation really has changed in their case - and ask if they still want them as their MP?

No, if we wanted a trading bloc to ensure our future prosperity, we wouldn't have joined the Common Market we would have formed an Anglosphere alliance. This would be a trading bloc that spoke the same language, had similar laws and traditions. Usefully, it also happens to be spread right across the world. Ted Heath though, wasn't thinking like that. He fully knew and understood he was joining a political project that was secretly working on a bureaucrats wet dream - a dictatorship they run.

He lied to the British people and our country, weak from weak leadership ran into the embrace of the EU and its apparent largesse. Look at every other country (except France and Germany) and when they joined the EU; when they were on their knees. France and Germany of course, were going to run it, so had locked in their power and profitability from the start.

Seriously, March 29th can't come soon enough. Oh, and don't fall for the latest 'can't leave on No Deal' meme. What they actually are doing is engineering that outcome and telling you it will be a catastrophe (like the one after the referendum?), so we don't actually leave. Two things; many, many deals are already in place to cover such an eventuality (the Losers are in partnership with the EU on hiding this, naturally) and EU businesses will not roll over if there is no specific, over-arching deal.

Is being out of the EU a promise of wealth and greatness? No, us rational types don't go in for that sort of thing. But we will no longer be shackled to a corrupt corpse of a dictatorship.

Friday, 25 January 2019

Question Time

Fiona Bruce seems to be settling in to her role and acting as a proper referee, rather than Dimbleby and his attempts to show he was the cleverest person in the room. Bruce certainly appears to have quickly learned that the Left bias she showed in her first programme doesn't protect her from that Wings' hate mob.

Last night was interesting though. Nick Ferrari was OK and made useful and verifiable points as did Suella Braverman and the audience generally responded well to their points.  But then there was Labour's Healy. Oh good grief. Proof that neither Cambridge nor a BA (politics though) signifies intelligence any more. Party line doctrinaire crap.

Then the mad looking and sounding marketing guy, who in typical Leftie fashion shouted over people he disagreed with as soon as they started talking. He was pretty sure Dyson is a hypocrite (and had to be shut up by Fiona before he uttered clearly made up, libellous stuff), going on to say that his company was set up in Ireland specifically to be in the EU. Or maybe it was more because of the tax incentives they offer companies?

But best of all, was ranty Sonia Sodha, who writes for The Observer. Repeating the tired, cliched tripe we and she have heard before as if it represented useful input. After Suella had given a fairly comprehensive overview as to why there won't be any problems with traffic through Dover, all sourced, Sonia had one of her fits.

Of course the boss of Calais would say there won't be any delays, she averred. Don't know what particular bias she was attributing to him. Maybe she thought that he thought that any suggestion of delays at Calais would lead to traffic going to another port. Where they wouldn't face EU mandated delays?

Being French and as part of an organisation that has received EU funding, I would have considered him unlikely to be keen to stick his head above the parapet.

Sonia also had a couple of stabs at convincing us that Dyson building an HQ in Singapore and moving 2 of his 4000 UK workforce there, made him a hypocrite for backing Brexit. Luckily there was a child in the audience who absolutely skewered her (it is usual to feel that a child knows more about life and the real world than a Marxist, but nice to see it in action!).

He queried whether what she was saying was that Dyson should make business decisions based on sentimentality, rather that moving into and developing new and expanding markets for his products in the Far East. Queue Sonia doing an impression of a fish. She also got agitated by people with different views from hers, being allowed to talk.

The audience, apart from the well-fed woman at the front who was clearly a plant, could not understand why politicians are engineering so many problems.

To end with Dyson though. How can it be hypocritical to believe the UK should break free of the shackles of the backward, stifling political project of the EU and start trading with the whole world and so build infrastructure elsewhere that Europe?

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Brexit Blues

Well the Conservative party continue to display how unbelievably hapless they are in ever more inventive ways. We now know that they no longer think they should base their policies on sound economic principles, that law and order are not hugely important, small government is a ridiculous idea for a politician to believe in and democracy should be ignored when inconvenient.

Along with all the members of other parties, they also hold dear that they should be able to act and operate in any way they see fit, basically feeling they are above the law. That lying is not of any consequence either, particularly when it fits their own, personal, narrow agenda. It's about me, stupid.

And then at the head of the pus filled hill is Theresa May. What a piece of work she is; tough, bombastic, resolute, not afraid to offend, able to lie incessantly for tactical reasons and generally not for turning. When talking to the people who elected her and when denying a binding instruction from the country.

In front of the EU bureaucrats (her kind of people) she is a doormat. The only question about her Draft Agreement is, did the EU give it to the Tories before or after the referendum? It is written in a way that gives precedence to the EU throughout, deferring to the EU as the senior partner always.

Now, unless someone like Rees-Mogg led the Conservative party (and with a good majority would be an immense benefit for the country), I would now find myself in a position I have never even had to contemplate before, voting for the socialists. But in a perfect storm kind of way, we have simultaneously lost any last vestige of socialism in this country, replaced by the (currently) led extreme Marxists of Jeremy Corbyn.

So, Theresa May and a grossly under-performing, shackled UK buried in a Franco-German version of the USSR, or Venezuela style communism? Which do you want, because nothing else is on offer?

Thursday, 8 November 2018

We Are In A Mess

How did it come to this? In 1972, in a fit of hubris bizarrely based on weakness, the Prime Minister Ted Heath, masquerading as a Conservative lied to the country and slid the UK into the slime pit of the EU. In those days Heath was known as a 'wet' Tory - one from the Left of the party. He was of course, much worse than that. A self-important socialist, out of his depth.

Now, with that innate common sense with which the country has been traditionally blessed, we have seized the opportunity to extricate ourselves from the Franco-German empire. (It is constantly said that the idea of the EU was to end European war and it has achieved that inasmuch that France and Germany have not had to start another war, as they got their empire without one).

However, with dreadful irony the UK now finds itself saddled with a Prime Minister every bit as disingenuous, careless of the needs of the country and duplicitous as Heath. Despite the efforts of Project Fear, business doesn't care about leaving the EU, what they care about is knowing what is going to happen and so be able to plan. For her own selfish reasons, May is keeping them in the dark. She cannot tell us what she is up to, because it isn't what she has pledged or promised and it is not what the people required her to do.

She should have no choice; the people gave her an instruction that parliament overwhelmingly accepted, yet still she thinks her personal opinion carries more weight. And in her ramblings as party leader she threw away an undoubted majority, when she started copying Labour's Marxist ideas and continues to attempt to out Left the Left.

Our police are now little more than virtue-signalling social workers, running around after crimes have been committed. Yet never embarrassed by their manifest failures. Graduates wonder to older colleagues in the workplace if Africa is a country (I didn't do geography at school!), yet have a range of opinions about correct social behaviours and an identikit believe that the Tories are the devil incarnate and are deeply uncurious.

Step forward with pride the education establishment that successfully created this and much beyond. Churning out kids infused with Left ideology and little actual knowledge has been very effective. They are easier to manipulate and cannot see the glaring faults in Left logic. They never learned how to think for themselves, to research but were imbued with a sense of their own self-importance.

Left educated police graduates were fast tracked into senior positions, there to destroy proper policing with their tree-hugger mentality and lack of any real experience of policing. And so on, right across all sectors. A country being wrecked internally by Left ideology serving only to bring about a Marxist government that will end democracy.

We see the headlines asking why the police cannot stop the rise in knife crimes, in murders, but this is the wrong question. We should be asking why are they not trying to.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

BBC Puff Pieces

Obviously, the |BBC has been trying to overlook the anti-Semitism in the Labour party, taking an inordinate amount of time to even mention it, let alone anything like the full range of terrorist associations of the beloved Leader Corbyn.

Today they took an initiative of their own. Acting at the behest of lobby groups, they did a lovely puff piece for the wind power industry. A kind of Ponzi scheme, but most people would understand it as a scam.

Basically, the main highlight was the chat with three people. A University professor, a representative of the company installing the huge offshore turbines and someone from RenewableUK, the trade body. Now, the sound of them all singing from the same hymn sheet is to be expected, but rarely if ever have I seen one comment being enthusiastically nodded at by another.

We were told that offshore wind turbines are really easy to erect (done in one day - after the foundations are in place), that wind now generates 15% of our electricity and is the cheapest form of electricity generation in the UK.

BBC man accepted all of this with saying a thing, either because he knows nothing about the subject he is 'reporting' on, or because he is happy to comply with nonsense.

Offshore wind generation is the most expensive way to provide electricity. I have just checked and wind is currently supplying 1.03GW or 2.91% of our electricity and gas 48.47%. Gas of course will provide that power whenever you want it, wind farms only when the wind is in the Goldilocks zone, not too fast and not too slow. Oh, and the offshore turbines don't last anywhere near as long as predicted and no one has costed the bill for removing any wind turbines.

In fact, if we started insisting that the 'Green' industry told the truth, by using correct labels then traditional power generation would be called reliable and 'renewables', unreliable.

It is indeed an interesting blend, the Greens with their Marxist anti-capitalist agenda to get us to spend our wealth on a chimera and the greedy crony capitalists building the largely pointless wind and solar farms (that only 'farm' subsidies).