Wednesday, 9 August 2017

What's Wrong? I'll Tell You

It does say on this blog that it is personal opinion. Good, that's that covered now to press on.

We find ourselves in all sorts of bad places at the moment, kind of forming a single feeling of, well being in a bad place. You know, education doesn't seem to be working, immigration seems a problem but you don't want to sound horrible, hospitals can't cope apparently, politicians are in their own little world, which is not what you imagined they were for and then there's the news.

How can all this be happening? All at once. Well your culpability is that you weren't paying attention. Now, whilst some of it was intended to evade your notice, the glaringly obvious also slipped by. Hello? Tony Blair? Really, you elected him? And then did it again? How many clues do you need? No wonder the actual problem went undetected!

On healthcare; basically a good idea run by the wrong people. The NHS 'free at the point of delivery' is just like any other insurance paid for scheme, but is run by a state bureaucracy. Time and again these are proven to be the worst people to allow to run anything. Soldiers achieve great things on battlefields, doctors and nurses do great things on the front line, but take a step back and the managers, the MOD are a shambles of incompetence, entitlement and waste.

Doctors and nurses are not coming out of this as unmitigated heroes though. Nurses used to do the basic tasks on wards, which were clean, functional and caring places. Now nurses don't receive training, they are educated, to degree level. This new understanding of their own importance means they no longer concern themselves with menial tasks and assistants have had to be hired to do those jobs. Wards are now dirty with poor standards of actual care.

When you go in to hospital, you are an inconvenience, you mess with their numbers. Cost them money. So you are allocated a number and processed through the system, with everyone focussed on maximising the efficiency of the system, to please managers and bureaucrats. You are no longer a patient with an ailment, you are a form, to be processed. You might get what you need quickly enough and you might not.

Complaints of course crop up, but the defence mechanism is continually oiled for this possibility. How dare you criticise doctors and nurses? Whatever went wrong, it will be cuts (if Tories are in power) or swept under the carpet if 'socialists' hold sway.

And there it is, the first mention of socialists. It isn't socialism that is the issue though. This thoroughly acceptable political thought process is not to blame as it hasn't been heard around here for a very long time. No, Marxism is what is at work. Gramsci and the long march through the institutions is at work.

Education is a good example of what is going on and it is of key interest to Marxists of course. You will hear from time to time bleatings about 'unqualified' teachers. This is usually about free schools, a recent introduction. And naturally, hearing that teachers are unqualified instantly makes you think they must be substandard. But do you ask what a qualified teacher is? No, you don't.

A 'qualified' teacher is one that has progressed through a Union run institution where they mainly receive left oriented political indoctrination. It is the reason almost every teacher sings the Red Flag (of communism) when a 'socialist' government is elected. It is why they go on strike and hate 'the Tories' It is why you hear of 'cuts' whether there are any or not.

For the Marxists, a poor education system that promotes left ideology is essential, firstly to help destabilise society, but also, when they win (Marxists deal in inevitabilities) they need a lumpen mass of proles to do the menial work, to do what they are told, to come to rely entirely on the state. And what are our educational establishments churning out? Functionally illiterate snowflakes, unable to discover facts, handle the truth or debate.

The same Marxist approach is happening of course, within the police, all state bureaucracies, the judiciary and not least the media. One particularly powerful weapon they deploy is Political Correctness. This is an immensely useful option as, whenever they don't have an answer, can't engage in debate (i.e. most of the time) they encourage the use of the phrase 'you can't say that'.

Things become unsayable, beyond the pale, not because they actually are, in a fair reasonable society, but because it serves Marxist ideology. You are 'not allowed' to talk about black on black crime, even though it is a very real problem and makes a misery of many lives.

For the Marxists you have to be stupid and believe amazing and ridiculous things. Hence, Corbyn isn't seen as dangerous, a hard core Marxist who would turn Britain into Venezuela in the blink of an eye, but as an alternative politician, in line with British tradition. What Marxists cannot achieve through violent revolution, by encouraging you to 'rise up' and put them in dictatorial power, they will get by other duplicitous means.

Let me show you how a cultural hysteria can be used to achieve ridiculous ends. The goal of Marxists is to overthrow the system that made the countries that adopted it wealthy, capitalism. Because of this success, this ability to enhance lives, capitalism has held Marxism in check. So it has to go. But how to get rid of it?

One way is to get the rich countries to spend all their money. But why would they do that and on what? War would not guarantee a good outcome for Marxists and it provides opportunities for capitalism. No, it had to be something fundamentally useless.

Then they had a brainwave, something that would undermine capitalism and show, most amusingly for them, just how stupid modern societies have become under their incessant, malign influence. They said you had to build weapons to defend against dragons. Or rather they said you had to spend enormous amounts of your wealth on combatting 'Global Warming'. This was your fault naturally, because in becoming wealthy through capitalist endeavour, you had damaged the planet.

So, it became fashionable to feel guilty and completely OK to pay for winds farms and solar panels, which are not actually fit for purpose. Some people got rich but most people were being robbed blind and that was the object. To waste money fighting a chimera. So old people die of cold due to fuel poverty, but that doesn't matter against the great scheme of achieving Marxist Utopia.

Are you stupid though? Is Climate Change or whatever the current vogue name is for the scam, not real? Yes, the climate changes, it always has. But we can't stop it and we are certainly not causing it. Oh and yes, it does seem likely you are stupid, because (for once perhaps) think; why would scientists tell you the science is settled, you are not allowed to debate climate change? The Scientific Method requires constant questioning, constant re-evaluation. It requires proof.

That is why you cannot challenge it. Because it is a tissue of lies. It is why they fiddle the temperature records, why they issue vicious attacks whenever a scientist questions the ideology. It is why there is never a debate on TV, why the BBC endlessly pumps out propaganda to support it. A lie told often enough becomes the truth.

So what is wrong with the world today? Simple. We have for too long not stood up against the creeping, malign undermining of decent, civilised society by dangerous, violent Marxists. Demand that the outcome of the education system is a clearly educated child, not happy Marxist inclined teachers, parroting tired, worthless ideology. Demand that common sense and long held laws and norms are returned.

Stand up for the things that work for you, capitalism and decent, civil society and destroy rampant Marxism. And along the way, we can pick up and make great use of a proper, socialist party in our midst. That would be something we have, perhaps never seen.

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