Monday, 19 June 2017

Big Issues

There certainly is 'stuff happening' currently. Probably most important, of course, is the danger the nation faces from the attempts to bring about a coup by the Marxists, but mixed up in all that is the absolute scandal of Grenfell Tower and the murder at Finsbury Park.

In reverse order, we have the violence, expected much earlier to be honest, from someone doubtless confused by what is happening in Britain and the authorities response to it. Someone who feels not to have that fundamental understanding of what the country around him is about, what its morals and principles are. And so he lashes out.

Grenfell Tower, well what can you say; a symbol now of how badly modern day Britain can let anyone down and catastrophically so. The issue, once you take all the Marxist politics out of it, is that the building should not have burned so fast and the fixed advice to those who live there of what to do in a fire.

Simply put, stay in your flat in the event of a fire, is sound advice when everything else is in place; clear corridors, working alarms, emergency lighting, clear fire exits and the fire-proof integrity of each flat. But as any military person knows, even the best plans fall apart on contact with the enemy. If the fire doesn't play by the rules, the rules have to change, but we have no mechanism to make those changes, to inform people. So they die.

Tower blocks are the socialist utopia of people who never intend living in one. Admittedly their brutalist, Le Corbusier architecture does suggest the brutal way of living they offer. And from the outset, there was always the compromise with fire. We cannot reach the upper floors externally for fighting a fire or for rescue, so with fingers crossed we say there won't be a need to.

Despite the continuing confused news reports that are more dangerous than annoying (Sky had an interview with a politician who said 'we don't know what the cladding was made of and we need to find out', then ran an article afterwards saying that 'we know what the tiles were made of'), it is clear that modifications to the building had rendered it a death trap.

Whilst the cladding is definitely an issue, I think that there must have been breaches in the inter-floor fire-proofing. Indeed, it seems, between flats. And that will be down to the construction company as well. Whilst Theresa May doesn't seem to be able to come up with a reasonable response to any given circumstance, it is shocking that the Council and even worse, the private companies involved have kept absolutely schtum. I assume this is because they can only incriminate themselves.

We have to take greed, stupidity and corruption seriously and imprison those responsible; it is the proper, British way. Then, deleting all reference to political correctness, we can recover the nations dignity, integrity and promote the genius of our people.

Stupidity, greed and corruption leads us straight on to Corbyn. The disgusting way he and his acolytes have used every tragedy to further the Marxist agenda is something the people need to realise is the normal form of operation for his cabal. If there is violence on the streets they can use it, hence activists turning up to insist on marches (which become violent, with their help). Activists who don't give a damn about Grenfell victims or relatives, who turn up to incite them to violence.

Hopefully, those in England will wake up, as have the Scottish people, to the evil in their midst, using them for the benefit of a thoroughly odious, totalitarian creed, and stop supporting Corbyn in any way, shape or form. People in his constituency should be hanging their heads in shame.

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