Friday, 2 June 2017

How Did We Get Here?

So Trump has left the meaningless jumble of countries signing that they may or may not reduce their CO2 output, for spurious and unsubstantiated reasons. Cue lots of wailing. Why? Why are we committed to Global Warming/Climate Change? Why mustn't it be debated? Why must the scientific method not be applied to climate change research?

Why don't people challenge these things? Well if you are a selfish idiot, the prerequisites for being a Marxist, then you will have to come up with a plan, a strategy to get your way (no one would vote for it, of course!)

First you need a wealthy, lazy, poorly-educated bloc. That would be the West then, with the poor education taken care of by Marxists infiltrating schools and introducing crackpot ideas of teaching that leaves children functionally illiterate. Tick.

Then, you need to come up with something big, something terrible, with a timescale to give it some immediacy. Something that can be portrayed as fashionable (hence of huge importance to the Rich, Wealthy, Dimwits), but that needs enormous amounts of money to 'cure'.

It is preferable that it is actually not true, in case it does get 'cured', or goes away of its own volition. Once a thing is fashionable, who is going to put down their Quinoa and say "the Emperor has no clothes"?

Man Made Global Warming! The idea that CO2 could cause a warming of the planet is rooted in sound science and if we were to output many hundreds of times what we are currently producing then, plausibly we could affect climate.

Modify the above though and say current levels are dangerous. Say that if we don't destroy our economies and stop driving cars, lorries, flying planes and making stuff, the world will fry. Governments will do what they always do and give some funds for people to find out this is true, which gets them and others, more funding.

And we are off! Now you have a client group who rely on finding a truth that doesn't exist. You don't get funds now, if you say it isn't so. And to protect their racket the funded tell the 'deniers' to go away, with limitless personal abuse and ridicule. You know, strong scientific argument.

This client group of Scientists-Who-Used-To-Have-Principles are the useful idiots who unbelievably keep the Marxist's quest alive for them by being the 'authority consensus'. Is it real? Ask a scientist! And the RWD's swallow it because they are not very bright, not used to discovering things, but they know what is fashionable and that's always more important.

And there you have it; the West is self harming, destroying its wealth and ability to continue by spending all its treasure chasing a chimera. To convince the pixies not to harm us - here be dragons!

Ironically, it is all hot air. If the Marxists and their useful idiots stop breathing there would be a) less plant food (CO2) and b) no one claiming that MMGW is real. Just a real scientific analysis that would say; why don't we try to develop technologies to stop us chucking all these various fumes into the air?

Pollution is an issue, and scant resource is being directed to changing it, mainly because of the mis-direction of Global Warming and partly because of the vested interest in the massive, worldwide infrastructure for obtaining, refining and selling oil based products.

Proper, well thought out technologies, not state subsidised moron fests like wind turbines, solar panels and electric cars. And we need to recognise Marxists for what they are, from the obviously aggressive to the smiling, soft spoken ne'er do wells like Jeremy Corbyn.

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