Friday, 9 June 2017

Well You Cocked That Up, Theresa

No matter what else went on, Mrs. May has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Corbyn pulled a masterstroke it has to be said, by offering endless giveaways, none actually possible, to empty-headed, lazy, well-off hipsters and students, too dim to realise they are being played.

In some ways, you wanted Corbyn to win so these Wuckfits would reap what they sowed (and refuse to take responsibility as they watch the country and their own futures go down the plughole). But that would be an act of self-harm to prove a point. After the arrogant, ignorant layabouts blamed "unintelligent old people" for ruining their lives by leaving the EU.

No really, we are at that level of simple stupidity.

We don't do extreme politics in Britain, we don't have revolutions, we have proper law, half decent democracy and a good standard of living. But the uneducated, useful idiots bred for the task are changing all that. And even being asked to vote for a party led by a man who actively supports and works to further the aims of terrorists, doesn't alarm them.

So we know Corbyn co-opted the vote-Labour-forever tribe and conned not very bright youngsters with its schoolroom politics, but what did May do?

To start with, she made the campaign about her; strong, stable leadership. But she hadn't really established herself and normal, thinking people were slightly offended in a "who does this woman think she is" kind of way.

Then, to make herself appealing to Labour voters, to destroy Labour as a party, she launched some un-thought-out policies which quickly rebounded. She never pushed the real Corbyn hiding behind the soft voice and the cabal of, frankly, evil henchmen and women hovering around him, like flies on a turd.

She didn't talk about the things Tories are doing and will do and about the communist threat to the Labour Party and the country from the nasty party Marxists. And myriad other things, that should have made winning the election a stroll.

As you can see from the Conservative swings in safe Labour seats and the success in Scotland, people who struggle, in more depressed areas have no time for communism and posturing by a bunch of incompetents trying to takeover, not just the Labour Party but the country.

Thanks Theresa, for the mess you have left us in and for not being a proper Conservative. One who said that she thought we should stay in the EU at the start of the referendum campaigning and then vanished.

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