Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Appeal Of Youth

After the EU referendum, the young were shrill about how it was the old people (you know, their parents, the people who gave up more than just money for them), who had ruined their futures by voting to leave the EU. In the same way that a university education hadn't helped them, they felt it unnecessary to base their opinions on any actual understanding.

Such as, what is the EU? When did it start? What were its objectives? Is it democratic? And if you think it is, explain how. Fairly certain most of the whinging youngsters wouldn't have a clue on any of this. But more importantly, they also don't understand why that is important.

After all, they have read stuff, in passing on social media about the EU and their friends say it is good, so, like, research done, stop hassling me.

Actually, their parents along with countless other old people they don't know, have deliberately not given them the money they need to 'do stuff'. Despite being rich enough to do so, having a house and pension and all. It seems, that these horrible people, who spent money bringing up children, buying their homes and paying into pension schemes, now expect their offspring to do the same! You can hear them;

Imagine! Like, where to begin. I've been to university and everything. I mean, it was the unintelligent, older people who voted Brexit. Just because they know where countries are, how to spell properly, understand the country's history and can conduct a rational debate, doesn't mean they are intelligent.

I bet most of them don't believe in Climate Change! More ruining our futures! Apparently they base this ridiculous assertion on some notion they have that you study the scientific data and you, get this, observe reality! Morons, I've been to university (I probably hadn't mentioned that) and I know study has no place in science. You let other people do that, and then they tell you what is right.

You can trust them because they get paid to do this stuff. All the oldies want to do is wreck our futures and debate and analyse things.

Well, don't look now but people who think and talk and act like this, are now able to vote. Yep, so no matter how closely linked Corbyn is to terrorism they just won't care. They will go with social media, fake news (a Left speciality) and fluffy emotional stuff. Facts and substance, apart from eing too hard for them, will have no traction. Labour have wrecked the economy each time they have been in and Tories recovered things - will that have an impact? In the main, no, because they will choose not to believe it.

If Corbyn offers cheaper train fares and no tuition fees and more hospitals, none of the 'fluffies' will ask any questions, like can we afford it. As long as they can see a benefit for themselves, that will do. Who cares about the good of the country, that in turn supports everyone, I care about me, they say.

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