Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Getting Going

Oh no, another Blogger. It seems everyone has something to say. The world is full of chatter and so it is. Why this moment for me, I don't know, as the temperature in British Summer Time hovers around 3 degrees and the sky is a resolute, leaden grey. I would love to have called this site something hugely witty like On a mat a Peer, but in the end I decided on Seed Feeder as I would like to think some ideas may eventually spring forth from here (and maybe not even mine), that lead to important things, if only for the people it affects. And also because, as I look out of the window birds flit to and fro from the seed feeder, hung with care. Not very poetic, but pragmatic, and so back to the theme of the blog.

Any manner of thing may crop up on here, I get very passionate about things and sometimes am as subtle as an exploding bedpan, for which I give fair warning! If you disagree with me, then all I ask is that you know why you disagree. Sometimes that is not as simple as it sounds.