Friday, 30 August 2013

Dinosaurs And Duff Scientists

As if there wasn't enough evidence that the decades old reverence of 'scientists' is due at least a reassessment, we saw interesting proof on a BBC Horizon programme.

A very nice lady, working in the 'unglamorous' branch of her science as she put it, was looking for dinosaur DNA. Well, she wasn't looking for it, she just became aware that it might actually be possible to find it, against the prevailing wisdom that said it was too fragile to last 65 million years, or more.

Describing herself as a 'housewife' from pretty much nowhere her expectations on publication of her results in finding soft tissue in dinosaur bones were fairly low. However, one of the peer reviewers wrote that he didn't care what the data said, he didn't believe it.

And that ladies and gentlemen is what passes for science today. So yes, the global warming zealots are making it up and lying to you, because they are asserting what they believe, not what the data shows.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Syria, Oh Syria

Well here we are again, on the horns of a dilemma. Whilst being sure that we have said before that Assad is a thoroughly unpleasant man, we haven't gone any further than that because we don't interfere when dictators torture and kill their own people. It's not up to us. Just look at Zimbabwe.

But when chemical weapons are used we become outraged at the inhumanity of it. Why we don't just admit the truth of it and say that what actually troubles us is that the nutcase might use them against us, I can't guess. But of course, that is what it is about.

A wise man, concerned with issues of humanity (so not a politician chasing power or anyone on the Left) would long ago have engaged in strong and unequivocal language with Assad, not to depose him, but to show him that, in the long run being a nicer guy would work for him. And make his country more successful.

It wouldn't have been easy but would not have entailed shipping tanks half way around the world, or lying to the electorate about a personal desire for war. But because we do only have venal politicians at present, nothing constructive has been done about Syria and amazingly it has all gone pear shaped. Who would have guessed?

What can we do in Syria? Only one thing. Insert a very large armoured force between Assad and the rest of the country, neutralising any restive military bases as well. This is very much not what the politicians want to do for reasons of cost and image, but it is the only thing we can do.Then we discuss with Assad what we should have been saying years ago.

We could destroy selected military and governmental targets to show how strong we are. And he will kill some civilians or destroy a town to show how little impact it has actually had. We could assassinate Assad which would leave a power vacuum and cause unpredictable polarisation. Though it also asks the key question, by doing so, who are we supporting?

Because the original rebels, fighting for a better and more just Syria, have been subsumed by Iranian and Russian supported nutters from overseas. Muslim Brotherhood and others of an international Islamic bent wishing to impose their own version of theocracy (political religion) in place of the current secular dictatorship. And then start killing the Christians and the 'wrong' Muslims.

Brilliant. It is not a case of we are damned if we do and damned if we don't, we are in a situation caused by our own lack of a clear moral stance at the international level.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Playing With Our Money

The things politicians here have forgotten are legion. They have forgotten that they serve the people. They have forgotten that they are not above the law, they have forgotten that they are to protect the sovereignty of the United Kingdom. They have forgotten that they are to provide services and infrastructures desired by the people. They have forgotten that they are to debate and come to conclusions based on understanding and purpose.

What they think, it seems, is their job is to seek sinecures based around the influence they can peddle whilst in positions of power, to construct ideologies and to spend our money on themselves and their pet projects. Oh and seek ways to stay in power for ever.

Let us not beat around the bush and worry about pedantic points. This country is now in thrall to the bureaucrats in Brussels. We have to comply with the rules they issue and none of them are elected. We have no power over Brussels and it was always intended to be so. (MEP's are not part of the process, they are trinkets to give an impression of respectability).

A huge amount of business activity now buzzes around government like flies on a turd. Companies like Capita, PriceWaterhouse, G4S and many, many others. Their business is hugely reliant on taxpayer money and often they act as advisers telling government what a great idea it is to spend money on consultants. No quality of outcome or productivity is ever attached to these consultations, just huge and disproportionate invoices.

One of the many scams that New Labour committed to was the Private Finance Initiative where, to keep debt off the books, private industry would pay to build infrastructure projects and then charge fees way above the cost of building and running the things. Which is a major reason for hospitals being unable now to balance their books. They are having to pay most of their budget to New Labour's friends.

Mostly 'cost overruns', which are actually just theft in most cases are tolerated by the incompetents government pays large salaries to, to write the contracts. Even when a clear cut deal allows for no overrun the company with its hand out still seems to get paid. And the only time it hasn't, when the Health service IT system really, really wasn't working and money was disappearing like a politicians morality, the companies who had created the failure pulled out.

Yep, after years of promises and non-delivery of anything other than regular and very large bills, companies like CSC suddenly realised that if they were going to held to account and not paid more than agreed but have to carry on working until it was delivered, they decided to call it a day. What does that tell you? It suggests to me that a)the bureaucrats are beyond useless and b) the companies involved (and not just CSC) knew they would never deliver.

Then we have not just foreign aid but a whole nexus of Left wing bodies, think tanks, foundation, policy units and such like that all sponge off the taxpayer to spit anti-capitalist bile at the levers of power. The EU, you will be surprised to hear doesn't just waste money helping Spain build pointless roads and airports, or fill the pockets of gangsters in Italy and Greece (though it does work hard and closely with these), but also funds an enormous range of EU propaganda projects and even more Marxist bodies.

These then harangue and lecture on Left wing ideology and plant stories in the compliant and unthinking media. This is why the global warming scam get such publicity and support and why anti-fracking groups are so well funded.

So no, there is no money for your pension, a care home, hospitals, schools or repairing the roads, even though your energy bills carry hidden taxes and direct taxes keep rising. You have to pay for the politicians vanity projects and a vast array of anti-capitalists before anything useful can be done for you. Remember, without big government you would be freer, have more money and more say in what happens in your country. But why would you want any of that?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Wind Turbine Report

A report that it seems tells the truth about at least some aspects of the undesirability of wind turbines is causing some friction. Despite being bleedin' obvious and well known to those blighted by the things, Ed Davey thinks it should be a state secret that they damage lives, the environment, wildlife and property prices. They also don't really produce electricity, mainly being absent when needed most.

Everything Ed Davey believes, is wrong so naturally he doesn't want an official report backing up what everyone already knows. Gracious, we will be applying scientific method to global warming soon! That would never do! It is a faith, a religion which you must believe without proof. If we are to effectively destroy the West and its really annoying capitalism, we must spend all our money on a chimera. Or shoes.

In the old Soviet Union and today's North Korea you would be locked up, or worse, for opposing the prevailing ideology. Unfortunately for the idle souls 'protesting' in West Sussex, they have not achieved this glorious state of being here, so the violent revolution must go on. And despite what their fellow travellers will have drummed into you at school (instead of an education, or training you to think for yourself), the whole global warming thing is a story. A fairytale.

Like much else in society today, what is being pushed on you is not what they want. Homosexuals may feel supported by the cavalcade of ridiculous new laws, but the Left don't give a fig for them or their 'cause'. If they can use them to destabilise society here and destroy its bedrock, the family, then use them they shall.

Why would the Left want to dominate teaching in this country? To indoctrinate? Yes, to some degree, but mainly to ensure a nation of proles, a manufactured, ignorant 'working class' to use for the purposes of 'class struggle'. A group who are kept quiet with baubles, who do not want to and actually cannot think for themselves, a class who clamour for the protection of a 'big state'.

And so the plans of Ed Davey, in the farmhouse and walking upright, are secret and not our concern. He knows best.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Balcombe Non Fracking

Just seen the latest disgraceful behaviour of violent, Marxist anti-capitalists on the news, where the enemy is a fuel that will help make heating affordable for the poor. It is amazing that in a compassionate country we do not have enough mental care homes for them and enough prisons for a good number of them. They are here, seeking to recreate North Korea to meet their ideological goals in Britain. Successful economies terrify them as people don't tend to tolerate totalitarian regimes when they have access to opportunity.

So cheap fuel is an absolute horror for them. With the global warming scam they thought they had the perfect weapon to destroy Western civilisation, democracy and capitalism. But people quite like choice, wealth and being able to make better lives for themselves. These Marxists though want a state where you only do what you are told. By them of course.

They can't work of course, because they have to bring about Utopia and have to spend their time thinking up rules. You have to work to pay taxes to support them, naturally. And they will need cars and special lanes to drive in due to the urgent nature of their business, on your behalf. And we must build a defence against the end of the World.

Heard this somewhere before? Yep, the Global Warming scam is just the Marxists having a laugh but actually using a version of Animal Farm for real. And sops like Cameron don't even realise, that is the biggest joke. The Red/Greens have conned you with the most obvious scam they could think of and you still fell for it!

Or maybe it was inspired by the slightly less profound, Chicken Little. Same story, same substance.

Next time an eco loon tells you what to think ask them to prove it. Not quote how many people they claim support their view, real provable, observable facts. Let me give you a prediction. At that point they will call you a fascist and move on.