Monday, 19 June 2017

Big Issues

There certainly is 'stuff happening' currently. Probably most important, of course, is the danger the nation faces from the attempts to bring about a coup by the Marxists, but mixed up in all that is the absolute scandal of Grenfell Tower and the murder at Finsbury Park.

In reverse order, we have the violence, expected much earlier to be honest, from someone doubtless confused by what is happening in Britain and the authorities response to it. Someone who feels not to have that fundamental understanding of what the country around him is about, what its morals and principles are. And so he lashes out.

Grenfell Tower, well what can you say; a symbol now of how badly modern day Britain can let anyone down and catastrophically so. The issue, once you take all the Marxist politics out of it, is that the building should not have burned so fast and the fixed advice to those who live there of what to do in a fire.

Simply put, stay in your flat in the event of a fire, is sound advice when everything else is in place; clear corridors, working alarms, emergency lighting, clear fire exits and the fire-proof integrity of each flat. But as any military person knows, even the best plans fall apart on contact with the enemy. If the fire doesn't play by the rules, the rules have to change, but we have no mechanism to make those changes, to inform people. So they die.

Tower blocks are the socialist utopia of people who never intend living in one. Admittedly their brutalist, Le Corbusier architecture does suggest the brutal way of living they offer. And from the outset, there was always the compromise with fire. We cannot reach the upper floors externally for fighting a fire or for rescue, so with fingers crossed we say there won't be a need to.

Despite the continuing confused news reports that are more dangerous than annoying (Sky had an interview with a politician who said 'we don't know what the cladding was made of and we need to find out', then ran an article afterwards saying that 'we know what the tiles were made of'), it is clear that modifications to the building had rendered it a death trap.

Whilst the cladding is definitely an issue, I think that there must have been breaches in the inter-floor fire-proofing. Indeed, it seems, between flats. And that will be down to the construction company as well. Whilst Theresa May doesn't seem to be able to come up with a reasonable response to any given circumstance, it is shocking that the Council and even worse, the private companies involved have kept absolutely schtum. I assume this is because they can only incriminate themselves.

We have to take greed, stupidity and corruption seriously and imprison those responsible; it is the proper, British way. Then, deleting all reference to political correctness, we can recover the nations dignity, integrity and promote the genius of our people.

Stupidity, greed and corruption leads us straight on to Corbyn. The disgusting way he and his acolytes have used every tragedy to further the Marxist agenda is something the people need to realise is the normal form of operation for his cabal. If there is violence on the streets they can use it, hence activists turning up to insist on marches (which become violent, with their help). Activists who don't give a damn about Grenfell victims or relatives, who turn up to incite them to violence.

Hopefully, those in England will wake up, as have the Scottish people, to the evil in their midst, using them for the benefit of a thoroughly odious, totalitarian creed, and stop supporting Corbyn in any way, shape or form. People in his constituency should be hanging their heads in shame.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Well You Cocked That Up, Theresa

No matter what else went on, Mrs. May has managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Corbyn pulled a masterstroke it has to be said, by offering endless giveaways, none actually possible, to empty-headed, lazy, well-off hipsters and students, too dim to realise they are being played.

In some ways, you wanted Corbyn to win so these Wuckfits would reap what they sowed (and refuse to take responsibility as they watch the country and their own futures go down the plughole). But that would be an act of self-harm to prove a point. After the arrogant, ignorant layabouts blamed "unintelligent old people" for ruining their lives by leaving the EU.

No really, we are at that level of simple stupidity.

We don't do extreme politics in Britain, we don't have revolutions, we have proper law, half decent democracy and a good standard of living. But the uneducated, useful idiots bred for the task are changing all that. And even being asked to vote for a party led by a man who actively supports and works to further the aims of terrorists, doesn't alarm them.

So we know Corbyn co-opted the vote-Labour-forever tribe and conned not very bright youngsters with its schoolroom politics, but what did May do?

To start with, she made the campaign about her; strong, stable leadership. But she hadn't really established herself and normal, thinking people were slightly offended in a "who does this woman think she is" kind of way.

Then, to make herself appealing to Labour voters, to destroy Labour as a party, she launched some un-thought-out policies which quickly rebounded. She never pushed the real Corbyn hiding behind the soft voice and the cabal of, frankly, evil henchmen and women hovering around him, like flies on a turd.

She didn't talk about the things Tories are doing and will do and about the communist threat to the Labour Party and the country from the nasty party Marxists. And myriad other things, that should have made winning the election a stroll.

As you can see from the Conservative swings in safe Labour seats and the success in Scotland, people who struggle, in more depressed areas have no time for communism and posturing by a bunch of incompetents trying to takeover, not just the Labour Party but the country.

Thanks Theresa, for the mess you have left us in and for not being a proper Conservative. One who said that she thought we should stay in the EU at the start of the referendum campaigning and then vanished.

Friday, 2 June 2017

How Did We Get Here?

So Trump has left the meaningless jumble of countries signing that they may or may not reduce their CO2 output, for spurious and unsubstantiated reasons. Cue lots of wailing. Why? Why are we committed to Global Warming/Climate Change? Why mustn't it be debated? Why must the scientific method not be applied to climate change research?

Why don't people challenge these things? Well if you are a selfish idiot, the prerequisites for being a Marxist, then you will have to come up with a plan, a strategy to get your way (no one would vote for it, of course!)

First you need a wealthy, lazy, poorly-educated bloc. That would be the West then, with the poor education taken care of by Marxists infiltrating schools and introducing crackpot ideas of teaching that leaves children functionally illiterate. Tick.

Then, you need to come up with something big, something terrible, with a timescale to give it some immediacy. Something that can be portrayed as fashionable (hence of huge importance to the Rich, Wealthy, Dimwits), but that needs enormous amounts of money to 'cure'.

It is preferable that it is actually not true, in case it does get 'cured', or goes away of its own volition. Once a thing is fashionable, who is going to put down their Quinoa and say "the Emperor has no clothes"?

Man Made Global Warming! The idea that CO2 could cause a warming of the planet is rooted in sound science and if we were to output many hundreds of times what we are currently producing then, plausibly we could affect climate.

Modify the above though and say current levels are dangerous. Say that if we don't destroy our economies and stop driving cars, lorries, flying planes and making stuff, the world will fry. Governments will do what they always do and give some funds for people to find out this is true, which gets them and others, more funding.

And we are off! Now you have a client group who rely on finding a truth that doesn't exist. You don't get funds now, if you say it isn't so. And to protect their racket the funded tell the 'deniers' to go away, with limitless personal abuse and ridicule. You know, strong scientific argument.

This client group of Scientists-Who-Used-To-Have-Principles are the useful idiots who unbelievably keep the Marxist's quest alive for them by being the 'authority consensus'. Is it real? Ask a scientist! And the RWD's swallow it because they are not very bright, not used to discovering things, but they know what is fashionable and that's always more important.

And there you have it; the West is self harming, destroying its wealth and ability to continue by spending all its treasure chasing a chimera. To convince the pixies not to harm us - here be dragons!

Ironically, it is all hot air. If the Marxists and their useful idiots stop breathing there would be a) less plant food (CO2) and b) no one claiming that MMGW is real. Just a real scientific analysis that would say; why don't we try to develop technologies to stop us chucking all these various fumes into the air?

Pollution is an issue, and scant resource is being directed to changing it, mainly because of the mis-direction of Global Warming and partly because of the vested interest in the massive, worldwide infrastructure for obtaining, refining and selling oil based products.

Proper, well thought out technologies, not state subsidised moron fests like wind turbines, solar panels and electric cars. And we need to recognise Marxists for what they are, from the obviously aggressive to the smiling, soft spoken ne'er do wells like Jeremy Corbyn.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Appeal Of Youth

After the EU referendum, the young were shrill about how it was the old people (you know, their parents, the people who gave up more than just money for them), who had ruined their futures by voting to leave the EU. In the same way that a university education hadn't helped them, they felt it unnecessary to base their opinions on any actual understanding.

Such as, what is the EU? When did it start? What were its objectives? Is it democratic? And if you think it is, explain how. Fairly certain most of the whinging youngsters wouldn't have a clue on any of this. But more importantly, they also don't understand why that is important.

After all, they have read stuff, in passing on social media about the EU and their friends say it is good, so, like, research done, stop hassling me.

Actually, their parents along with countless other old people they don't know, have deliberately not given them the money they need to 'do stuff'. Despite being rich enough to do so, having a house and pension and all. It seems, that these horrible people, who spent money bringing up children, buying their homes and paying into pension schemes, now expect their offspring to do the same! You can hear them;

Imagine! Like, where to begin. I've been to university and everything. I mean, it was the unintelligent, older people who voted Brexit. Just because they know where countries are, how to spell properly, understand the country's history and can conduct a rational debate, doesn't mean they are intelligent.

I bet most of them don't believe in Climate Change! More ruining our futures! Apparently they base this ridiculous assertion on some notion they have that you study the scientific data and you, get this, observe reality! Morons, I've been to university (I probably hadn't mentioned that) and I know study has no place in science. You let other people do that, and then they tell you what is right.

You can trust them because they get paid to do this stuff. All the oldies want to do is wreck our futures and debate and analyse things.

Well, don't look now but people who think and talk and act like this, are now able to vote. Yep, so no matter how closely linked Corbyn is to terrorism they just won't care. They will go with social media, fake news (a Left speciality) and fluffy emotional stuff. Facts and substance, apart from eing too hard for them, will have no traction. Labour have wrecked the economy each time they have been in and Tories recovered things - will that have an impact? In the main, no, because they will choose not to believe it.

If Corbyn offers cheaper train fares and no tuition fees and more hospitals, none of the 'fluffies' will ask any questions, like can we afford it. As long as they can see a benefit for themselves, that will do. Who cares about the good of the country, that in turn supports everyone, I care about me, they say.