Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Labouring Labour

Apparently, there is only a short period of time and only one person to save the NHS. Again. Ed Miliband says he will hire loads more medical staff so the current poor dears aren't too rushed off their feet to cope.

Generally, it is an arrogant disregard for the job they are paid to do that causes the problems, but it would be asking a bit much to expect a Labour politician to understand something before pontificating.

The arrogance seemed to appear just after Blair decided that nurses were all graduates and should no longer do 'menial' jobs. When it became apparent that someone had to do it, a new grade was invented and 'lesser' nurses appeared. But with strict demarcations so they didn't do anything really nursey. Like stop people from falling over, even when they are the only person around.

Blair did a lot of this sort of thing, insisting that everyone should assume that they are the most important person and act accordingly. If you fancy getting steaming drunk, go ahead, who should have the right to stop you? Your enjoyment is paramount.

Any politics gets staid if a party comes to see power as a right, but ten years of Miliband is as near to a guarantee that Britain will be a poor, crime riddled, socially immobile, uneducated cesspit as you can get.

Every Labour government has ended with the country in a mess and always required solid Conservative common sense to get us back on our feet. With this recession very much of the climb back has been due to the hard work of individuals, control of our currency and some Conservatives sticking up for us, under a Labour and Lib Dem  leadership, although one claims to be the leader of the Conservative party.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Not So Stupid Then

Scotland has voted to stay part of the United Kingdom. This means that they are not stupid, of course. But one and a half million people did vote for Alex Salmond and that is amazing. Beyond amazing actually. Doubtless some people did vote for an independent Scotland, not understanding what was really being offered.

Essentially, at the outset the offering was between status quo and giving power to Alex Salmond. Scotland would be separated from the English parliament certainly, but the idea was that Salmond seized power.

I don't know how many Scots realised that all the Yes campaign talk of the greater social feeling innate to the Scottish could only be delivered through him. Independent Scotland would be immensely wealthy (somehow), with almost free energy, free higher education, prescriptions, buses anything in fact. Hell, everything!

But Salmond isn't a socialist or anything like it. He is a hard nosed Communist and he knows that he mustn't tell you that or even more, most Scots wouldn't give him a second thought. Did not all his talk of a Utopia born of Scotland sound suspiciously like all communist regimes and their promises? Always promises.

But countries like North Korea and Venezuela under Chavez appeal to Salmond not because they are superb places for people to live free, unfettered lives, without the oppression of capitalism, but because of the power that resides with an elite.

Well, for now he is thwarted, but is violence his next option? It usually is for such people.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Coming Referendum

The day of the referendum concerning the opinion of some Scottish people towards splitting from the United Kingdom and rejoining the European Union as an independent state, gets ever closer.

The things that seem clear; Alex Salmond is mad in the same category as Tony Blair. He is power crazed, lacking any interest in any other aspect of his supposed role. A Yes vote is a Yes to Alex Salmond seizing power in Scotland, nothing much else changes, organisationally. It is not a Yes vote for Scottish independence.

Scotland will be reincorporated into an EU of regions, possibly as the Scottish region, allowing some continuity of identity, but just as likely North Britain. The only reason Scotland got its own Parliament after all, was to prepare for the split up of Britain into EU designated districts or regions.

Other areas of clarity are; capital will take flight from Scotland, major companies will, by necessity relocate away, the debt ratio of the new 'nation' will be massive, as will its public spending overspend. Additionally, much harm will be done to the economies of all other areas of the UK.

Less clear is what currency the Last King of Scotland intends for his people. Will it be a Scottish pound, on parity with the British pound? Without the links that Salmond will have so carefully severed, this will lead to a Eurozone style disaster. Or will it be the Euro, as is required for new member states?

This of course will place Scotland in pretty much the same state as the pound parity; a currency completely independent from the needs of the country, region, sorry. But then there is the small problem of meeting the entry requirements on debt...... oh dear. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

So, how can the madman convince his intended subjects to vote for Christmas? Well, by copying other Marxists by rigging the vote! Can you vote on the future of your nation if you, even temporarily, are not living there? No. Can you vote on the future of Scotland if you are a foreigner living there? Yes.

If you are unemployed and particularly if you would like to stay that way, Salmond is offering pots of free money, but you have to vote for him. And lastly, he has scooped idealistic and easily gulled, let alone influenced children have a vote. Yes, minors are on the in it too.

The deepest irony here is that we need to maintain one union, of peoples who have a shared history and overlapping culture, but ditch another alien system, the EU.