Monday, 12 December 2016

A Little Lost On Remain

People have differing opinions, some like Handel, some like Mozart. Are you a Beatles kind of person or more Rolling Stones?

But some things seem a little more likely to bring general agreement, like, murder. I would guess that most people would see murder as pretty much a bad thing in any society and you can understand why.

So what I don't get is why the EU and the ideology of supporting the EU is so strong. I say 'the ideology of supporting the EU' simply because there is no other case for it than blind belief, hence my confusion by their stance.

The EU is a sclerotic bureaucracy and could never have been anything else. The Euro was almost designed to fail. Quite removed from keeping the continent from conflict, the belligerence of the nations keen on war, France and Germany, is still never far away. They have threatened each other over hegemony within the supranational structure they are building.

It has been necessary to lie consistently about the objectives of 'the project', because it was recognised from the outset that, by only serving the elites it would never be popular. This of course is why they are not keen on democracy and have suggested in the past not asking their populations opinions. On anything, including who should run their lives.

Constructed on classic Marxist lines, the EU wishes to introduce a perpetual, unaccountable bureaucracy that has absolute power and rules over a command economy. Going back to the aggressive tendencies mentioned earlier, they presaged the instability in the Ukraine of course. Thankfully, they have no military to enact their expansionist schemes. Yet.

And if you thought that the Germanic taste for efficiency would rein in the penchant of the French for grandiose schemes of immense stupidity, you didn't factor in that the German responsible would be wedded to her roots on Eastern Germany. A Soviet Union of Europe? Bring it on!

So, which part of this makes the safe-space luvvies wail and cry bitter tears into their kale and quinoa at the prospect of leaving this club? Because, despite decades of serious intent by the Left on destroying education in this country, the pro-EU mob can't all be air-heads, surely.


Shocked to hear at the weekend of the passing of AA Gill, a fabulous writer and a constant companion on a Sunday with the style and wit to delight, in his Sunday Times 'Table Talk' articles. No one can replace him and our lives are that little worse that he is no longer with us.

Monday, 5 December 2016

"You Can't Do That"

In the strange world we allowed to evolve around us (now seeing the first signs of correction), there are so many things you 'cannot' say or do. These are exclusively things that would offend a Leftie. And woe betide anyone who says anything that a Leftie disagrees with! That is straightforward abuse, bullying. Possibly even criminal.

Safe spaces in universities so poor, barely educated little darlings can stay protected from the real world and certainly from non-Leftie views (surely the whole point of universities these days, the promulgation of Leftie-ness?)

And particularly the inability to think for oneself. This leads to massive problems, like the absence of credibility within the Man Made Global Warming scare not being blatantly obvious, the constant wail for government to 'do something' about everything that causes the least concern and nobody having a realistic view of the harm multiculturalism does to everyone.

But then, the Lefties have worked long and hard to disrupt and destroy our society and the ties that bind. Out of disorder of course, the cleverer than us Leftie elite can step in and save us. In a sort of Castro/Stalin kind of way. You know, I'm alright Jack.

So, today, can the Judges of the (ludicrous) Supreme Court stop themselves from ignoring real legal issues and instead try to involve themselves in politics, as their colleagues did recently? Can they understand the concept of democracy or will they stick to edicts from a benign elite (them)?

When Dons need counselling for stress and anxiety caused by Brexit, you feel you shouldn't get your hopes up that Common Sense is anywhere near.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Duck! It's Donald

Is Donald Trump the right person to be US President? I have no idea; he comes across as a gimp though. But anyway, it brought tears of delight to me to hear the BBC's very own half-wit, Jeremy Vine squealing in uncontrollable indignation that Trump had won, on Radio 2 this morning. His pain at such an affront to his right-on, I'm-cleverer-than-you, quinoa eating world was sheer delight.

How could you not howl with laughter at the irony of his outrage at the huge swathe of people in the US who voted for Trump. They shouldn't be allowed to vote because they differ from Vine's view and he is a great supporter of democracy.

He had some wondrous assertions; firstly that only old, white people voted for Trump (must be a lot of them then) and secondly that it was as weird as if Piers Morgan was the Prime Minister. No, luvvy, it is as mad as if you were Prime Minister. That would be a nation that had lost its senses.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Law And Judges: Not The Same Thing

News just in that 3 judges have decided that a government cannot govern, in their opinion. Actually, yet another well-funded person (why is it those intent on evil always seem to have money?) has asked some judges to rule as to whether the government should act on a democratic mandate, or not.

Of course what she was really saying was, she personally disagreed with leaving the EU and wanted someone to help stop it.

Judges interpret law, that is interpret what politicians (the legislature) have enacted. They don't have the right or duty to meddle and say black is white, to prove judges are more important and more powerful than any government. This has been simmering for some time.

What happened was, as part of its election promises, the Conservative party offered a referendum on whether we stay in the EU or not. The Conservatives won a majority in the House of Commons and formed a government. Acting on their promise, the referendum was held.

It would be bad form to ignore the result, but it wasn't binding. But a government that wanted to start out working for the people and not just being liars, would respect the result.

So, a clear majority want out, for the robustly good reason that the EU is a crock. We haven't (and won't?) join key elements of it and it isn't working at any level anyway. It isn't a country, it is a collection of politicians. That is what the EU actually is.

To leave, the rules say we have to invoke Article 50 of the treaty, so that is what is suggested. Now, judges say that a government should ignore democracy and must ask the permission of other parties to take the action required by the people. OK, so if the judges insist we have to debate 'Article 50', let's skip it.

Let's just tell the EU, 'we're out of here'. Not one wants that, but the judges, by interfering in areas over which they certainly have no mandate, let alone legal right, may force upon us in an effort to exert the authority of parliament.

Where, incidentally were the judges to remind us in the 1970's that no government has the power, that is the constitutional right, to hand this country over to a foreign power? And yet, Edward Heath did just that. Is it cynical to suggest that the Left leaning wet legs that judges have become, useless appendages to society, were happy to ignore the illegality of the UK signing itself over to an authoritarian Marxist construct, recreating the Soviet Union in Western Europe?

Yes they were. The question is, who is worse - Sir Phillip Green or these state sucking judges?

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Not Boris Then

What exactly is Boris about? Is he able to run a straightforward political career? About as likely as not noticing a pretty girl it seems.

Anyway, the leading Brexit campaigner won't be leading the Conservative party any time soon. So, who can? It is almost as difficult these days to think of a politician with any real conviction, any leadership qualities.

Labour are in a devil of a mess because they have a conviction politician as leader, with no leadership qualities at all. But then, when you want to end democracy and be in power forever, I suppose leading is not that important.

Gove is brilliant but I don't think he gels with people and the Left have done a good stich-up job creating a false image of the man. I feel for Jeremy Hunt who is presently being demonised by another Union, but leader of the Conservatives? No thanks.

Theresa May? If going missing when a decision is needed, when the going gets tough, then she would be in line. Otherwise, no.

Daniel Hannan? Definitely, but oh dear, he is only an MEP. Don't know Crabb, which might be his problem all over. amusing isn't it? They spend their time avoiding being of any utility to the country or its people and now cannot find a reason to be elected, a platform.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Referendum Review

So historic Thursday is a bit behind us now, some momentous things are happening as a consequence; time to review the situation.

Predictable things; Labour would blame each other no matter what happened. Marxist agitators would deny the result (and will doubtless be planning violent protests, they usually do), the EU bureaucrats would bluster and the markets would take advantage to try to make money.

What was a bit of a shock was Cameron resigning. I can see it might be honourable as he actively wanted something and he would now have to implement the opposite, but on the other hand, he is walking away when the work needs doing.

Corbyn has turned Labour into a Far Left party (something the papers never say, but always refer to Far Right people) and is not a useful sort in politics. However, look at Labour and tell me who could lead them and have a chance of being of any utility to the country?

As for the markets, they are doing what they always do and behaving in the most self centred way. All the volatility is just because of the bets they are placing on stocks, shares and commodities. Oh and currency. Very naughty the way they are driving it down, but a weak pound means our exports rise so hey ho. It will sort itself out.

There is a growing recognition amongst intelligent thinkers (instead of intellectual morons, who put ideology before all else), that this is an opportunity to change the stagnant politics we have today. As this is really what the population has been kicking back about, it would be entirely appropriate, but of course, getting rid of the anti-democratic, Soviet style government of the EU is a good start.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

If You Voted Remain

If you voted Remain in the recent referendum, here is the bit you missed.

In 1973 the Conservative Prime Minister deliberately lied to the public, in order to join the Common Market. He said it was just a trading bloc, when he knew it was actually only a political structure, everything around it was frippery. He knew it would lead to a superstate.

Being in dire straits at the time, it meant that the British people could be easily convinced that it would help economic recovery. So he drew up an Act that ceded sovereignty to a foreign power. This was unlawful, as it is not within the power of a UK government to do so.

Scroll forward to today and the much more openly stated objective of 'ever closer union' which I think most people hear as 'becoming nicer to each other', 'popping round for tea more often'.

But it means finally achieving the initial goal of the French and German participants, a single, Europe wide empire.

So, how would this empire operate? I think most British people would think, just like our government, but in Brussels, where we would have a big voice. In fact Britain will cease to exist and just become a region. A bit like East Anglia is a region of Britain. So Gibraltar will join with Spain and Portugal to become the Iberian region (well done for voting for that Gib).

If she is lucky, the power mad Sturgeon might be running the local authority possibly known as the Scottish region.

The 'government' will be like this;

Laws will not be submitted by elected politicians who are responding to the needs of constituents, they will be dreamed up by unelected bureaucrats. If the comedy 'parliament' tries to vote it down, they will be voting until they get it right.

The MEP's will operate along group, party lines. The police will be above the law (EU police already are), bureaucrats will be unimpeachable (which to all real intents and purposes they are now).

A thousand years of perfecting a system in the UK where everything is legal unless the elected representatives of the people make it illegal, with the agreement of the people (or they are kicked out with the new lot knowing what they must do), will be replaced. Instead, everything will be illegal unless the state, in the form of unelected bureaucrats allow it.

If you voted Remain you will probably deny this, even though it is easily discoverable. If you voted Remain and didn't know this, well now you do and shame on you.

If this form of government is OK with you, then I guess you live in Islington. And pine for the Soviet Union.

Fog In The Channel

Apparently, the people running the EU Project have decided to stamp their feet and be petulant. This is what actors and Left liberals understand; childish behaviour. To them it is a normal reaction. It seems you see, that the weather forecast is for fog in the English Channel and this will cut all the pathetic wretches off from where the brains reside.

Nice of them to see it that way, we used to think it might just be a conceit of ours.

Marxist Revolution Delayed, Again

Bloody democracy, bloody, bloody democracy. This EU referendum has really, really upset the Marxists. After all, they have spent decades trying to undermine all the institutions, to pervert British society and it seemed for all the world to be working nicely. Then, a project of lovely Marxist leanings has been interfered with by the bloody electorate!

Ordinary people, for heavens sake! It seemed all very straight forward - run Project Fear to terrify people who have been brought up in an education system that doesn't challenge them, with Political Correctness telling them what to think and to shut down debate where anyone persists.

Surely they had it covered, surely the stiff upper lip and British stoic resolve had been got rid of. And finally no debate or education about the EU had been allowed. So, ignorant, weak minded people could be easily lied to about the doom and destruction not toeing the line would bring on, as they had no information to go on.

Except, except..... the British are just not like that. Sure the Marxist weakening of society has had great success, but it wasn't enough. If you actually listen to what anyone ever said in support of Remain, it was all emotional, detail lite rambling. Ask a question and get waffle.

But as ever, the bright people brought facts. And now we get (particularly the BBC) reinventing history and explaining what happened. Educated youngsters voted Remain, thick youngsters voted Leave (it is OK to speak of people thus in this snowflake age, as the thickies were not toeing the official line). Which even if it were remotely true, would only prove how we have moved on with the meaning of educated.

It only takes a bit of effort and a dollop of common sense to know you have to vote Leave, but it takes a University education to believe stupid things.

Luvvies Devastated

Reports are coming in that a large number of air-kissing, air-heads, though often with a talent for pretending, are in floods of tears (which may be real). It seems that the empire politicians have been building for themselves has had a shock, because the British people have said 'we will stick with democracy, thanks' and this has greatly upset the Luvvies.

For these disengaged, insulated people, the thought that anyone should be able to have an opinion contrary to theirs is unfathomable. In fact, they say, we would be more comfortable if there was an official 'point of view' and it was an offence to disagree. Based on their opinion, of course.

For people who show every sign that they have heard of the EU, they haven't bothered thinking of anyone else, or explaining what they are talking about.

You may be struggling to understand this attitude if you are a normal person, so let me give you an analogy. I don't like Marmite and I cannot imagine why anyone would. Now the bit that Luvvies don't get to; I realise some people do like it. Luvvies would want it and the view of anyone that does like it banned.

Are you devastated that these wealthy, pampered twats are devastated? I hope not.

If you let your house fall into wrack and ruin it will take an awful lot of effort to put it right and that is where we are with leaving the EU. I guess it is the idea of hard work that frightens them; they are not prepared for it so (once again) they assume no one can be.

Unless you are planning a thespian career, I wouldn't treat such people as a source of advice.

Finally, I heard James Corden has apologised. Not before time.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Woo Hoo!!!

And we are on the way out. No one should think leaving the EU is going to be painless or easy, but hey, is it not time our politicians (let alone the scheming, conniving civil servants) did some work? But then, we shouldn't have joined in the first place. Makes you wish that Heath was still alive to see how his lies and duplicity have ended.

Anyway, Cameron has walked away from the tough job (shock) and now we have to find a credible replacement. This is an excellent opportunity to improve politics in this country too, but whilst the electorate have at last resolved a national disgrace, I can't see the politicians deciding to clean their act up.

Office discussions suggest the markets reaction (looking for profits) has spooked some and points to an early reason not to have left. It is so easy to frighten the horses these days, that you wonder if the fascists of the 1930's could have succeeded today. Certainly the news is proof that we still won't let Marxist plots progress.

Also, there is a fear that the good things the EU has done will be lost. No detail as yet as to what these 'good things' are. Oh, flights will be more expensive apparently. Not sure why. Pity poor Jeremy Clarkson, the new-born socialist who won't be able to easily go to European countries any more. He will now have to present his passport to get on and off flights, er, just like he does now.

This is what you hear though, stories of little things that might appeal to an individual, whereas I voted Leave to save the country, to make things better. You know, bigger picture, Thinking of others too. Not very modern of me. But then, I am told that older people swung the Leave vote and it won't affect them as much as it will youngsters.

In days gone by we used to respect the knowledge and experience of our elders; it was called wisdom. Maybe, just maybe those who know what it can be like, have some memory of relations fighting tyranny rather than signing up for it and have just saved those youngsters future.

I don't know if Germany and France will eventually begin hostilities over who runs the EU, or if the money will run out and it will implode, but whatever happens, I think we should stand back this time and let them get on with it. Whilst forming non political trading relationships with the countries the EU is trying to destroy and others around the world. No more the parochial, France centred view.

Will Britain be better out of the EU? Ipso facto (by the fact alone).

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Lies, Damned Lies And The EU

There seems to be a genuine groundswell of opinion that the UK could not survive outside the EU. This is only partly based on the endless stream of fantasy and lies issuing from the Prime Minister and cronies, but more from the ingrained 'feeling' for how things need to be, in the mind of the ordinary member of the public.

The Marxists will be pleased that the effort over decades to influence and basically destroy fundamental education in the UK has been such a success. The first thought is for big government, government that tells us what to do in any and every situation.

World government in fact, which would mean an end to war and everyone just getting along. Which is very much the sixth-form common room level of understanding that used to end when faced with reality (and responsibility). Now, it can continue even extending to infantile views being acceptable.

When you are at school you are taught, just given information (I'm referring to 'old school' when education, not left ideology was on the agenda). But, as someone once said to me, at university you learn how to learn. I'm sure we can all agree that the vast majority of graduates these days leave you in no doubt that this is no longer true.

What an excellent society, so easy to control. So far from a society where government just doing the jobs required of it and no more, leaves the individual alone to live life based on knowledge and experience gained and freely given.

Freely? Do I mean free university education? Yes, very probably, that would be a good use of government effort, as long as the free education was for academic subjects not for entertainment. If you want to 'study' Walt Disney films or Manchester United, then let institutions offer the courses at full market rates.

And so to the headline of this post. Lies. It is essential that lies are allowed in politics if we are to have an EU style government. Think tractor production statistics and you are on the right path.

It amuses me that people who otherwise 'like' the EU (and probably in their minds that means in a Facebook kinda way), get a little annoyed about immigration and the obvious inability of our government (in Westminster) to control our borders. But that is only the current issue. Under the EU, when the ultimate goal of a superstate with a single currency (two things Cameron says Britain will never join!) is achieved, we won't be controlling anything.

So, overrun with immigrants today, destroyed financially tomorrow? It absolutely beggars belief that anyone could vote for such a pointless, useless, wasteful irrelevance, but they do! The inability to use simple reasoning really is beyond a lot of people. Research something? Understand a subject? Find stuff out? Are you mad, they say.

I'll say it again, because it really is so true (and amongst a sea of lies); the only people who could vote for the EU are those financially connected to it or those who don't understand.

Monday, 23 May 2016

One Month To Go!

Well, what can one say? Thankfully a number of our politicians have been prepared to break ranks and tell the British people that the EU is a bad idea. They don't seem to be making a particularly good job of it, but at least they have principles.

Which it has to be said doesn't seem to be the case with David Cameron and his cronies. are we really such stupid little children that scare stories are their best option? We couldn't understand facts?

I suppose the indicators are there for him to reach such a conclusion. Several people you (and the media) talk to seem to cleave to the EU because, well because, er, it would be dangerous to leave, or summink.

As has been said, the only people who support the EU are those in its pay and those who don't understand it. Certainly anyone I ask, once they have said we should stay in, has no idea whatsoever how the EU works and if pushed assume it is pretty much like the British government.

They don't know it is run by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats. They don't know that in the EU, the law we have developed over a thousand years is stood on its head. Here, the people own the law, in the EU the law owns the people, the population exists to serve the state.

They don't know its police and bureaucrats are immune from prosecution. There can only be one reason to give your police this protection and it fits neatly with the totalitarian state that the EU is working towards.

But more importantly, Cameron. He says we will never join the Euro and we will never accept a superstate. Better leave now then Dave! Because the EU project is and always has been, to create a single country called Europe, with no nation states. A superstate.

And to achieve this, they must have everything under the control of the state, all tax, all decision making, all areas of policy and all control over the currency. A single currency, the Euro and a single elite.

Democracy has been a real hindrance to 'the project', it has held it up tremendously, by requiring circuitous lawmaking, to avoid the electorates realising what they are up to. This is why the EU has no democracy itself and will not tolerate it once it finally achieves its goal of unity.

Few people disagree that it is massively corrupt and fundamentally inept, but on it goes, its accounts never signed off year after year and financial crises dealt with ruthlessly (see: Greece).

The Italians, the Spanish, the French and the Germans have all dreamed of European empires and have at various times tried to bring them about militarily. This has never worked and a major reason why has always been Britain. Not seeking a European empire, we merely dealt with them and walked away.

So, the most recent plotters decided to try subterfuge. A political solution, involving financial domination (see:Greece and others) and tricking Britain into joining. This neutered us from providing an alternative vision for Europe, where proud, but very different countries agreed their agendas and talked things through.

But Germany and France wanted an empire (see: the Ukraine) and so ever-closer Union was the only game in town. And to be fair, we have been pretty slow to realise how duped we have been. For Heaven's sake they told us to give up our fishing waters and we did! How mad are we?

For the project this proved we were stupid enough to be allowed to join. And to be a major paymaster for them.

This is an age after all when we believe stupid things and stupid things that are stunningly obviously stupid. Let us consider the meeting of the Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of the Working Class of all Nations, or more snappily the MPFLWCN. Or perhaps it is the Popular Front of Working Class Liberation, or possibly Workers Against Nations Knowingly Empowering Rich Scum.

Anyway, they sit down in a pub and check everyone has got their benefits before ordering drinks, there is nothing worse than a Marxist revolutionary sponging off the backs of his working class, though not actually working comrades.

Then they decide that, despite the very sound idea that the proletariat would rise up in violent revolution against their oppressive bosses and their lickspittle governments, it seems that advancing themselves by ambition has turned out a better bet.

When the poor get an education they realise a) how to improve their lot and b) what a bunch of idle, childish and petulant wankers Marxists are. And so fail to put their lives on the line so a bunch of ne'er do wells can step forward and run everything for us, because they are a) much more intelligent and b) hugely benevolent in thought and deed.

So no revolution then. The meeting now needed to move on to more drinks and some crisps. Hand made, Balsamic Vinegar and Kale. Salt and Vinegar and Cheese and Onion are vulgar, in vulgar packaging and suitable only for the proles.

So, what to do to overthrow Capitalism and renew the Utopia that was the Soviet Union. Well EU natch, but what else. Being the most effective mechanism for wealth creation and redistribution it is hard to imagine why people would vote against capitalism.

Global Warming! Of course. There had been some data to show temperatures rising globally, which might be a new epoch of warmer weather, just like in the Middle Ages. All the Marxists needed to do was seize that agenda and say that the warming was entirely due to Man and our use of fossil fuels.

As this underpins the whole of the world economy and therefore capitalism, getting the morons to spend every penny they have on fighting it will wreck their economies and cause riots and revolution and that is where the Marxists can step in.

Even in a company of drunken revolutionaries there is always a naysayer and he now says "but won't someone point out that it is nonsense, scientifically?" Naturally, the answer is to use the past endeavours of Marxist theory in subverting the educational establishment.

Academia can be relied on to toe the party line and those with real scientific credentials, independently minded can be dealt with using standard Marxist tactics. Bully them. Threaten them. Don't talk to them. Ridicule them publicly. Anything but engage them in debate, as that can only end in defeat; the Marxists are lying of course.

But the real beauty of it was that it was so fundamentally stupid, such a weak idea, so easily proven wrong that if it worked it would be fantastic on two levels; destroying capitalism from within and nobody bold enough to realise that the emperor has no clothes.

It was so clearly tosh that if it worked it would be the biggest laugh ever. So it really was a great idea to ensure we had an education system that spent 11 years or more in getting our kids to a level where they can barely read or write, let alone know how to research stuff.

Who, once they have mastered Facebook and Twitter and their mobile phone wants to spend time figuring real stuff out? That's what the government is for innit? To tell us everyfink.

And so, people who have little idea about anything, believe the stupidest things will vote to stay in the EU. Then even a notional Tory like Cameron starts to believe Marxism has its uses.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Obama - Comedian Or Golfer?

President Barack Obama of the United States of America is an interesting sort. I get that many black people felt that electing a black person to the office of President would be a great idea. Very symbolic, possibly even showing it to 'the Man'. Proof that America is moving on etc etc.

Some of this is understandable and some deeply offensive to the independent minds of black people, but really Obama? You had to be voting for the skin, because you couldn't possibly want the man? And don't bother with the Democrat or Republican thing, he aint no politician.

No, achievement wise the choice is between comedian or golfer. He does a lot of both. Presidenting gets in the way a bit but you know, he is up for the sponsors getting a bit of his time. So the odd bit on lectern leaning, with careful pauses and looks to the side is OK with him. Earnest and sincere, even without the slightest idea. Man for the people.

Did he study Blair, the consummate professional in this arena or is he a natural? No idea, but he does seem an empty vessel so it could be natural. And now he is seeking to stamp his legacy mark. He could publish a book. It would have quite a lot of pages, all blank that you could draw or colour on.

He thinks he has waged war on Global Warming, but that is just tilting at windmills. No, if someone named a golf tournament after him, he could be smug and it would accurately reflect his time in office.

To racialists everywhere I say, America has had a black President and he is an idiot. But this is because he is an idiot, not because he is black. Stupidity is colour blind.


Starburst Original says the bag. No it isn't, they were originally Opal Fruits, but if they mean original flavours, well OK. I'll agree with that. What I want to know though is, who the hell is responsible for wrapping these fruit chews?

It is nigh on impossible to just unwrap and pop one in. It takes concerted effort to break the bond the paper has with itself. Sort it out. What is the matter with people?

Monday, 14 March 2016

The EU Debate

We are told there is great debate over the EU. I doubt that. Most people in my experience don't understand very much about the EU and assume it is just more politicians, pretty much like we have here.

You can see this mindset with Britons on holiday. They not only want fish and chips and Watney's Red Barrel wherever they go, but also come unstuck with laws they didn't know existed. Some people would say this is precisely because we don't involve ourselves in Europe, don't pay attention to other cultures.

To which I answer, fish and chips is from Jewish immigrants, tea, curry and the Chinese takeaway.

No, our problem is that the EU never gets debated and deliberately so. I would guess you think it was invented after WW2 to stop European wars, which is certainly something that is parroted out these days. That it is a group of countries working together for mutual benefit and to be a real player in a globalized world.

Well, it was invented in the 1920's and is basically aimed at forming a single country called Europe with no nation states. It would have a single, unelected government of bureaucrats with control over its armed forces, tax, immigration and well, everything. It was realised from the outset that the people of Europe would never support such an idea, or allow it, so it had to be developed in secret. Hence the absence of debate.

'Ever closer Union', the abiding tenet of the organisation, means the end goal is a single superstate. (Making a farce of Scottish 'independence'; neither 'Scotland' nor independence is planned for them).

Cameron of course says that he will have nothing to do with such an idea, whilst at the same time clinging to a club with that motto. But to take him at his word, he also says we don't want to be part of the Euro, we don't want the City to lose its influence and we are happy to part of an outer group of countries, but within the EU.

So basically we want to remain the United Kingdom, but with trade and treaty agreements with 'Europe'. Sounds a fantastic idea, it just needs us to formally leave the EU.

Of course, this club that is designed for politicians to exercise power and has no actual utility, rather enjoys the money we give it and it keeps us neutered and not able to step in and save them from themselves, as we have done so many times before. In short, an empire without having to have a war and without Britain 'standing alone' to fight tyranny.

And as for globalisation, most regulation comes from the International level, down to the EU. So as a proper sovereign nation we could sit at those tables rather than have the EU represent us and get the best deal for France/Germany. A participant or 1/28th participant?

The UK politicians squealing for us to stay in and issuing scare stories and naked lies to support their 'case' (because they don't have one) are more likely terrified that, were we to leave, they would actually have to work for a living. You know, turn up in parliament, understand issues, make real laws. And be accountable. So you can understand their terror.

EU: In Or Out?

Notable person, Jeremy Clarkson has written in his Sunday Times column that he thinks we should stay in the EU. Clarkson is someone who generally challenges orthodoxies and infuriates those who think they are the only people allowed opinions.

He always struck me as someone it would be great to discuss the world, the universe and everything with, over a meal. Most convivial I would have thought. I know he is a bit of a simpleton where the EU is concerned, as previously he said we should join the Euro because he hates changing money to travel. Solid.

But even so, his juvenile reasoning on Sunday as to why Britain should stay in the EU was a surprise. He likes Europe he says, and when there, feels European. Feels he fits in more than in America, where they at least speak a version of English. And has strong links with the UK both in legal infrastructure terms and historically.

Yes, Europe is the cradle of civilisation and has an immense amount to commend it in art and architecture. Then of course, the wealthy Clarkson enjoys the food and wine it produces and the quality of restaurants.

And then there is modern European politics. The French revolution, Napoleon, the 1848 revolutions, the Franco-Prussian war, the bombast of Bismarck, De Gaulle and his plan to take over Britain when he and his countrymen surrendered their own country as soon as possible, French Communists, Mussolini, Italian Communists, Hitler. The First World War, the Second World War and Jean Monnet.

Truly 'the Europeans', of which we clearly are not and have never been a part, do not see themselves as European and are very keen on fighting each other. Particularly the French and Germans. But Clarkson thinks these two, specifically, run a super club that we should be part of. Sure he recognises that it isn't democratic, is corrupt and incompetent at every level, but that he says is why we should stay in.

So we can cure these ills from within. Just like Cameron did when he asked for some minor changes and was told no. (Although he seems to be suggesting that no means yes). There is a reason, Clarkson, that when Blenheim and Wellington and numerous others, helped sort out the latest bout of bickering in Europe, they went back home and left them to it.

We didn't take over territory in Europe (well, beyond Gibraltar I suppose) precisely because we are not like them and don't want to be. It is said that in Italy the bureaucracy is appalling and to get anything done it can only be speeded up by bribing the corrupt officials. And in Britain the bureaucracy is appalling and you can't get anything done, because the officials aren't corrupt!

The rule of law here generally works for and is designed to work for, the people. Europe consists of states where the law keeps the people in check.

Regarding the EU itself, it is a Marxist construct that has no democratic core and is designed to be the fun house of an elite, paid for by the masses, a power trip for the careless class. Clarkson thinks we could make it a United States, but it is designed to be a Soviet Union. The naivety in believing it could be changed from within is immense and no more realistic than thinking you could change it standing on the moon.

The United States of America absorbed all kinds of people, of many nations, but in building their life in this new country they became Americans first, with a shared belief in country. Some time later they adopted a single currency. The EU has no demos and forced an inappropriate single currency on its members, the result of which we are seeing now.

There is a continent called Europe but no country called Europe. The nation states have noble histories with much to be proud of (though for France and Germany, much to be ashamed of). They don't need an all-powerful elite to end their histories.