Thursday, 14 December 2017

Good God, Really? Brexit!

I'm pretty sure that everyone outside the Westminster bubble are mightily fed up with all the Brexit shenanigans. Seriously guys, as our American friends would say, get with the programme!

Basically, if you go right to the root of it, the problem is the modern misconception that has grown amongst the lightweights now in office as MP's and civil servants. That misconception is that they run the country, which of course they don't. There is some room to suggest that the dictatorship that is the European Union may have misled them, but whatever, it isn't quite true yet.

No, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is managed on behalf of the people by our MP's, who seek assistance in the implementation of accepted policies by an employed bureaucracy - the civil servants. MP's do not entertain themselves with their own personal opinions at our expense and civil servants have no role whatsoever in 'decision making'.

You can see immediately that in Britain today the belief amongst these people of little imagination, is that they are very much in charge. The swing away from Theresa May at the last General Election occurred as she lunged to the Left and put back on the shelf all the sensible, Conservative ideas she espoused at the outset. The people were indicating they wanted a strong nation in a strong recovery, not some sixth-form politics inspired Marxist Utopia.

The idea that the people own the law is very strange to the governments of the Continent and of course, abhorrent to those trying to establish an anti-democratic Empire.

So, to make it abundantly clear; the people of the UK voted to request and require of their government that the nation should leave the EU (be rescued, in fact). A meaningful vote had been held in parliament that whatever the people decided would be held to by all parties.

Which begs the question, why are we being daily assaulted by news of the latest petulant outburst from MP's who feel their personal opinion has any bearing? Why does the Marxist Party (Corbyn's so called Labour) keep putting obstacles in the way? They agreed to follow the will of the people by referendum (I get that, being simple-minded they can't remember the last piece of nonsense they uttered), so why all the opposition?

It really is stunningly simple, by whatever mechanism exists (Article 50, written by a Brit!) we are to leave the EU. It is then beholden on the EU to suggest what would be the relationship afterwards. Not least because they need us more than we need them, although a big point of annoyance to the outfit is the loss of our subscriptions. Hence the singular fixation in the EU with obtaining cash from us.

As far as I can see, those currently interfering with the smooth progress of an agreed and mandated action required of parliament places them in contempt. No MP impeding the will of the people has the right to draw funds from the taxpayers and so must be dismissed with. Call it an incentive or just encouragement.

But otherwise, just get on with it, we have been chained to a corpse for too long.