Thursday, 13 December 2012

Fracking Hell

Ha! What sport in the media today. The government, pushed by necessity and reality to open the way for gas extraction through fracking has unleashed a wailing from the piggies at the trough. The companies milking us all through subsidies are squealing like stuck pigs that fracking will probably end the world (rather than just be a big step in removing their cancer).

I saw, hugely amusing this, that the twits in the warmist scam are saying that fracking will despoil the countryside, which of course it actually has minimal impact on unlike wind turbines that actually do. The other strange thing they say is that it will also accelerate global warming and drive up energy bills. This is their claim, the reality is this. Wind turbines use up large amounts of natural resources and create enormous clouds of CO2 to build and erect them.

Then there is the fact that conventional power stations have to be running all the time, to keep the lights on when the wind suddenly drops, or picks up. And, basically, in relative terms the wind turbines will be providing no energy. (OK, maybe 1%).

So these propaganda experts are telling us that all the things wind turbines currently and provably do, will happen with fracking. The BBC radio news of course tried to hint at impartiality on the subject in their headlines, but then only allowed an anti-fracking comment in the piece.

Naturally the tiny, almost undetectable tremors caused by fracking continue to be played as 'earthquakes'. The actual tremors are similar in scale to those caused by coal mining. You hadn't heard coal mining had caused 'tremors'? Maybe that is because they were insignificant and the warmist propaganda didn't exist then. They hadn't created their own virtual reality then.

The sign of pure domination (and genius) with the warmist campaigning is not that they have been getting their way. It is that they suggested an absolutely unbelievable scenario that no mildly sentient being could possibly be taken in by and said it was real. This proved how powerful they were. Wind turbines will keep the UK's lights on, even though everyone can see for themselves that the wind isn't constant, or remotely so. And it became mainstream.

OK so politicians have been pushing it and they don't actually seem to have any brains of their own. But clearly, otherwise intelligent people have swallowed it whole.

But will we see cheaper energy? Well, firstly current energy costs have risen largely due to warmist taxes and subsidies to pay for the profits in wind turbines. Gas will stand on its own two feet. However, the government has also become strangely inept at controlling big business and I'm sure that the cheaper gas produced through fracking will just increase the energy companies profits. Even though, in the US it has halved gas prices and cut CO2 output to 1990 levels. Not that that is a particular concern. The whole global warming thing is a scam, not just wind turbines.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Radio Shows

In Australia there is a radio station that employs at least two morons. They are quite old to still be juveniles, but all the evidence is there. Except today they have learnt actions have consequences. It must be hard on the poor luvs.

But morons they be. Why would it strike you as hysterically funny to dupe people in order to gain access to members of another country's Royals? And why particularly when one of those Royal's is ill in hospital, fearful about her first pregnancy. Definition of a moron, I'd say.

Now, one of those involved, a nurse who put through their idiot call, is dead. It is believed that she may have committed suicide, which would seem is, even in part, due to the mindless pair. Is all of Australia like this? It does seem to be slipping from a great country with a relaxed attitude to a bit of a laughing stock, comedy country.

Very much like the witless Ross and Brand here, these two Australians don't care much for other people, impressed no doubt with themselves to the exclusion of all others. Thing is, I don't get this 'edgy humour' as I think their defence refers to it. Does the nurse being dead make their joke funnier or not? I'm sure they are gagging to tell us.