Friday, 27 February 2015

Greater Germany

When we hear of the latest attempt by the Greek people, through electing a party that said it would do what they wanted, to have large pensions, paid early, without having to actually work, or pay tax, the replies don't come from the EU. Yet is it not a Euro and therefore an EU problem?

Well obviously, but when a crisis of this magnitude comes up, some urgent action is required and the old fa├žade slips. Hence the other side of the argument comes, pretty much exclusively from Angela Merkel. Now, it has long been held that Germany are the EU's bankers, so maybe they should have a strong say over what happens in the EU, financially.

But it is clearly more than that isn't it. The Germans are calling the shots for the whole shooting match (oops, unfortunate). France, the great administrators as they alone exclaim, have slipped a little in the prestige stakes, having elected an extra special idiot to run the country. (In fact, the only reason France isn't in as much trouble as Greece or Italy say, is that as a founder member they got to channel funds to support their economy from the rest of 'Europe').

So what we have is Greater Germany, way beyond the dreams of the Kaiser or Hitler. Even, poor French loves, beyond Napoleon, now a distant memory.

I have just finished re-reading a 1973 book on WW1, by David Shermer. At the end, discussing the brave new world the victors planned to make, he points out the stupidity of the measures. We are used to understanding that the draconian nature of the terms of the Treaty of Versailles led to a justification for German anger and eventually, WW2.

But Shermer talks of the problems of ignoring nationalities and cultures, He mentioned a created Poland with many non-Poles within the new territory, the Balkan mess and several other problem areas. Translate that to today and we have the utter nonsense, pure bilge in fact, spouted by EU supporters about being European.

As if some common heritage existed. You can't have it both ways; either Europe has always been a homogenous region that just never thought of uniting under a single bureaucracy before, or it has been the scene of countless wars. Current history books (those without the helping hand of EU revisionists) seem to talk quite a lot about war. That then is the truth.

Lord help us, we have not long ago experienced the explosion of violence again in the Balkans. Something, incidentally the EU, despite all its claims couldn't even begin to find a way to deal with.
Which leaves us with the blindingly obvious conclusion that the EU is counter-factual inasmuch that it creates the problems it claims to be the solution for (hello? Ukraine) and that by ignoring nation states and self determination, it has lit yet another fuse.

But I do get that it created an enormous amount of wealth and power for a large number of politicians and that it was a backhanded way of creating a totalitarian state to govern in perpetuity. Having seen how it ended for Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and all the others around the world, there was no point pursuing the violent revolution, or awaiting an uprising of the people.

There is no European demos and there is no need for an EU. In fact it is anti-democratic, anti-capitalist, old fashioned and irrelevant in the globalised world of today. But it is the Thousand Year Reich so it is here to stay. Unless someone with courage says, no. Again. Perhaps that should be Britain's role in Europe. Again.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

You Dead Yet?

Obviously, as you are reading this you didn't get killed by someone driving at 31mph. Possibly because he braked when he saw you. Additionally, you have avoided swine flu, bird flu, salmonella, MRSA (probably by staying out of hospital) and several other mishaps that the authorities and its experts predicted you would succumb to.

But most amazingly, you have dodged vCJD. As we know from global warming, scientists know everything and never get anything wrong. That is why we listen to their every utterance with reverence. And why they are so often cited to stop us asking questions.

So, when Professor Richard Lacey said that half a million people would be dying of CJD by 2016, it would as night follows day, come to pass. So maybe you are dead. Or definitely several people you know.

Checking the record seems to suggest we are expecting a pretty big leap next year because the number of deaths due to vCJD in 2013 was precisely 1. And in 2014 none at all. This is only evidence of course, just a statement of fact, which as we again have learnt from global warming isn't as true as what they think. There are probably 499,999 deaths hidden somewhere that we haven't correctly attributed.

Its not me, its you, as scientists would say.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

We Require A New Philosophy

For a long time now we as a society and the West generally, have been following a Left wing agenda. It sets the ethos and ethics and instructs us on the path to take. It does so outside of democracy by not actually asking for visible power, but it exerts it none the less.

It does so by evoking its creed 'progressive', to suggest that we are achieving progress by following their lead, but going in the right direction. Blair called it 'modern'. But 'the right direction' is one that works for the vast majority, one that people agree on. For the Left that is not it at all. Their 'right direction' is when they get what they want.

It is a form of fundamentalism that is every bit as careless of the public at large as ISIS, but does so behind the scenes most of the time. It tried mass murder before and strangely it wasn't as wildly popular as was imagined. Violent revolution is out, for the time being and soft, patient destruction is in.

So what are the fundamentals of the strong Western society that has done so well since the Reformation? Well, basically, family, individual liberty, democracy, capitalism and property rights and strong law to support these ideals and the people (in general).

Reviewing all of the above, which are all iniquitous to a solid, Left wing totalitarian state, the only ones that really matter are capitalism and family. These, if suppressed will never be other than a cause of friction, better for the people to come to realise that they are false, or perhaps just lose them by inattention.

A society once reliant on these codes and mores that sees them vanish will become chaotic and at that point the lever pullers will step from behind the curtain to seize power and delete the other aspects of liberty, freedom and justice. The state, e.g the Left elite will provide all that.

Capitalism is the tough one. It works and is seen to work (see ebay and the sharing community). Left to their own devices people instinctively act in a capitalistic fashion. The phrase 'to better oneself' or even 'to better provide for my family' are garlic to the Left vampire.

So, the nuclear family had to be the target. Hence the sexual revolution of the Sixties, the relaxation of divorce laws, the insistence by the Left that women should work (that looking after children was beneath them and used by men to oppress them) and the promotion of homosexuality and paedophilia.

Much of this worked because it all seemed so 'reasonable' and caring. To think otherwise made you feel as if you were constraining someone else, not empathetic. The introduction of welfare for single parents and the insistence that children born out of wedlock should not be a shame on the mother, were crucial building blocks in destroying the family.

A mother who devotes herself to her family and works in the home, looking after children cannot be costed or underrated, any more than the man, who sees less of his children due to his devotion to family by work and providing an income. Whilst men have become accustomed to feeling superior, nothing stops a woman working and they are no less able. By such action attitudes change.

Naturally, a woman going out to work meant two incomes in a family and an increase in their wealth and ambitions. This isn't the Leftist way, so thankfully the ability to pay more for a house meant prices shot up and the Left pushed the need for ever more expensive, regulated childcare to remove as much of this income as possible.

They don't care about a woman's identity and feeling of worth, by having a job, they just don't want her forming a strong family unit. Just like they care nothing about the angst and mental anguish of the homosexual and paedophile, they just know they both can help to destroy a society's structure, if they push for 'rights'. Which is why the 'movements' supporting these activities are so aggressive.

Capitalism, the Left tried to address intellectually. They pointed out that some people were rich and others not and that it would be perfectly in order for the poorer to take what they want from the 'rich'. (Most Left wing ideas are at best naive, the sort of things you believe at school but then leave behind when you discover the real world - so after university as well)

They talked about fairness and redistribution of wealth, but as they progressively undermined education (their state cannot have educated people in it, someone has to do the work), the public became less and less interested in such matters. Bit of an own goal there.

But then they hit on an idea of simple genius. They would use the mass stupidity they had created to get turkeys to vote for Christmas. There had been some academic research into the possibility of an impending ice age as it seemed to be getting colder. Then it seemed to get warmer and the scare went away. But some, looking at the mechanisms decided to go further.

An effect was discovered that became known as 'the greenhouse effect'. The biggest aspect of this is clouds. They reflect sunlight off their tops back into space and act as a blanket keeping warmth in. Other things keep heat in too like methane and carbon dioxide.

It took only one person at first I guess, who had never got past schoolboy politics to think; if carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and Man has been producing ever greater quantities of it then surely we have warmed the planet? We have affected the climate!

Studies were carried out and even by 1966 it had been concluded that the amounts produced by Man were insignificant in the context of global conditions controlling climate. But science isn't static and politics not interested in the truth when a lie works better.

So, the essentially sound theory that CO2 can cause warming, was pushed way beyond credulity (but when told to simple folk, with a straight face, can work) and sustained by a wave of propaganda. Politicians of all stripes saw in it a way to raise taxes and the Left were gleeful that capitalism was destroying itself spending its wealth chasing a chimera.

For the Left of course it was even more totemic. If you can get people to believe a completely unbelievable thing, something a child could see through, then you have achieved a great thing. So global warming wasn't just helping to destroy capitalism from within, it was proving just how stupid people are. A massive coup.

At this point, those with an open mind and a leaning to enquiry ask about the science. It is settled apparently. Well, there immediately is the problem. Scientists are telling us that something, perhaps the only thing in the history of Mankind, is absolutely 'known' by scientists. They are so sure that they not only say further research would be pointless, they insist there must be no further research.

And as governments pay the scientists, I guess anyone saying, 'well, I might have a look any way' will find he has no funding. And is now being ridiculed personally in august scientific journals.

Science has a method. This says that by observing and experimenting, producing repeatable results we can espouse a theory. It is up to others to prove it wrong. All of the global warming data says things like, its been hotter and colder before, so climate changes for reasons we don't understand. The planet warms and CO2 content goes up, not the other way around.

It has been colder when there was way, way more CO2 in the atmosphere. Water vapour (clouds) are by many, many times the largest warming contributor, oh and OMG, the Sun. Didn't see that one coming eh? And the only current empirical evidence from observation we have is that there has been no global warming for 18 years.

The Left's global warming scam was based on ever more CO2 causing ever more warming, and computer models preloaded with that assumption. So, our current crop of scientists don't hold to the scientific method, have made the most costly demands in history all supported only by computer models and no actual science.

When they discovered the evidence was against them, they lied but somebody leaked the emails. But then of course the international body running the climate change scam, demanding you show it respect consists of a few vested interest scientists and a whole raft of anti-capitalist activists like Greenpeace and WWF. Run by a railway engineer, who makes a nice penny on the side with his 'green' companies looking for government handouts.

So, the Left are currently pushing up your energy prices massively (more to come), ensuring your children don't get an education, destroying healthcare, making the police a political body and increasing state powers in as many areas as it can. The EU could be a part of it, again it is a Marxist ideal lying about its true intentions, but it is run clumsily by too many traditional politicians, so is little more than a sideshow for the real Left.

What we need is a better understanding of how we live together, to return freedoms that even so called conservatives are taking away and a new philosophy. What we mustn't do meantime is undermine our own democracy by voting for Marxists like Labour, the Lib Dems or, heaven help us, the Greens.