Tuesday, 24 August 2010


It may be time to revisit 1689. For a while it has seemed too much trouble to bother with the schemes and plans of politicians, particularly ones far away. But inattention is never a good idea and rats will breed and do their thing if left alone. Socialism, the great failed experiment of social engineering has infected this country and brought it to its knees. It is why children don't learn in school, people die by the attentions of the NHS, the police are ludicrous and useless, the Army belittled. A massive bureaucracy looms over us all, consuming wealth and shutting out the light. There is no debate any more (particularly in parliament) and no ideas, in large part outlawed by PC. Criminals flourish as never before in a land where punishment only exists where either you offend the sensibilities of the liberal elite (i.e. if you are middle class, or aspiring) or if you offend against them directly. Then the punishment is harsh.

It has been a very long time since Englishmen have been so oppressed and so unprotected by their elected representatives. This morality-free country cannot continue down this path of separation, the elite from the masses. It has a distinct whiff of absolutism about it and that will not do. The European Union always seemed daft, distant and someone else's problem. Except to people who early fell foul of its clutches, such as our fishermen. But it isn't. It is the engine of our enslavement and the elite have laboured long and hard on it, disguising its purpose and enlarging its reach. This completely alien construct will one day slam the lid shut on England and end a freedom and level of true liberty that most countries have never known.

What I mean by this is the difference between us and them, our system having evolved over centuries to serve the people and jealously guarded whilst apathy was at bay. This led to Common Law, where householders had a right to defend their property because they owned the law (it was common) and required of them to join 'hue and cry'. There was a state but it lived in fear of the people and raised its head only on matters of national importance. An Englishman was entitled to do anything that had not been specifically made illegal and passing laws was a careful and considered matter. Contrast this with the system of the EU; that the state owns the law and everything is illegal unless the state, now in the shape of a liberal elite, allows it. That is not liberty and such a system allows this elite to do everything it wished. a small example of this was the unchecked abuses of Tony Blair's administration. Absolutism.

And so this brings us back to 1689. Great changes took place at that time and a little before; James II resented any check being placed on him and so waved away parliament and converted to Catholicism (a big deal then). This disregard for the people was not something that met with apathy in those days and pretty soon he was out. You hear about the Derry Apprentice Boys and wonder what it was about? It was the Battle of the Boyne, when James II attempted to regain power (via Ireland) it having passed to William and Mary (amusingly, James's daughter) by the popular will. This battle, in 1690 sealed his fate. And to stop an over mighty executive a Bill of Rights was enacted (1689) as a principled check on absolute power and by confirming the dispersion of power among the people. That this still exists is ignored and denied by the liberal elite, for whom such legislation bodes ill. Did you know that the 1689 Bill of Rights makes all those on-the-spot fines beloved of 'modern' government illegal? No? Need I say more?

It may well be that, just as in the time of James II, those seeking the 'absolute' prize and unwilling to be deterred from their course require an armed insurrection to put power back where it belongs in England. (Oh, yes. They seem to have taken our guns away from us too. For our own protection of course!)

Do You Think

Well, actually that could be the whole post; do you think. What I was proposing though was that you consider this thought. We live in times when the childish social experiments of the 1960's, that we should not accept responsibility for ourselves and our actions, that we as individuals are hugely important and what we want should be satisfied. Hence free love, abortion as of right, drug taking and a careless attitude. The left, in acceding to these wants used them as cover to introduce things like Political Correctness which is really just a way of stifling debate -itself essential for people doing things which even they know don't stand up to rational scrutiny.

Bit by bit we have evolved into a society of morons. A country where people feel that they can call 999 as the buses aren't running in their area and ask for an ambulance. This happens because of a deep rooted, unconscious belief that the state should cure this small problem in this persons life. A notion put there by the left liberal state itself. We are nannied to obey the state and to expect the state to do all things. This lack of responsibility means we can go out and get drunk and fight in the streets, that we can attack and rob whoever we please. Whilst the state is indifferent to your safety it has to ensure this activity doesn't affect the elite and so a paramilitary police is evolved, that uses excessive force routinely, specifically to show where the behaviour becomes unacceptable. And that point is just short of anarchy, just short of threatening discomfort to the elite. To me that is what is happening in Britain, a country that once contained a gentle, intelligent, rational and reasonable people. (Naturally, by welcoming the poorest people from other countries, with an especial delight in people from countries with no or backward cultures, the Britain mentioned previously is further undermined).