Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Making Decisions

First, I want to establish a ground rule (ironic, as you will see). Politics has come to be characterised as falling into two and a bit camps; Left, Right and Centre. This has been disrupted and corrupted, as it is supposed to represent polar opposites in ideas. But if we go to extremes, Stalin, a murderous authoritarian is seen as Left. Hitler, a murderous authoritarian is seen as Right. So that's not working.

Clearly, we can agree that people who want to tell you what to do (and possibly engage in a bit of murdering) are Left. The opposite then, would be people who want you to be free and don't go around killing other people.

State control, nationalised industry, high taxes, lots of rules and regulations, conformity. This is the Left. Small government, low tax, light regulation, liberty and personal freedom, that would be the other end.

Clearly, we have a solid candidate for the Left today in Corbyn and his cronies (no suggestion of murdering, but very keen on people who do), but we don't have anyone brave enough to stand up for the Right. Oh, we get a bit of it, but then they run scared and apologise for saying something sensible. Terrified of what the Left might say.

The Left have created a 'narrative', which is their version of the truth. They opted for a narrative as it doesn't actually have to be the truth. They explained this away by saying that there is no such thing as absolute truth, just your truth and my truth. To which someone said, 'kick a rock and you'll see what's true'.

Consequently, a child born a boy, doesn't have to be a boy, if he chooses not to be (although the activists of the Left will help him choose). Rape victims must be believed, regardless of evidence and a hate crime is a crime if the victim says it is.

George Orwell's book 1984 was lampooning Left ideology, pointing out its dangerous stupidities. It wasn't supposed to be considered a manual of how things should be.

'Woke' is supposed to define people in the know, but in fact describes the opposite; sheep, repeating the most obvious falsehoods. Very Orwellian.

'Safe spaces' are no such things, they are hideaways for people who are so lacking in understanding and social skills, that they cannot contemplate a contrary opinion. Common in universities, you have to wonder just how people, supposedly there to learn and debate, have such narrow views and are unable to accept other views exist. Perhaps it's something to do with the input of their Left ideologue lecturers.

And of course, the greatest demonstration of the dangers presented by Left ideology currently, is Brexit. For some, maybe we can call them traditionalists, it is the result of a democratic vote that has decided we should leave the international organisation that, for some reason we asked to run our country. Pretty much the ultimate outsourcing.

But for others, the losers, it is not that simple. So a litany of reasons as to why the democratic result has to be ignored have been unleased, including, that it isn't democratic. The whole reason that parliament is in a mess is because the losers won't shut up and act like adults, but are a majority in parliament. Plus the little twerp Speaker breaking the oath of his office.

410 constituencies voted Leave, 240 Remain. 148 Labour constituencies voted Leave, 84 Remain. 247 Conservative for Leave, 80 Remain. But in parliament, only 160 MP's are for Leave, out of 650. An outrage of course, but why should they care? Are they not better than us? Certainly seems to be their opinion.

Then there is Political Correctness. Invented to stop anything being debated, as Left ideology doesn't stand up well to scrutiny.

Or Climate Change. There is absolutely no science at all to support the assertion that we, through emissions are affecting the climate. The theory is sound, but we understand so little of the way climate works, that it is impossible to predict. But our emissions, seemingly huge, are inconsequential compared to the size of the 'system'. All the alarmists have is their crooked computer models, which have already been proven to be hopelessly wrong.

But 'the science is settled' and must not be debated, or further investigated. Why would that be!? Why, for the first time in history, should we not apply the scientific method to a problem of science?

Because Left ideology doesn't stand scrutiny.

The next time someone tells you something, think about it. Is it true? Because, if it has some benefit to the Left, it's probably a lie.

Tuesday, 3 September 2019


We know that the BBC is not a useful or reliable source of information on world events and hasn't been for a long time now. We have always known that Channel 4 is beyond a joke on every level, which leaves Sky. I find myself wondering, during the ridiculous and fraught times we are currently living through, whether someone at Sky News would actually die if they even attempted to address a political subject in an unbiased and objective way. Personally, I see no value in the personal view of lard bucket Boulton, who has never hidden his deep love of Left ideologies.

Similarly, the Political Editor seems completely unable to deliver a coherent sentence, when all she is reporting on is a wholly positive piece of information about the Tory government, or its leadership.

So, let us look at what is happening; the government of the day voted to have a simple in/out referendum on our continued membership of the EU. The MP's voted to honour the result. MP's voted to trigger Article 50 and MP's voted that if we could not get a decent deal from the EU, we leave on the terms laid out under international WTO rules. Already having all the EU regulations in place in this country of course, there is absolutely nothing to fear in this route (unless the EU act viciously, which would be confirmation of just how right we are to be leaving).

MP's were elected (85% of them), on manifesto's that promised to deliver 'Brexit'. However, a childish group of MP's, doing their best Violet Elizabeth Bott impersonation, are attempting to overthrow the will of the people. They say any other move is un-democratic. Let's examine that. Parliament is a structure devised to contain a group of representatives of the people to enact laws that represent the desires and will of the people. Parliament handles the 'big stuff', projects and relationships at the national level.

If they annoy the people, they are removed at a General Election. The MP's however, think that the only democracy in this country is what they vote for in the Commons, the people are irrelevant. If they didn't think that, their current shenanigans wouldn't be possible. They would just do what the sensible British people want and act reasonably. Fat chance; our current MP's, or many of them, think that they are back in the old days of rich landowner MP's being the only people with a say.

Even then, many of those old MP's weren't as stunningly thick and grabbing as the current crop.

Parliament never had the legal authority to join the European Union, which is why Heath lied about it so comprehensively. But having handed control of this country to a foreign power, our MP's somehow refer to their local council as a sovereign parliament! The common sense of the British people, once they realised what the EU is about and how our politicians have been misleading us, ordered the government to get us out.

Why would anyone want to stay part of a declining economic area, that is corrupt to the core, a political answer to a question that passed into history decades ago and that has been holding back the otherwise dynamic British nation with its cramping regulations and protectionist tariffs? Well, vested interest is the answer. Money and advantage for many and naturally, as a bureaucrats paradise, all of the Civil Service is delighted by its inertia and corruption.

The actions of the Remainer MP's are disgusting, anti-democratic and damaging to the country. Countries around the world must be shocked that such stupidity exists in the country they always thought a paragon of sense and fair play. Plus, the despots around the world must be in hysterics seeing us become ever more like them.

Notice that Remainers have never made a case for staying in the EU, nor do they offer a solution to the impasse in the form of an acceptable deal (they constantly say they are against all kinds of things, but are not trying to stop Brexit. I wonder if anyone in the country believes them?)

Iceland pulled out of joining the EU (they, like everyone else thought that joining whilst their country was broke, would save them - it's why we joined) and went on to rapidly turn their economy around, by acting in self interest. Greece suffered a catastrophic decline in their economy and it has stayed that way, because it cannot act in self interest, because it is part of the EU. Staying in shows their politicians firmly believe that Greeks are incapable of running their own country.

Britain needs to ignore people like Grieve and Hammond who believe Britain is a hopeless, useless country unable to stand on its own two feet. Britain is not only a very capable country, but once free of the shackles of the EU corpse, would become ever more so.