Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Lies, Damned Lies And The EU

There seems to be a genuine groundswell of opinion that the UK could not survive outside the EU. This is only partly based on the endless stream of fantasy and lies issuing from the Prime Minister and cronies, but more from the ingrained 'feeling' for how things need to be, in the mind of the ordinary member of the public.

The Marxists will be pleased that the effort over decades to influence and basically destroy fundamental education in the UK has been such a success. The first thought is for big government, government that tells us what to do in any and every situation.

World government in fact, which would mean an end to war and everyone just getting along. Which is very much the sixth-form common room level of understanding that used to end when faced with reality (and responsibility). Now, it can continue even extending to infantile views being acceptable.

When you are at school you are taught, just given information (I'm referring to 'old school' when education, not left ideology was on the agenda). But, as someone once said to me, at university you learn how to learn. I'm sure we can all agree that the vast majority of graduates these days leave you in no doubt that this is no longer true.

What an excellent society, so easy to control. So far from a society where government just doing the jobs required of it and no more, leaves the individual alone to live life based on knowledge and experience gained and freely given.

Freely? Do I mean free university education? Yes, very probably, that would be a good use of government effort, as long as the free education was for academic subjects not for entertainment. If you want to 'study' Walt Disney films or Manchester United, then let institutions offer the courses at full market rates.

And so to the headline of this post. Lies. It is essential that lies are allowed in politics if we are to have an EU style government. Think tractor production statistics and you are on the right path.

It amuses me that people who otherwise 'like' the EU (and probably in their minds that means in a Facebook kinda way), get a little annoyed about immigration and the obvious inability of our government (in Westminster) to control our borders. But that is only the current issue. Under the EU, when the ultimate goal of a superstate with a single currency (two things Cameron says Britain will never join!) is achieved, we won't be controlling anything.

So, overrun with immigrants today, destroyed financially tomorrow? It absolutely beggars belief that anyone could vote for such a pointless, useless, wasteful irrelevance, but they do! The inability to use simple reasoning really is beyond a lot of people. Research something? Understand a subject? Find stuff out? Are you mad, they say.

I'll say it again, because it really is so true (and amongst a sea of lies); the only people who could vote for the EU are those financially connected to it or those who don't understand.

Monday, 23 May 2016

One Month To Go!

Well, what can one say? Thankfully a number of our politicians have been prepared to break ranks and tell the British people that the EU is a bad idea. They don't seem to be making a particularly good job of it, but at least they have principles.

Which it has to be said doesn't seem to be the case with David Cameron and his cronies. are we really such stupid little children that scare stories are their best option? We couldn't understand facts?

I suppose the indicators are there for him to reach such a conclusion. Several people you (and the media) talk to seem to cleave to the EU because, well because, er, it would be dangerous to leave, or summink.

As has been said, the only people who support the EU are those in its pay and those who don't understand it. Certainly anyone I ask, once they have said we should stay in, has no idea whatsoever how the EU works and if pushed assume it is pretty much like the British government.

They don't know it is run by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats. They don't know that in the EU, the law we have developed over a thousand years is stood on its head. Here, the people own the law, in the EU the law owns the people, the population exists to serve the state.

They don't know its police and bureaucrats are immune from prosecution. There can only be one reason to give your police this protection and it fits neatly with the totalitarian state that the EU is working towards.

But more importantly, Cameron. He says we will never join the Euro and we will never accept a superstate. Better leave now then Dave! Because the EU project is and always has been, to create a single country called Europe, with no nation states. A superstate.

And to achieve this, they must have everything under the control of the state, all tax, all decision making, all areas of policy and all control over the currency. A single currency, the Euro and a single elite.

Democracy has been a real hindrance to 'the project', it has held it up tremendously, by requiring circuitous lawmaking, to avoid the electorates realising what they are up to. This is why the EU has no democracy itself and will not tolerate it once it finally achieves its goal of unity.

Few people disagree that it is massively corrupt and fundamentally inept, but on it goes, its accounts never signed off year after year and financial crises dealt with ruthlessly (see: Greece).

The Italians, the Spanish, the French and the Germans have all dreamed of European empires and have at various times tried to bring them about militarily. This has never worked and a major reason why has always been Britain. Not seeking a European empire, we merely dealt with them and walked away.

So, the most recent plotters decided to try subterfuge. A political solution, involving financial domination (see:Greece and others) and tricking Britain into joining. This neutered us from providing an alternative vision for Europe, where proud, but very different countries agreed their agendas and talked things through.

But Germany and France wanted an empire (see: the Ukraine) and so ever-closer Union was the only game in town. And to be fair, we have been pretty slow to realise how duped we have been. For Heaven's sake they told us to give up our fishing waters and we did! How mad are we?

For the project this proved we were stupid enough to be allowed to join. And to be a major paymaster for them.

This is an age after all when we believe stupid things and stupid things that are stunningly obviously stupid. Let us consider the meeting of the Marxist Popular Front for the Liberation of the Working Class of all Nations, or more snappily the MPFLWCN. Or perhaps it is the Popular Front of Working Class Liberation, or possibly Workers Against Nations Knowingly Empowering Rich Scum.

Anyway, they sit down in a pub and check everyone has got their benefits before ordering drinks, there is nothing worse than a Marxist revolutionary sponging off the backs of his working class, though not actually working comrades.

Then they decide that, despite the very sound idea that the proletariat would rise up in violent revolution against their oppressive bosses and their lickspittle governments, it seems that advancing themselves by ambition has turned out a better bet.

When the poor get an education they realise a) how to improve their lot and b) what a bunch of idle, childish and petulant wankers Marxists are. And so fail to put their lives on the line so a bunch of ne'er do wells can step forward and run everything for us, because they are a) much more intelligent and b) hugely benevolent in thought and deed.

So no revolution then. The meeting now needed to move on to more drinks and some crisps. Hand made, Balsamic Vinegar and Kale. Salt and Vinegar and Cheese and Onion are vulgar, in vulgar packaging and suitable only for the proles.

So, what to do to overthrow Capitalism and renew the Utopia that was the Soviet Union. Well EU natch, but what else. Being the most effective mechanism for wealth creation and redistribution it is hard to imagine why people would vote against capitalism.

Global Warming! Of course. There had been some data to show temperatures rising globally, which might be a new epoch of warmer weather, just like in the Middle Ages. All the Marxists needed to do was seize that agenda and say that the warming was entirely due to Man and our use of fossil fuels.

As this underpins the whole of the world economy and therefore capitalism, getting the morons to spend every penny they have on fighting it will wreck their economies and cause riots and revolution and that is where the Marxists can step in.

Even in a company of drunken revolutionaries there is always a naysayer and he now says "but won't someone point out that it is nonsense, scientifically?" Naturally, the answer is to use the past endeavours of Marxist theory in subverting the educational establishment.

Academia can be relied on to toe the party line and those with real scientific credentials, independently minded can be dealt with using standard Marxist tactics. Bully them. Threaten them. Don't talk to them. Ridicule them publicly. Anything but engage them in debate, as that can only end in defeat; the Marxists are lying of course.

But the real beauty of it was that it was so fundamentally stupid, such a weak idea, so easily proven wrong that if it worked it would be fantastic on two levels; destroying capitalism from within and nobody bold enough to realise that the emperor has no clothes.

It was so clearly tosh that if it worked it would be the biggest laugh ever. So it really was a great idea to ensure we had an education system that spent 11 years or more in getting our kids to a level where they can barely read or write, let alone know how to research stuff.

Who, once they have mastered Facebook and Twitter and their mobile phone wants to spend time figuring real stuff out? That's what the government is for innit? To tell us everyfink.

And so, people who have little idea about anything, believe the stupidest things will vote to stay in the EU. Then even a notional Tory like Cameron starts to believe Marxism has its uses.