Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas Lectures?

It is something of a tradition to interpose overindulgence with a little intellectual challenge in the form of Christmas lectures, so I thought I would drop a pebble in. Brian Cox is the scientist de jour and I intend to use some of his words to ask a question.

Prof Cox is a clever and amiable man and I like him. In his 'Why does e=mc2?' book (with Jeff Forshaw), that I am currently reading he says that all science rests on observation. He points out that, no matter how passionately you believe something, if you cannot prove it by experiment, then it has no scientific value. In fact he quotes Richard Feynman on the subject; 'no matter how beautiful your theory, no matter how clever you are or what your name is, if it disagrees with experiment, it's wrong'.

Now, whilst Prof Cox is happy to unequivocally state such things in support of the material in his book, he forgets it when something with which he ideologically agrees comes along. Global warming for instance. Global Warming we have been assured is real and is caused by Man and is due to our output of Carbon (by which these clever scientific types mean Carbon Dioxide). This has been researched and having found that the temperature rose some 400 years before there was a rise in CO2, the scientists decided to wheel out Al Gore to lie for them, fronting a film with the word 'truth' in it, to dispel any thoughts that it might be contrary.

Then, when the never ending warming predicted by the ever increasing CO2 levels ceased in 1998, the scientists thought it too insignificant a detail to mention. As all their dire warnings and predictions are actually based on computer models that they themselves devised and nothing else (again, something they don't seem to make too clear), an experiment was conducted. Past weather and atmospheric conditions were fed into the models to see if they accurately predicted what we know actually happened.

They didn't. Which isn't that surprising when you consider the software was written to support a premise, not  to assess data in an unbiased way. Every objective observation tells us that the hysteria about AGW is just that, hysteria. It isn't scientific and it is far from settled. Yet for Professor Brian Cox and many like him, scientific tenets are sometimes not that important. Why?

Plod On Plod

In a previous blog, I noted that officers who were suspected of not investigating a 'pistol whipping' properly were being investigated themselves and so were on restricted duties. Now we hear of possible corruption involving the most senior of police officers and they are not suspended as, we are told, an investigation is merely a process to see if there has been any wrongdoing.

How strange that such differing standards apply and how normal that they believe such obvious lies and deceits are all we deserve.

Britain In 2011

As the year comes to a close Britain finds itself in an interesting situation. In an attempt to prove we can rise above the chaos all around comment is made of Britain's historic virtues, its national character and the 'been here before, survived' creed. Whilst this is all historically true, it is not so now. The British character has been eroded and dissolved, from within and without. What has happened? We must go back a little way.

Tony Blair is a strange man. He is not a megalomaniac though some of the signs were there. He stopped short of seizing power for absolute control, merely grabbing what he needed to ensure his tenure was as untrammelled as possible; he did not want power where responsibility would also come into play, he was in love with the wealth of power. Tony Blair did not have traffic lights changed as his escorted entourage traversed London, to speed his way. He was only interested in the effect it generated; that it proclaimed him a great man.

Blair claimed to have felt the hand of history on his shoulder, though it was actually his imagining that the thing he craved was happening. Blair wanted a legacy, something for which he would be remembered for all time, such as a great man should. He also went about his acquisition of wealth with an ambition and drive that only a venal man with a greedy wife behind can. Blair saw in the writings of his namesake, George Orwell, a manifesto for his own greatness. That he should find a Squealer who so exactly fitted the role, in every way, was magnificent.

Whilst this utter weakling and his chosen, even weaker placemen, formed a government, the march of the Left continued. All academe, much of the Judiciary and almost all the media was beholden to the ideology of the Left. No amount of evidence could convince them of anything contrary to their thoughts. This Left ideology despised Britain and its culture; it had to be destroyed. Key to this was the undermining of religious belief and the established norms of family life. (Look at the truly Orwellian statement of the Left liberal Nick Clegg recently, that no-one would want to go back to the Fifties. A time of honesty, hope, low criminality and social cohesion underpinned by the traditional family unit).

So we found ourselves as the close of the Twentieth Century approached, in the hands of a man who sought personal enrichment as his overweening principle and goal, at a time when the institutions were in need of strong leadership and control. Now was not the time to drift. But a sudden acceleration of agendas set by activist homosexuals and the continuing entrenchment of racism by the race industry, was promoted by elements of the Blair government such as Mandelson. The aim being not to offer succour to these people as much as to undermine those who would naturally question actions taken in support of such moves.

We were to forget the real past and imagine that 1997 was Year 1. Immigration was allowed to pass unchecked to destroy British jobs at the lower level, to break the cohesion of British society and to change the culture. It was loudly shouted that these newcomers must be allowed to keep their own 'culture' and ways here. To ask them to speak English was absurd we were told. If they want Sharia law what of it? If they live in enclaves and die under gangmasters and councils and shops print in their languages, then who should speak against it?

Greed became good, because otherwise there would be something wrong with Tony Blair. Each person should consider themselves above all others, should consider their own welfare first. This has manifested itself in many ways, from the 'don't criticise me' binge drinking to the riots of the summer, when the trainer seeking youth decided they could take what they wanted with impunity and rain wasn't forecast (always a riot killer, so intent on their cause are they).

Corporations, with banks in the lead started to do very strange things, not least allowing executives to be hired on packages that included bonuses whether they succeed or fail. Only a very corrupted society could let that pass. Senior officers in every course of government life became useless and detached, adhering to political correctness and Left ideology against sense and role. Hence senior fire officers consider a rescue successful if they get a person out of their predicament, even if dead through their inaction.

And so it is. Britain is a denuded, despised country, with self loathing causing much of the misery, assailed by external enemies smelling weakness and challenged by new economic realities that we will not rise to challenge, because we must shackle ourselves to a corrupt regime of totalitarian ideas, across the narrow sea. Britain can do it, can win against this sea of insanity, but as Britons, with allies of many nations, who all subscribe to a similar view of decency and courage, of selflessness and of community. People together, against those weighed down by heavy chains of guilt and ideology, some bad governments others malicious activists for harm. If Cameron were a Conservative, 2012 could be the year, as things stand perhaps it won't be.

Though politicians of every stripe should be aware that people will not stand idly by forever.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Wahay! QT

Well, a few minutes in a left wing historian called Tristram has proven that a) he doesn't understand the Euro crisis and b) that he will support the socialist dictatorship without question, to the end. He asserted that the British economy is tied to Europe (it isn't, we trade with lots of people) and that we will crash if the Euro does. Actually, if the Euro were deleted tomorrow, individual nation states would float their currencies and trade their way back to success. Trading with, er Britain.

Medhi Hasan is on there too and displaying once again, just how truly dim he is. This programme, on the rabidly left liberal BBC, is of no enlightenment but can be sport. It depends how many of the non left leaning audience are allowed to talk, those that managed to get in.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Eurosceptic Cameron

If a bloke in a red jacket, with a black hat and surrounded by a pack of dogs says he is against fox-hunting, he is probably pulling your leg. When David Cameron says he is a Eurosceptic, he also isn't being entirely straight. As a committed friend of the European Union, who is prepared to be a tad less than truthful about offering referenda to the population to support these friends, David Cameron is a Eurosceptic in the same way that the moon is made of green cheese.

His constant promises of repatriating powers from the EU has the ring of Blair about it; he repeatedly says it, hoping that at some point we will come to think that he has actually done it. He must have, surely, by now. Nope, no intention. Talking tough because he is weak.

Those involved in the EU meet and talk about the Euro crisis, focussed just on saving their idiotic monetary construct. Not at any point to do they actually consider the real situation and what has to be done. They are only, only interested in their own positions. Sickening. Germany keep complaining that Merkel is compared to Hitler. Not by me and not that I have seen. The comparison is with Hitler's Germany, with the Kaiser's Germany; a country that wanted to dominate Europe, just as it does today. Nein, nein says Merkel, the Germans don't want to take over Europe, it is just that everyone should do what Germany says.

This strange world where the whole of the Eurozone should become Greater Germany, but no 'conquest' is intended is like a murderer saying it was an accident that he stabbed someone 147 times. France of course thinks that there should be fiscal union but with national governments staying in charge, which is a stupid unworkable idea, but has the attraction of leaving France continuing to run things behind the scenes. Won't happen Shorty.

And Cameron sees this bunch of madmen and women as a club he should be part of. The Eurozone is a disaster, the EU is a failed socialist attempt at creating a Europe wide dictatorship and like socialism everywhere it has failed. But still these grasping, corrupt dorks won't give up. The reason Britain should stay in the EU doesn't exist. There isn't one. Hint; Blair wanted to join the Euro. Anything he wanted was bound to be wrong and designed to enrich him personally. Stuff your promised referendum where the sun don't shine David (and don't continue to insult our intelligence with your pathetic, 'it isn't a treaty') just get us out of the EU. Now.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

You Can't Say That

Jeremy Clarkson says that public sector strikers should be taken outside and shot and the humourless, the nanny state led morons and the dictators jump up and down in outrage. A woman representative of a teachers union says on QT, that he shouldn't be allowed to say it because in Columbia union people are taken out and shot. Her point being that she is a representative of those doing the shooting in Columbia. You mustn't oppose her view and you must keep quiet. Because she says so.

A Labour MP said that if Clarkson had a heart attack, he would be picked up by an ambulance crew and treated by paramedics he wants shot. Except Labour idiot, he doesn't. Not just because it was a joke, you twerp, but because he was complaining about strikers, not people who were working, which is what they would have to be doing to pick him up.

In fact I am heartily sick of public sector unions (not necessarily the people who pay for them) who keep claiming they represent low paid people, who work hard caring for the sick and elderly etc. So who is it that are killing our old people in NHS hospitals, who cannot educate our kids? No this strike was about challenging a non Socialist government whilst pretending it is about pensions. And then about pensions the public sector workers have not paid for and are way above equivalent private sector workers' pensions.

If Cameron wasn't showing himself as a weak left wing politician, these destructive forces would be less keen to take on the government. Public borrowing is still going up, but the Conservatives are trying to get it back under control and allow the productive sector to grow us out of the mess we are in. The unions want a high tax society where people like them get to control what your money is spent on (and that they have access to it too). Look at the salaries these union bosses award themselves, then ask who you want spending your money; you or them?