Friday, 26 November 2010

Come Together

Where to start? So many things are happening at once. Let's start with the weather. Cold again with snow falling further North and predicted here soon. Then the EU and its self inflicted wounds. Here we have the crisis that they were waiting for and it isn't going according to plan as you see the EU has always used beneficial crises to grab more power. And this one is out of control. Instead of it making people beg the Eurocrats to unite Europe to save it (that is how their little fetishistic dreams go) the people are clamouring for less. Indeed the Daily Express is campaigning for us to leave. What a simply wonderful idea and so surprising that it needs a time of extreme events to make the most appropriate and apparent of decisions come to mind. Good. To quote the old fire safety slogan in another context, get out, stay out and get the Brigade out. Only in this case it means the Brigade of Guards not the fire brigade.

In another sphere the pathetic, Britain hating socialists seem on the wane with their useful idiots rioting on the streets and the politicians at each others throats because their cosy nest has been tipped up. They have undermined and ruined our education system, our healthcare, our police and Armed Services, with mindless rubbish that leaves them incapable and talking bollards.

Then of course the Climate lobby is falling apart as more and more people start to think about the subject, research it and realise, 'what a crock'. As the warmists have always said, it is just about money but despite their protests it is the lying climate change mob, led by the likes of the WWF and Al Gore who have seen financial gain in spinning this scam.

Also, there is a growing groundswell against the continued application of political correctness in our bureaucracies. There are more interventions in everyday life than ever before, more forms to fill in, more tax and tax investigation (well, of the little people. HMRC employ a boss specifically to ensure big boys don't have to pay. Except for little 'holidays' and such). The police can't deal with crime so enforce ridiculous petty defaults like speeding. That is not actually speeding and causing a danger, but speeding as in exceeding some arbitrary limit set for no particular reason. People are fed up with being let down by our 'services' and being patronised with self-serving, self-congratulatory letters, not answering our complaints but excusing their own behaviour. In short people have become fed up with the 'Me' generation of Tony Blair. This culture is the one where people don't help each other, where getting 'trashed' on a night out and assaulting others is 'acceptable', where we come to the point where everyone owes us respect but we don't have to give it to others. Clearly such an empty culture (as was all of New Labour) could never work and would inevitably self destruct.

As would, obviously, that lazy, corrupt and inept construct, the EU.

All we need now is some decent leadership and the other inevitability can be avoided. That is the one where, if the politicians carry on regardless, believing it to be their right, the decent people will rise up and remove their power.

Friday, 19 November 2010

'tis the season of Official Stupidity

For me Christmas doesn't start until the first of December, so all the decorations in shops and Christmas tunes annoy me and I try to ignore them, until then. However, here I am responding to this year's first signs of Official Stupidity. Naturally it is the usual inability of the people who foist the ridiculous idea of multiculturalism on us, to understand it. Yes our British councils here in officially Christian Britain can't seem to get a grip on Christmas.

Good grief, how easy does it have to be. I know that for some time now it has been the vogue to have not just Left leaning people, but idiots of any and every political persuasion in government local and national. So I suppose we really shouldn't be surprised that the simplest of things pass them by. So, for all those in authority making decisions with too much thinking and too little comprehension here is a simple way to understand Christmas; the UK is a Christian country and Christmas is an important and traditional festival for us. It is entirely acceptable for our nation to hold its Christian celebrations openly and with good heart. I would happily send Seasons Greetings to a Muslim or a Jew and expect them to realise a) that it reflects the beliefs and traditions of a Christian in a Christian country and b) that the message is one of joy and happiness. It is not a death threat. Our Christmas card lists are not for people we hate. So, NO ONE WILL TAKE OFFENCE!! In fact this thinking about something and coming to a conclusion without actually knowing the subject in any depth, doing no real research is almost de rigueur these days. From oil slicks to Global Warming people take a view and are immovable from that view, even though they have taken no time to understand what they have heard from an expert (often actually an activist). So councillors up and down the land line up to say that Muslims (etc) will be offended by our displays at Christmas, without actually asking them.

It strikes me that it is entirely possible to believe (unless you are a racist, as most Left-liberals are, otherwise why keep highlighting 'difference'?) that Muslims (etc) are perfectly able to understand that by living in a country with an established, enshrined national faith, they might see displays of that faith. They might you see, understand and not take offence. It has long been common for British people to delight, on going abroad, in the faiths and customs they find in other countries, without demanding, on arrival that all such things are covered up, least we be offended. It is true however, that when vegetarianism became a fashion, a clamour went up to ban meat eating. The old, what I do is right and anyone different is wrong and what I disagree with should be banned. The position of the Left in a nutshell. The problem is though, that nowadays it doesn't seem to be seen in this context. Now you see people who would otherwise understand the real world and not dream of desiring the destruction of their own culture by supporting the Left, spouting such nonsense.

I wonder that these incapable people who seek office have not yet alighted on the fact that it is cold in winter here. Surely Muslims (etc) from possibly much warmer climes should receive some apology, maybe we should be warming the climate for them. Also, it must be unfair that whilst people who already live in the UK can visit their families at little cost, should we not be paying air fares to Pakistan for people who have voluntarily sought to better their lives by coming here? We should remember that this desire to cause division and highlight difference is a creed of the Left and it is the most base racism in this country. Sure some white people do not like 'people of colour' until they 'get to know them', and then discover 'they are alright really', but that is mainly a fear of the unknown and a different skin colour easily marks someone out. The racism of the Left is ideological and very much more dangerous.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Institutionalised Stupidity

The BBC News is reporting that a group of vigilantes are being encouraged in Wiltshire. These people have been assisted by the local authorities in spreading oppression by enlisting people to do the persecuting for them. Given speed guns the vigilantes note the numbers of 'speeders' and a letter is sent to them, warning them of their behaviour. The morons in the scheme haven't any idea why they are doing what they are doing, as they just chant the 'speeding' mantra that has been drummed into our heads, a mantra gleefully picked up by that organisation not known for its ability to analyse events, the BBC. Wiltshire of course knows that already there are less actual problems since speed cameras were deleted but strangely introduce idiotic replacements. The biggest irony though is that, whilst the law is owned by the people in England (well, in theory) the areas where we need to seize control and return our country's pride we are endlessly denied and ignored. Yet we are allowed to join in when we unthinkingly support the oppressive demands of the authorities.

Police Bonuses

I see some £2.2 million has been handed to Senior Police Officers in bonuses, though quite what for I suppose no-one could guess. Maybe it was for turning up. As if to highlight how ludicrous this 'system' is, the top recipient was the bumbling Acting Chief Constable Sim of Northumbria. Perhaps it was for appearing in the media and blogs most often. It certainly cannot be related to crime prevention, surely. I suspect she had the tidiest paperwork. I see the other notorious bumbler, Richard Brunstrom (I know what my job is, it's to tell you what to do) got a bonus that perhaps should be his salary. Maybe he will be able to put his cap on straight one day (or even realise it is important). Why do we have useless police? Because they are led by these self aggrandising, political puppets.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Another shooting, Another story

Fresh from an Independent Police Complaints Commission report, the tale of the shooting of Bartholomew Buckley by West Yorkshire Police. This time the police have been wound up by the hysterics of the woman calling them fearing for her life and the assailant having a record of threatening police with bladed weapons, apparently. Naturally and quite correctly an Armed Response is decided on and three ARV's and a dog van are sent.

On arrival the woman is seen screaming for help and banging on an upstairs window, so still seems to be serious an a forced entry is made. Now for me, the officers would and should be careful, assertive and high on adrenaline but here, once again the added ingredient is some strange firearms attitude of expecting and meeting aggression with force. When Buckley appears at the top of the stairs he removes his T shirt and shouts at the police to kill him (both civilians in this had been drinking, in fact a bottle of vodka between them). He was unarmed. A taser was fired at him to calm him down but it missed. Buckley then disappeared into a bedroom and three officers mounted the stairs. On reaching the top Buckley threw a drinks bottle at the first officer and another, trying to avoid the missile fell down the stairs. The first officer fired his Taser and again missed and at this point Buckley charged at the officer. The third policeman there apparently feared he was attempting to get the officers pistol (which was holstered and not easy to withdraw if you don't know how) and fired a round from his H&K G36 a rifle (technically a sub-carbine) with a muzzle velocity of 3018ft per sec. He then fired four more rounds. He hit Buckley once, in the arm.

At the gunshot the officer being charged threw himself down the stairs and Buckley fell after him. As they clattered to the bottom and Buckley stood up a further officer, fearing a colleague had been shot (?) fired a baton round hitting Buckley and knocking him down. The report says at this point that the officers 'realised Buckley had a serious gunshot wound and First Aid was immediately administered.' What strikes me is that they then realised a bunch of police officers can actually overpower one man.

I'm sorry if I am banging on about this, but I think that when police officers take high velocity weapons inside houses there is something going on between their ears that is way too martial and self-impressed. Clearly a Taser would have dealt with the man even if he had the samurai sword they thought they may be facing. If in grave danger a drawn Glock pistol would have been more easily brought to bear and plenty lethal enough. Luckily they were not in a modern house, else the rounds loosed off with what appears a little abandon from the G36, may have been killing the neighbours too.

To be fair, the IPCC report does point this out and says that there was a lack of planing and also that the use of the Taser may have inflamed the situation. Certainly does when you repeatedly miss. But it doesn't seem strong enough in questioning the attitudes that lead to these decisions, comforting itself that the officers were correct in most of their actions. Though interestingly, they do go into detail about how difficult it is to remove a Glock pistol from its holster if you haven't been trained to do it.Apparently, an unknowing firearms officer took six minutes. Yet the IPCC think that a policeman opening fire because he fears his colleagues' pistol may be seized, is appropriate. Reading their report it seems plain that this isn't acceptable. It is dangerous and moronic to believe otherwise.

With policeman falling down stairs and trained firearms officers firing 8 times at close quarters, managing to hit the target twice, it would seem comedic but for the fact that these people are loosing off lethal lumps of lead.

Stay safe. Evening all.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Misunderstanding politics

When I was growing up, the general understanding appeared to be (certainly as I picked it up) that politicians ran the country. It was their job. They had to organise the big stuff and handle relations with other countries. I don't doubt that games were played, but not really out in the open. Today of course, politics is about politicians and running the country takes such a poor second place that (as we saw spectacularly under Blair) they make an absolute hash of it and not least that they are delighted to have someone else do it for them (the EU).

Even journals that believe themselves serious talk about politics solely in relation to personalities, personal point scoring and 'how things look'. It is all so much gloss that it seems they have all taken their lead from Hello!. Of course the popular opinion is that people are disengaged from politics because the politicians don't make it 'relevant'. Well, Labour increased taxes massively to pay for their bloated bureaucratic state, which I think is relevant to most people. No, the bit people don't care for is how politicians go about their business, which naturally is all politicians can think about. Also, whilst the last Conservative administration got us back to prosperity (and Brown kept the dream alive by incessant borrowing) people, as is the tradition, ignored politics as everything seemed to be working OK.

Now, once a lack of care from government has resulted in banks stuffing up and needing giant dollops of cash from their friends in Westminster, the attention of the people has refocused. But on what? Blair only ever wanted power and money, he didn't give a stuff for the business of government and nor did any of his cronies. They all lived in a bubble in which real jobs and real people didn't figure. The Conservatives, accepting Blair's view of them as nasty, decided they needed to change in order to be 'electable', by which they mean, be able to kid the people to vote for them. It is amazing that, after the most disastrous government in living memory, the new Conservatives couldn't even gain a majority of the vote (accepting the numerous corruptions introduced by Labour creating a client class etc). And why not? Because Cameron looked and sounded like Blair, and Clegg looked and sounded like both of them. What choice did we have, but to try to pick the least stupid.

Why, if there is a groundswell against this cosy Westminster bubble politics, didn't some other party come to prominence? For the simple reason that politics is now pretty well stitched up by the gang we have and that is also why they are melding into a single ideology. If I decide I want to be an MP and stand as a Conservative, basically the Party has to approve of me. And generally that means I support what they support and will do what I am told. Clearly this undermines democracy, but it is great for Party machines and that is the point. Your MP doesn't trot off to Parliament to represent you. He/she is a number, an element of a voting bloc. It has led to the near impossibility of a debate in that great debating house at Westminster, as all MP's must support their Party and the Opposition must disagree with the ruling Party as a matter of principle (and the good of the country can go hang).

There is a chance that this system would fall apart under its own inertia, except for the fact that most of the governing of Britain falls to the EU, an institution most of our politicians don't even pretend to understand. It has become vogue to talk of an 'heir to Blair' as if this terrible human being had started something. In fact Blair, as a corrupting influence, as a liar was preceded by Heath, who can really be seen as his mentor. This egotistical and useless Prime Minister signed away the sovereignty of this nation, an act of immense hubris bearing in mind he did not have the power to do this. Parliament runs the country for and at the express behest of the people. This temporary power is one way; we control them. But in modern times it has come to seem to politicians that they own the country and the people are there merely to support it. This of course is the Continental pattern, the Code Napoleon where everything is illegal unless the State deems it legal. Here of course, we used to have the very free system, one that works for the people, where everything is legal unless, by general consent it is made illegal.

So it is clear, not only must the power of the Party system in the UK be broken up but that we need to get away from the dangerous and enslaving regime of the EU. The structures, both, are not undemocratic they are anti-democratic. They cannot survive where the people have a say, evidenced by the need to keep repeating referendums until the people get the answer 'right'. The time for navel gazing is over.