Monday, 12 December 2016

A Little Lost On Remain

People have differing opinions, some like Handel, some like Mozart. Are you a Beatles kind of person or more Rolling Stones?

But some things seem a little more likely to bring general agreement, like, murder. I would guess that most people would see murder as pretty much a bad thing in any society and you can understand why.

So what I don't get is why the EU and the ideology of supporting the EU is so strong. I say 'the ideology of supporting the EU' simply because there is no other case for it than blind belief, hence my confusion by their stance.

The EU is a sclerotic bureaucracy and could never have been anything else. The Euro was almost designed to fail. Quite removed from keeping the continent from conflict, the belligerence of the nations keen on war, France and Germany, is still never far away. They have threatened each other over hegemony within the supranational structure they are building.

It has been necessary to lie consistently about the objectives of 'the project', because it was recognised from the outset that, by only serving the elites it would never be popular. This of course is why they are not keen on democracy and have suggested in the past not asking their populations opinions. On anything, including who should run their lives.

Constructed on classic Marxist lines, the EU wishes to introduce a perpetual, unaccountable bureaucracy that has absolute power and rules over a command economy. Going back to the aggressive tendencies mentioned earlier, they presaged the instability in the Ukraine of course. Thankfully, they have no military to enact their expansionist schemes. Yet.

And if you thought that the Germanic taste for efficiency would rein in the penchant of the French for grandiose schemes of immense stupidity, you didn't factor in that the German responsible would be wedded to her roots on Eastern Germany. A Soviet Union of Europe? Bring it on!

So, which part of this makes the safe-space luvvies wail and cry bitter tears into their kale and quinoa at the prospect of leaving this club? Because, despite decades of serious intent by the Left on destroying education in this country, the pro-EU mob can't all be air-heads, surely.


Shocked to hear at the weekend of the passing of AA Gill, a fabulous writer and a constant companion on a Sunday with the style and wit to delight, in his Sunday Times 'Table Talk' articles. No one can replace him and our lives are that little worse that he is no longer with us.

Monday, 5 December 2016

"You Can't Do That"

In the strange world we allowed to evolve around us (now seeing the first signs of correction), there are so many things you 'cannot' say or do. These are exclusively things that would offend a Leftie. And woe betide anyone who says anything that a Leftie disagrees with! That is straightforward abuse, bullying. Possibly even criminal.

Safe spaces in universities so poor, barely educated little darlings can stay protected from the real world and certainly from non-Leftie views (surely the whole point of universities these days, the promulgation of Leftie-ness?)

And particularly the inability to think for oneself. This leads to massive problems, like the absence of credibility within the Man Made Global Warming scare not being blatantly obvious, the constant wail for government to 'do something' about everything that causes the least concern and nobody having a realistic view of the harm multiculturalism does to everyone.

But then, the Lefties have worked long and hard to disrupt and destroy our society and the ties that bind. Out of disorder of course, the cleverer than us Leftie elite can step in and save us. In a sort of Castro/Stalin kind of way. You know, I'm alright Jack.

So, today, can the Judges of the (ludicrous) Supreme Court stop themselves from ignoring real legal issues and instead try to involve themselves in politics, as their colleagues did recently? Can they understand the concept of democracy or will they stick to edicts from a benign elite (them)?

When Dons need counselling for stress and anxiety caused by Brexit, you feel you shouldn't get your hopes up that Common Sense is anywhere near.