Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Harman And The Paedophile Information Exchange

First of all, I was amazed to stumble across the Harman/NCCL story on Newsnight last night (a usually unwatchable programme). I was amazed because it was a negative story about a Left wing person and fairly extreme Left at that, who are normally a protected species as far as the BBC (and Guardian/Observer) are concerned.

Cynicism held its ground though as the interviewer, Laura Kuenssberg started with a leading question blaming The Mail for making her have to speak out, to defend herself. Harman readily agreed and I expected this to continue, but as Harman was plainly not going to give a straight answer to even fairly innocuous questions, Laura appeared to get a bit annoyed. She started insisting on getting an answer, or failing that, to keep asking.

Exasperated at such unexpected quizzing from the normally reliable BBC, Harman launched a remarkable, unsupportable tirade against The Mail, suggesting, but not directly saying, that it prints pictures of 'very young girls in bikinis', meaning under-age. Meaning, but not saying.

The performance of the money grubbing politician (her and her husband both suck on the State) was incredible. The NCCL didn't vet 'affiliates' they just took the money, so it wasn't a 'real' relationship. She knew nothing about the PIE, spoke out against them at the time and they had been got rid of by the time she joined. Laura said they were affiliated from 1976 to 1983. Harman did a 'and your point is?' reply.

At the outburst about Mail pictures, Laura tried to get her to confirm she was all but accusing The Mail of publishing paedophile pictures, but all she got was a smug smile from Harman of the 'its self evident, surely' variety. The lawyer in her carefully not saying what she is clearly inferring. Like trying to ignore the letter she wrote for the NCCL objecting to the possession of pornographic pictures of children becoming a crime.

Just as outrageous though, was when normal service was resumed next day on the BBC Breakfast programme. Here the 'news' article about the interview, concentrated on the 'fact' that The Mail publishes pictures that are, well, you know. And that Harman had been smeared by the paper. The report even said that the NCCL was 'once' associated with the Paedophile Information Exchange. 'Once' here meaning from 1976 to 1983.

As ever, Left wing politics trumps all, including the welfare of children. Nothing is more important than ideology.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Politics And The Floods

Last night on Question Time, Professor Sir Robert Winston said that the floods are not a political matter and was admonishing the point scoring politicians present. He then went on later to give 'six points' to deal with the issue. All of them were political as all of them were injunctions to fight Global Warming.

He mentioned rising sea levels, which is just untrue, he talked of cutting back our water use (not sure why when the subject is floods) which is highly political. We have a water shortage in the UK only because the EU forbids the building of enough reservoirs to meet demand. Apparently, it is the only way to force us to reduce our usage, which we need to do due to the droughts which Global Warming is causing. Like the one we are experiencing now, for instance.

No, Winston didn't mean take politics out of it, he meant cut out debate. The loony Left are correct and he wants us to dismantle Western civilisation and capitalist society because he doesn't agree with it, but has done very nicely out of it, thank you. Actually, forget the thank you, he no doubt has a strong sense of entitlement about his own position. He is after all clearly a holder of Marxist values and that always includes an elite.

We must I suppose be thankful that he was a surgeon and not bending his mind to how to destroy this country, full time.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Conversations: Outdone

I thought these Conversations of mine would be a humourous way to present current affairs. And then Chris Smith goes and outdoes me with his own, hilarious conversation with a journalist! Mind you I was trying to be satirical, this idiot is being 'serious'. Question is, is Cameron allowing this man to stay in post because he's weak or stupid? There isn't a good answer Prime Minister.

Politics And Crisis Management

I am very confused. In the past a Conservative Prime Minister would have been outraged at the scope and duration of the suffering of those flooded. But we have had a generally quiet PM, now visiting the flooded areas. He isn't mad at a government agency that hasn't performed well, he isn't taking any action against the imbecile that runs the Environment Agency. He isn't demanding to know, well, anything. He's just, you know, concerned.

But concerned in what way? People are being seen on the TV saying they are doing what they can but are amateurs, exhausted etc. What they are actually saying is that they need direction, specific help and some idea that we can and are getting on top of it. The government reply that they hope it will stop raining soon. This from the people who tell us that if we pay enough taxes we can change the whole world's climate!

Oh and of course, Cameron is 'pretty sure' the imaginary friend, Global Warming is to blame. The deliberate flooding policy of the EA, seen now taking its effect, was of course a directive from the EU. And so proud are they of this and all their policies that it has to be kept out of conversation and debate. So, a scam to support the dreams of anti-capitalists and a ruling from unelected technocrats are wrecking lives in Britain and it must not be discussed openly. Proud of the country you live in?

Thursday, 6 February 2014


I don't understand. Surely, all that needs to happen to get rid of the flood waters in Somerset is to send George Monbiot, or some other such green zealot? With their religious fervour over Climate Change and the belief that Man can control the climate, surely he can turn back the waves? Ask the water to leave? I suspect he would tell us that he could, but first we would have to shut down most of Western capitalist society, tax ourselves to death. That sort of thing.

Conversations: An Environment Agency Bigwig and a Journalist

J: 'What do you say to accusations of incompetence over the recent flooding, particularly in the Somerset Levels?'
EA: 'The people working for the Environment Agency have been doing an excellent job in trying circumstances. We can't be everywhere and do everything, there are so few now after recent savage cuts'
J: 'There are 11,000 of you'
EA: 'Exactly, how can we cope with so few?'
J: 'Other countries have only a small percentage of the staff you have'
EA: 'Our role is very complicated'
J: 'In what way particularly?'
EA: 'Well take your questions for instance. You and others go on about floods, and sea defences and dredging'.
J: 'Only because they are relevant'
EA: 'Yes but what about wildlife? Do you want all the birds to die? As an agency committed to undoing the harm Man does we have to return land to the sea, to manage bird migration routes, to ensure we do everything possible to combat Global Warming.'
J: 'It hasn't got warmer for 16 years'
EA: 'Climate Change then, same thing'
J: 'Who asked you to return the Somerset Levels to the sea? To prioritise wildlife reserves?'
EA: 'We sometimes need to take the initiative'
J: 'On Climate Change?'
EA: 'Of course'
J: 'And stuff the people who get flooded, who you never told you had changed the rules. Never mentioned that the proven policy of dredging rivers was actually a mistake'
EA: 'No one could have predicted this'
J: 'What? Rain?'
EA: 'This much and it's windy'
J: 'We coped better in the past, when your 11,000 strong army didn't exist'
EA: 'In your opinion'
J: 'No the facts speak for themselves. You chose not to dredge, awful flooding followed'
EA: 'Look this is a nice part of the country, people like to come here to enjoy the scenery. A natural scenery, where the Levels flood'
J: 'Visitors from towns and cities?'
EA: 'Yes proper folk with a solid understanding of the important things, Climate Change, government cuts, the environment as an abstract thought. Anyway, are we done, its a long drive back to London'
J: 'You live in London, with proper flood defences and everything?'
EA: 'Yep. You have to let nature find Her way, but still protect important centres of population, and their property. None of the people who were flooded here believe in Climate Change, so its their own fault really'

Conversations: The Unbelievable Believed

Two friends (probably Andrew Normal-Person and a Mr. Ot, who likes to be called by his surname as his first name embarrasses him, being the same as ex-President Amin of Uganda).

A: 'I have just been on that lecture course I told you about. You know, Climate Change and how our polluting the world with carbon is causing runaway Global Warming - which reminds me, you got your heating on, I have. Always bloody cold me, dunno what my bill will be, why does gas and electricity cost so much?- Anyway. It was brilliant and sooo obvious when you are told how to look for the facts'.
B: 'Hasn't there been no warming for something like 16 years?'
A: 'Yeah, the computers predicted that. You get little pauses every now and again. Really caught the Deniers out; they hadn't predicted it at all - and they can't explain it'.
B: 'Hasn't it always fluctuated, the weather? You know sometimes warmer sometimes colder. Didn't we used to grow grapes here during Roman times, must have been warm then?'
A: 'No, apparently it's warmer now than it has ever been'
B: 'And you believe that, because of the lectures?'
A: 'Oh yes, they were excellent. The guy giving them had a PhD in Social Science, so you know he's clever and a Scientist. Plus, he cares, unlike those Deniers, because he works for Greenpeace'.
B: 'Right. Anyway, moving on. I have to go to New York next week, you should come along, we could have a great laugh'.
A: 'No, I couldn't go to America. They might be invaded by Martians again'.
B: 'Right. OK. I'll get you a Yankees cap'
A: 'That would be cool'.

Conversations: Global Warming/Climate Change Debate

This conversation is between two friends, normal people unconnected to anything 'climate' related.

A: 'Oh yeah, I got a book by that bloke you were on about'
B: 'Eh?'
A: 'You know, the one you said was brilliant, explained all the climate change stuff. Never really understood it myself'
B: 'Oh yes, I know. So you liked it then? He really knows his stuff doesn't it? Makes it clear what is going on. Before I heard about him I didn't really have any idea about it all either, but now I have no idea how anyone can deny it.
A: 'What I liked was that he explains it all, goes through the science and how he observed it out his window, really happening'
B: 'Thing is mate, Sir Crispin Tickell is a clever bloke, he was a close advisor to Margaret Thatcher, got her behind it all'
A: 'I remember you saying. All sounded interesting so I went into the bookshop and asked for the climate book by Crispin Tickell and they came up with this one Climactic Change and World Affairs. 
B: 'Now you know what danger the world is in from Global Warming and how he is right on it.
A: 'Er, Global Warming?'
B: 'Dur, yeah, Global Warming, it's what he bangs on about all the time
A: 'Does he?'
B: 'Of course he does. What book have you been reading?'
A: 'Well, it is from the early Seventies but he is banging on about Global Cooling, really makes a strong case, world wide temperature readings, decades of dropping temperatures. Clearly makes the case there is an ice age coming.
B: 'Crispin Tickell?'
A: 'Yep'
B: 'Says the world is cooling?
A: 'Certain of it.'
B: 'Well he obviously likes to believe in world wide catastrophes, because he is now convinced that the planet is warming'
A: 'Really? That makes it a trifle difficult to believe what he says doesn't it. Maybe I should look into it a bit more, read something else?'
B: 'My mate who mentioned him to me, massive on all this environment stuff, says you shouldn't look into it yourself, because you might end up reading a deniers book by accident. Apparently there are loads of them, because publishers get big payments from oil companies to publish them, he says. He said he has a list of approved books and they are the only ones anyone should read.'
A: 'Oh, OK'

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Useless Idiots

On BBC Breakfast this morning (I was waiting for Saturday Kitchen) was someone who apparently gets paid by the Guardian. The Guardian is the Left wing paper that is losing large sums of money and is owned by offshore trusts, so it pays no tax in the UK. Polly Toynbee also writes for them and claims to dislike tax avoidance intensely, but has never criticised her employer.

Anyway, this dupe held up a paper saying that Anne McIntosh, a Conservative MP who has been deselected by her local party, was the subject of a dirty tricks clique. Ignoring the truth and the headline in front of him our Leftie said, 'this is the fifth woman Conservative who has decided not to stand as a Conservative again'. Which of course is a complete fabrication. on his part. If you have a tendency to lean to the Left, do please ask why it is that the Left seem to have a need to lie over ever single thing. Do they not have any cogent, intelligent points to make?

Green Crap

So the money grabber, in receipt of a large income from Green firms, Tim Yeo leading as he does the Energy committee in the Commons (so useful for channelling funds to your projects!) has some bright ideas about 'sceptics'.

He thinks asking loaded questions is a proper inquiry. He thinks being a politically motivated activist, involved with anti-capitalist agendas, is no reason why they shouldn't also be a Chapter editor for the IPCC report. You know, the thing governments hang on, the thing that claims to be the best advice on 'Climate Change'.

Turns out, most of it is written by people to whom science itself is a stranger and who have a desired objective for the document that influences governments and it has nothing to do with weather, climate or the welfare of mankind. If I wrote a report that I had discovered life on Mars it would be no less incredible nor any less true than these infantile imbeciles come up with. All I would have to do is adopt the same tactics as the anti-capitalists (sorry, environmentalists).

I do not have to prove it scientifically. There should be no debate about my assertions. The science is settled. Everyone agrees with me and anyone who doesn't is a denier. When the nut-jobs come out of the woodwork to agree with me, I will claim they are eminent scientists and part of the consensus. Pointing out that being only a political activist, with a clear and biased agenda doesn't affect their ability to write a report about their chosen subject.

The people you see chanting outside power plants that keep them safe in their daily lives (too complex for them to grasp) fall into three categories. The political agitators mentioned above, idealistic schoolchildren (most at university) and people- mainly women -from leafy suburbia. If they appeared on mastermind their specialist topic would be social policy, or claiming benefits or where to get the best anti antimacassars. Climate science is not something they have ever really bothered with, just that it seems we shouldn't be destroying our planet, without knowing that well, actually, we aren't.

Please, please, please, deselect Yeo and tell him to never interfere with policy for personal gain again.