Monday, 30 April 2018

The Home Office

So Amber Rudd has gone; what a surprise. She wanted to ignore the will of the people (except when they voted for her to become an MP, apparently that was OK), and have her own way over Brexit. Theresa May isn't to be seen as exactly committed to the cause though she is blundering on in her own way at least, but Rudd couldn't stay out of it and was doubtless angling for the top spot.

Slim chance! Why you would make someone so obviously out for themselves the head of such a dysfunctional department as the Home Office, I have no idea? That she has turned out not to be on top of her brief is no surprise at all and her inability to lessen the damage doesn't make her much of a politician either.

The Windrush thing is a steaming pile; basically we still haven't heard of tangible deportation damage done, but because Labour keep chanting nonsense, the BBC and MSM cronies keep talking it up. What we have basically got is a crap policy package dreamed up by Labour and carried on by the Left leaning dimwits who run the Conservative party currently.

This flawed policy is then given to a bunch of civil servants who endlessly prove that there is no task that they are up to and implement policy as they see fit. Which is usually to do the dopiest thing imaginable. And so they did.

Whether undermining Brexit or having car crash after car crash at the Home Office, our civil servants are a constant source of embarrassment. And how has it got to this? Because politicians now are not interested in doing their job (which they were elected and paid to do), but rather preening and strutting. No wonder they are terrified of Brexit; imagine having to be a real politician, make real decisions every day. Do stuff of consequence!