Wednesday, 31 January 2018


I see the current fascist leader of the police traffic section thinks that the rate of illegal fining of motorists is not high enough and wants fines imposed as soon as possible, from 1mph of a 'limit'. I wonder if he wears his uniform at home and admires himself in the mirror, wondering how a gun would look with it.

Or if he dreams of strutting out to order his neighbours to do his bidding? He must do really, it fits his undoubted profile. The police like to say 'it's 30 for a reason' and I would ask this Grade A imbecile what exactly that reason is. Oh, he will launch into platitudes about knocking people down at 30 or 40 and maybe reel off facts and figures he had made up specially, but in the end he won't know.

He can't, because a speed was picked arbitrarily, for no other reason than it sounded about right. Now I dislike dangerous speeding as much as the next person, but drifting over a limit is neither here nor there. I will slow down and watch carefully if I see a group of kids playing near the roadside (the police feel such behaviour is beyond drivers), though I could of course maintain 30mph.

I started by saying he wants more revenue and that can be the sole motivator (well, that and the sense of control engendered by cowing the entire population with draconian regulations), as safety is entirely absent. It is well known, even within the state bureaucracy that Safety Cameras actually cause accidents, that such fine control of driving manners, leads to too much observing of speed and less of the road ahead.

In fact, pretty much everything we are told about speed is a pack of lies. Speed Awareness courses are just Marxist re-education programmes to cow a population into a mindset of state control. Pathetic.

The variable speed, smart motorways (that seem designed to kill people) create congestion when they reduce a limit and the congestion clears when the limit is removed. The limit alteration is to cause problems and bring you to realise, who is in control. The freedom enjoyed by the motorist must be curtailed!

Unashamed Children

The silly little girl who led her entourage of similarly immature twerps in protesting about Winston Churchill in a café, leaves you gasping really. Where to start? When I was their age I kinda knew that I was inexperienced at pretty much everything and kept quiet. Now however, students as they like to call themselves have no sense of shame about anything, a huge amount of self-importance and stunted ill-informed political views.

The Left of course, never progress beyond playground politics by definition. Marxist ideology is all immature. Then there is the target, a café. Really? The overthrow of capitalist economic theory starts here comrades. That alone marks her out as a complete fool.

Or the supposed target Churchill, who whilst pursuing his hobby of leading the nation against Nazi aggression, was more committed to oppressing blacks. Are we fortunate that she, uniquely has discovered this?

Of course, it is more likely, as a Marxist that she is more concerned to make the enemy of totalitarianism her enemy. Because the Left is where evil dwells (her, Corbyn, Hitler, Stalin) which means the Right is where people who don't wish to oppress others sit.

The big problem creeping up on us is of course, the likes of Momentum. This organisation and countless others in a similar vein are becoming bolder, more public. They are the proto Brownshirts and they need to be confronted and dealt with before they seize any more power. The slide into totalitarianism can be unnoticed too often as it hides under some uniting principle.

For the Nazis it was a national mood for a greater Germany, here it is a nation falling for the 'equality etc' cooings of people who would do you harm. Having spent decades ensuring the young are as uneducated as possible, through Marxist ideology in schools and colleges, we have a population that overwhelmingly doesn't notice stuff.

Global Warming is an anti-capitalist scam. Why has the public not noticed there is never any open debate about it? Just lists of instructions and increased taxes. The EU is an anti-democratic scam to create the Franco-German empire they repeatedly failed to achieve through violence. Again, no-one notices the lack of debate.

It has been inserted into our thought processes that State control is good, always. So whenever something goes wrong the person in the street interviewed for TV says 'the government should do something'.

The whole country needs to grow up and take more responsibility (which means taking it from Corbyn and his thugs), not just the silly girl in the café.