Thursday, 22 May 2014


Today, in mock signatures we put an 'X' in a box and then put our folded, hidden answers in a box. In the Polling station I attended this morning, the distant observer, with an idea of the order of the candidates would have no problem knowing who you voted for. Obscured the non-booths most surely were not. There are legal requirements around the running of elections, but in today's world of bureaucracies and politics, who 'in authority' need feel constrained by law?

But who will these people, trekking in rain to 'have their say' vote for? This left over of times when the liberty of the individual and the the sanctity of the Englishman in his freedom, is strangely at odds with the rest of our experience. Enormous effort is made to coerce us to vote according the the whims of those who know best, with the BBC and a chorus of other media outlets not just singing the praises of half-wits, but also screaming abuse at the usurper.

You see politics has settled into a cosy career, where as a politician you pretty much don't do anything, but strut around in the certainty of your importance and seek ways to enrich yourself. It is difficult to get caught out on anything of substance because you will espouse no policies, your party will contain no great thinkers. Ironically it will be stupendously easy to catch you on detail, as you won't have the faintest idea about your 'brief'.

Then up pops a party who generally have a list of policies that are supported by a very large section of the community (and certainly the forgotten class; the wage earning British person). I speak of course of UKIP. Now UKIP are seen as being like a bad smell to the career political elite, like the mediaeval poor who offended the rich by their very presence. UKIP don't have the manners of the Westminster bubble, donchaknow?

The politicians, to continue their work avoidance suggest that the attitudes of the people (the hoi polloi) is evidence of a need for education. The poor lambs don't understand in the way the elite does, so it either needs to be explained to them until they are compliant or the option to have a say be removed. They are such a hindrance to progress!

The idea that the elite might be wrong, in error, not just doesn't occur to them, the mere thought would fill them with horror. It could never be so, they would aver, because they know best and always have your best interests at heart (like when Blair increased his police escort and required traffic lights to change in his favour, it was for you. When an MP makes a fortune selling a second home you paid the mortgage on, it is for you).

So, UKIP have attracted ire from all across the spectrum of political entrenchment. They are racist, they will destroy Britain, they will cause riots on the streets (rivers of blood anyone?). None of it is true and the vitriol is extreme and so severe that you just know the fate of Britain or your welfare is not behind it. In fact you are being attacked just as strongly, because so many it seems will vote UKIP.

This is because we have been misled, they say. No it isn't. We have been misled on many things from the NHS to the police, from taxation to the Global Warming scam. But UKIP have one very useful talent; they scare these complacent, money wasting parasites to death.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Independent Police Complaints Commission

Just a quick question. Why is it that in the latest iteration of the IPCC website it is much more difficult to find reports on police shootings and information in general? Just wondering.

Do You Dream Of Diesel?

After insisting that we use diesel in our cars to save the planet, we now hear that it is killing 7,000 people a year. Apart from the fact that everything an 'expert' says these days needs to be viewed with extreme caution, it seems that once again the Left make a mess of a pet scheme.

We removed lead from petrol because of a panic over it causing children to become less brainy. It wasn't having that effect, it was a panic. We stopped using DDT and allowed malaria to carrying on killing millions because some daft bat felt DDT was probably doing harm. Rachel Carson doesn't appear in our league of dangerous people who doomed millions, but she did with her idiotic book 'Silent Spring', that Leftie Hippies loved.

I suppose that when ideology has that firm a grip on you and you are extremely unlikely to suffer from the consequences of your actions, then the deaths of those millions wouldn't concern you, as a tree-hugging, planet-saving moron.

Governments aren't completely stupid though and no matter what we think of how deeply dippy it is to fall for the Global Warming scam, governments have not missed the opportunity nor been slow to act in raising taxes. No one worries about a few extra quid when you are paying to save the planet, surely? If you think that way, you may want to cut down on the number of Superman films you are watching.

Interesting, is it not that the much-better-for-us diesel, which also provides better mpg, is that bit more expensive than petrol. And then it kills you. Or might do. Personally, I always found the entreaties to use diesel, or worse take the bus as ridiculous every time my car disappeared in a cloud of smoke belched from the diesel engine of a bus.

On the subject of buses (this rant is now wandering all over the place!), I was brought up to pity the poor passengers with their uncomfortable and long journey to cover short distances, and the timetable of the bus company and the poor driver repeatedly stopping and then trying to rejoin traffic, and I let them out. Now, with their fascistic, under-used 'bus lanes' I think 'stuff 'em', they are on their own.And so does the State, little by little become the enemy of the people not their servant.

Although the poorly researched, clearly incorrect and of propaganda purpose only, film 'An Inconvenient Truth' was forced on schools, if ever a text book existed that was of great use to schools in preparing their charges for the world of Al Gore & co., then it is 'Scared to Death', by Booker and North. Don't read it though to be given a view, but to challenge yourself to find out more, follow up references, be critical and find out the substance of why it is suitable for even schoolchildren.

In other words, treat it in exactly the way that Al Gore and all the Global Warming liars do not want you to do regarding their output. The science is settled, there must be no debate, no more research!