Thursday, 31 May 2018

When To Act?

Historically, things tend to get well out of hand before anything is done and often, before anyone realises there is a problem. Appeasing Hitler was to avoid war, but it made things so much worse. Thinking anyone could rely on France to act decisively to stop Hitler once he had invaded Poland was another great delusion. I mean, seriously, the French?!

And I guess, if we prevent a terrorist setting off a bomb we have no real idea how many lives were saved and any other consequences that might follow on. But, again looking at the Nazis, they spent years building up their party to be single-minded. They entrenched anti-Semitism as a core tenet and by constant repetition it became common currency that there was something wrong with the Jews.

So when war started, the brutality was immense, bestial and committed by ordinary soldiers as well as the special troops, SS etc. Part of the racial division was to ensure there was no Polish society as such, no education for the children, because then the Nazis would have their worker bees, who wouldn't know any better.

Coming back to the UK, we have had decades of education by idiots to produce idiots and propaganda that now sees our young, unable to think for themselves believing almighty tosh from the Left. Why would anyone do that? I mean, the fact that the Left install stupid systems of education wouldn't surprise anyone, but why persist with it when it is proven a failure?

Surely the only reason can be that the design objective of the 'system' was to produce functionally illiterate children, even after years of 'schooling'.

And how does any political movement get away with drastically changing the relationship of the government to the people and handing over national sovereignty without any debate or analysis taking place? How can the economically ruinous, anti-capitalism of the Climate Change scam also avoid debate? How but with a pliant and compliant populace.

Then of course there is the embedded anti-Semitism leaking out of every pore of the Labour Party. They can't contain it and they don't want to. They and then you are being subjected to propaganda so that you come to see Jews as abnormal and a threat to be 'dealt with' by our leaders.

Of course, in our codified, Left controlled society, any suggestion that the Left might be up to no good will bring accusations that you wear tin foil as a hat. Maybe I am wrong and drawing the wrong parallels, but what harm would it do to take robust action against the Hate Party (still known as Labour as of today)? What could go wrong if we properly educated our children and were allowed to know what the EU does?

Why would it be dangerous to allow debate about climate change and the actual real science? The worst that could happen is that people demand an end to the taxes and subsidies to ward off dragons and pixies (just as real as any danger from 'Global Warming'). And then the preachers of hate, Left wing activists can crawl back under a stone.

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Lessons Of History And Corbyn

It comes up from time to time, that Corbyn wants to turn Britain into a version of Venezuela. Hell, I've said it myself and with no understanding of economics (or reality) the current Far Left cabal masquerading as the Labour Party. no doubt could bring such a situation about in short order.

But something else struck me as I started re-reading Richard J Evans stupendous and (settle in) stupendously long book 'The Third Reich At War'. This was just how stupid, petty and childish the leadership of the Nazi Party was, jockeying for power and privilege, taking fine houses and other wealth for themselves, whilst planning inhuman actions.

Now, we have no current knowledge of warlike adventures planned by the Corbyn gang, but they certainly fit the mould as self-important, individually incompetent, desperate and devious clowns on the make. The way they suppress internal dissent, the ideology of violence, the lies and the deceit - no real interest in actual politics.

And I'm sure Momentum and its like can summon up their brownshirts in a blink, should some extra political muscle be called for. I fear these people who seem like fools may in fact be very dangerous fools.

And there are too many openings in the way our society acts and thinks, due to long term influence of the Left in schools, all public services and through the deployment of Political Correctness, for this authoritarian ambition to succeed. Take for instance Thames Valley Police. If you want to join they ask if you belong to any Right Wing parties. Why Right Wing specifically? Because the current feeling is that they are the problem.

Name the last violent action by a Right Wing group. You can't. (You may be led to suggest that the shooting of Jo Cox was such an event; it wasn't. The perpetrator was a nutcase, who read Far Right literature amongst other things. He didn't belong to a group, nor received instruction).

The Left however are endlessly involved in violence; every 'march' where windows are smashed, property burnt, heavy objects thrown off roofs onto police below. Every event that you can think of that erupted into violence had its origins in Left activism and agitation.

Except I guess, the Countryside March which was entirely peaceful, but so massive that Tony Blair was deeply shocked, so he had them attacked by the police and then blamed the marchers for the violence. Yeah, and David Kelly committed suicide.

Demos Does It Again

Reported in The Mail, the Leftie tank of thinking, Demos has decided that British people think communities have been harmed and the national culture undermined by mass immigration. This is a bit like saying 'more people coming into the country means there are more people in the country'

Actually, scratch that because according to the Left (and way too many Conservatives) unrestrained immigration leading to a surge in the size of the 'population' has no effect whatsoever on the demand for houses, schools, health services and certainly doesn't lead to more crime.

Anyway, back to the real world. Much too much, much too soon. I remember being shocked when I realised we, Britain, had denied citizenship to Hong Kong Chinese, so they didn't all come here when the colony was handed back to the Communist Chinese.

I thought we owed them something, but of course so many and at once was impossible to deal with (we didn't know how many would come but the prospect was bad enough). So, hard though it was, you kinda understand the thinking.

But switch to the satrapy of morons known as the EU and unlimited numbers of foreign nationals, to whom we most certainly owe nothing, can flood in. There will be no consequences. Well, except for good ones.

The good by the way is that rich Lefties, who don't have an immigrant influx issue, can get cheap servants.

And to add insult to injury, our civil servants - you know, the ones who don't think you should be allowed to say we should leave the EU and won't do their job if it is to that end - decide what they will do about immigration is throw out of the country good, productive long-term British people from the West Indies.

Compare and contrast the rabble of Islamist terrorists and foreign criminals we welcome with open arms and the film of black men coming off the boats, struggling with their suitcases (yep, they brought clothes, not pretending to be 'refugees' looking for handouts), dressed in suits and wearing trilby's. If you want people who intend to fit in, to integrate, what more could you ask for?

They spoke English and felt they had a right to come here as they were British and this is the Mother country. That's how they felt and I feel proud that they did. It's why I always insist on buying small, West Indian bananas; as a way of supporting friends.

But I suppose, if you are a Leftie civil servant, aware that your ideology supports and promotes racial division in an attempt to cause societal chaos, you would say 'yes, but they are black'.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Irish Referendum

The Republic of Ireland (not Northern Ireland, Kay Burley) is having a referendum on changing the country's abortion laws. I presume as an EU country the result only stands if it supports the 'correct' political agenda.

I struggle with this one myself, but the arguments are too often disingenuous. The blanket 'No' means damage, both physically and psychologically can happen to mother and baby. It is too often present as a never allow option.

But the pro-abortion side just seem to come up with selfishness as an overriding principle. In fact, even principled. I mean by this for instance, the fatuous 'it's my body'. So in an age of multiple, sophisticated and effective means of birth control, a girl should be entitled to demand to end a life any time she can't be bothered with contraception, but fancies a shag.

Because, it actually isn't her body and the only reason the subject of murder doesn't crop up is that we persist with an ancient ruling that life starts only at birth. Unless a much loved foetus is killed by a third party assaulting the mother, which we think is terrible.

It isn't her body, it is an entirely separate body that happens to be inside her. And Nature leads the mother's body to perform some pretty incredible things in order to hide the interloper.

It is of course, a strong part of the feminist argument that women have been wronged by Nature as the party having to carry the child. They rage into the wind.

Lazy, indolent women who get pregnant and want an abortion whenever they want, make the pro-abortion case almost impossible to support. We think it a terrible thing to terminate a foetus that is going to be terribly disabled when born, as this demeans the lives of those that were born (in the mad Leftie world) and yet we defend implacably a mother's choice to end a life whenever she feels she wants to (up to 24 weeks).

There is no easy answer, but giving women whatever they want, whenever they dream up some new injustice, isn't it.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

The Lords And Brexit

The irony of an unelected bunch of idlers and ne'er do wells (with some possessed of common sense - not Lefties) saying that the elected House should have the final say on Brexit, is surely not lost on them.

But what exactly are they asking for? Ostensibly, they think parliament as a whole should control the negotiations and what is acceptable. Well, that wouldn't be an issue if the ground rules were adhered to; parliament has accepted to be mandated by the public via a referendum result. So the only debate is the manner of our leaving.

Now usually, this is the proper preserve of government, but it is fairly important so input from a broad range can be listened to. To achieve the desired result. However, from those with a sense of entitlement in the Houses of parliament, to the mischief makers in Labour the hard Left party, who just want to cause turmoil to a Conservative government and the country can go hang, the desired result of the people is not what they want delivered.

Their goal is to cancel the will of the people (why not? The EU leaders have long bemoaned the ability of the citizenry to vote and are they not in love with the EU?). Some are keen on bureaucracies, some are in receipt of pensions or other funding from the EU and are obliged to support them, or lose the financial arrangement, some are just plain stupid. Some are hopeful of employment by the crazies in Brussels; the terms and the money and perks are fantastic, what's not to like?

So, whilst I would love to hear other views being aired, why would you want to listen to Corbyn and his cronies witter on about how they hate Britain, the West, Jews and capitalism? How does that help proper negotiations or consider the good of the country? It doesn't.

Corbyn doesn't like the EU though because it is the wrong kind of totalitarianism; the Left is very much like the Peoples Front of Judea and the Judean People's Front and the Front for the People of Judea. In fact, basically they have so many problems with so many people, they are just really the Party of Hate.

Brexit is a grand opportunity to reset the country, to cast aside the moronic shackle of the EU corpse and stand on our own two feet. In this country the people own the law and the government fear the people. We will not stay part of an organisation where the State tells us everything is illegal unless they allow it and we exist to serve the State. Where the people must fear their rulers.

Look at the arrogance of Barnier et al, so incensed that we should think we are allowed to decide for ourselves! No, our real problem is that even when we leave, we will still be haunted as will much of the world, by the sheer stupidity of the EU. Will the Franco-German empire building continue and cause more conflict, as it did in the Ukraine?

Will Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and possibly others see a successful UK outside the EU and suddenly realise why their economies are tanking and Germany and France(!) are doing just fine? And what they can do to rescue themselves. (I'm talking here about the populations, because as with the UK, the politicians love of bureaucracy and hence the EU means they won't ever do the right thing for their countries).

A proper Conservative would probably make short work of the negotiations and get a workable deal, suitable for all sides. And take a stern view of the partisan Civil Service, imprisoning the worst malfeasants and sacking a shed-load of others, replacing them not with people with the right Left wing views, but instead a solid dose of common sense. We don't need 'yes men', but we also don't need what we currently have; preening, self-important prats with no work ethic.