Friday, 6 October 2017

The Value Of Persistence

The persistence of the Left leaning journalists has paid off. They kept talking about the threats to Theresa May's premiership and literally nobody cared. They just lived in their own fevered bubble. Now though, their constant refrain has driven one self-absorbed MP to declare he would like to challenge, buoyed by believing Leftie journo's.

Of course there is dispute about the way things are going and ultimately it always comes back to the leader. Personally, I have no specific problem with Theresa May as a person, but where the hell are her 'ideas' coming from? Someone of influence has convinced her that adopting Labour policies is the only way to go. It clearly isn't working, but they are sticking with it.

May called a snap election because she thought the omens were there to get a real working majority to get things done. And I believe the country was ready to vote in precisely that way. OK so a lot of not very clever people, who had also recently been to university, fell for a ruse by the Marxist Corbyn, but the idea was still sound.

What actually caused the upset was the nonsense that May came out with as Conservative policies. Once they were aired, the vote deserted her party en bloc. And we have seen it since; every time it looks like the Conservatives say something robustly Tory the popularity of the party soars, then May announces a Labour-lite version and the shoulders slump.

Like a sufferer of domestic abuse, May goes to the EU, with sound and sensible ideas and gets abused. She gets angry (we've seen flashes of it), then forgives them and goes back for more. We are breaking up with them, so a temporary tantrum won't harm. Either they talk sense or we walk away. So we argue over the LP's (and they're all scratched), but we will get over it; banging your head on the wall might be habit forming, but it is going to be great when you stop!

The EU is an anti-democratic construct, held together by lies, a construct that the UK cannot ever have joined legally. But none of that matters apparently to the Remainers, who cling to nurse for fear of something worse, like the most timorous of children. May needs to lead the grown ups, and parenting (which she has been cruelly denied) is like leadership, you have to set boundaries, make your position on an issue crystal clear. Tell it like it is.

If you do, you will be unpopular with all the people that don't matter and achieve results of real and lasting importance to the whole nation.

Or maybe you and your simpleton advisors are right Theresa, the Conservatives have to become the Socialists while Labour have become the Communists.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

For Left Inspired Opinion, Watch BBC News

I know this isn't a shock (the shock is, that with legal obligations the BBC are allowed to ignore them), but BBC News is actually just opinion through Left wing ideologically tinted glasses.

This morning Teresa may was 'interviewed' on Breakfast TV. The interview pretty much consisted of trying to trip her up on her Brexit talks or get her to say something negative about Boris Johnson. You know, stuff that only really matters to Leftie journalists and no-one else. It failed.

So then they went over to one of their own journalists and asked his opinion of what she had said. Why? Who cares? But of course, it looks like independent verification of Leftie ideas.

There is plenty of scope for a truly independent journalist to tear into the Conservatives and their, so far, bland conference. Conservatives (at least, traditionally) are about small government, individual liberty, freedom of opportunity and equality before the law.

What we currently have is a high spending looks-like-Labour Tory party that is in danger of appealing to absolutely no-one.

The still in sixth form journalists posing as adults on the BBC could just ask May "why don't you massively shrink the bloated state sector? Tony Blair, a man of no use or utility, hugely increased the state payroll to acquire client voters, so why not reverse it and close down the ever-increasing debt mountain?

Why not point out the damage not only the Labour actions of the Seventies did to Britain, but the current mess left by the policies and action of Blair and Brown? Having done so, you can then move on to the painful process of dealing with it. It is not the fault of those employed in the pointless bureaucracies and quangos dreamed up by Blair, that they are so employed. But for the sake of the country these constructs and their jobs need to go.

By being honest and up-front we can perhaps give them time to find alternative employment (though people like Shami Chakrabarti need a special kind of employer), before shutting the doors.

Why not change the school curriculum to include education on the agenda instead of endless Marxist propaganda. Then the future won't consist of emotionally weak, under educated snowflakes, but with people of drive, skilled and imaginative.

Hell, even without a proper education, how about an open science lesson about Climate Change; it would be an hour well spent and then the day after we can withdraw all the green-scam subsidies and reduce everyone's energy bills. The shock may melt some snowflakes and cause the rent-seekers to squeal like stuck pigs, but it would also save the lives of the pensioners condemned to die of cold this winter, because they can't afford to pay to heat their homes and enrich charlatans.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Messy Politics

Three aspects cause national upsets; the will of the people, alliances and hubris. Currently, the will of the people in the UK is quite distressing as the cult of self instigated under Tony Blair continues to bite, under the further influence of Marxist propaganda (particularly through the education system).

I say the will of the people is distressing because it lacks any ability to act rationally, with youngsters voting for very dangerous Totalitarians. Because there was a completely disingenuous offer to delete their student debt floated around. That they were stupid enough to believe such rubbish and so quickly, shows just how many of our youngsters today are taking a very long time to reach actual maturity.

Poorly educated (deliberately) and way too dependent, they besmirch those who fought to give them the right to vote. (They also, spit in the face of their grandparents and great grandparents who fought Totalitarianism to give them freedom - freedom they now wish to surrender).

Elsewhere, the ancient ideology that Nation States cause wars and must be deleted (for large empires, strangely, led by those who caused most of the wars, to gain an empire), finds itself in a  conundrum. All around the world, people show their desire to retain local identity, things they feel real allegiance to and that give them comfort in the familiar.

So we have the Catalans trying to ask the question, would they like to be an independent state? Nothing more than that, a poll to discover the strength of feeling of the people in the local area. The National government of Spain has said that to cede is illegal and so the referendum would be pointless.

OK, so that is the current legal view, but if the Catalans are not happy with it, then perhaps dialogue should commence? No, those in power do not want to see it 'undermined' and send in their paramilitaries to forcefully interfere with a harmless information gathering exercise (which is what the referendum surely is).

These officers of the state attacked the Catalan people deliberately and for no good reason. Illegally too, I'm sure, because the lovely Constitution of Spain may well insist Spain must always be what it is now, a single unit (albeit, interestingly, under the control of a foreign power as they ceded the whole country to Brussels), but I don't think local areas having a poll, regardless of the subject, is a crime?

Jeremy Corbyn, leading of course his own blackshirts, objects to this violence and demands Teresa May speak to the Spanish authorities. Naturally, the Venezuelan paramilitaries attacking their own people is fine by Jezza, because the government there is Communists. Violence by Communist regimes is expected, indeed part of the ideology, so what could Jeremy possibly object to?

And then there is the EU. They are completely silent about the violence perpetrated by a member state, supposedly under their control. But then they have to be, otherwise their whole project is in jeopardy, just like it needs to cause as much problem as possible to the UK, pour encourager les autres.

I'm sure the bureaucrats of the EU don't want people's heads cracked, but what to do? Firstly, hubris demands they do not give in, secondly, they are allied in spirit with the Spanish authorities and cannot therefore criticise what any human being would normally criticise. It leads to more violence of course, but the politicians are locked into positions; their ideology.

If only the will of the people could be suppressed, given no outlet to share ideas. Certainly, the leaders of the secretive EU have long thought democracy an inconvenient idea, so damaging to their project. For proof look no further than the 'stupid' decision to let the British people have their say. The delightful aspect of the UK referendum was plainly that, as yet the British people are not all snowflakes, unable to think for themselves, but can consider the evidence and come to the reasonable conclusion.

In one way I suppose the EU have stopped wars. Because in 1815 Britain and other countries objected to France attempting to create a European empire for itself and again with the Germans in 1914 and 1939, there were terrible wars. Now those very nations have managed to create their empire without war, just by the use of deceit and straightforward lying.

It isn't working and is falling apart (it is run by stupid ideologies, so it would, ideologies of French and German hegemony). Politicians should relearn their role and understand that the will of the people, always wins in the end.