Friday, 28 May 2010

QT Again!

What is it about QT that just makes me angry? I try to be generous but it seems increasingly likely that the BBC ensures a large proportion of the audience have solidly left wing views. Anyone with an ounce of decency (and a brain cell) would loathe Alistair Campbell and all he stands for, but last night he was getting his applause. No surprise that Hitler and Stalin could rise to the top. Talk about useful idiots. And Campbell was in his stride last night, rattling on with a strong, confident voice, dropping blatant lies in but making them seem just part of the whole. Stunningly though, the BBC also rammed Piers Morgan, another valueless human being onto the panel as well!! But not content that these selections were the work of a juvenile prankster, Dimmo says that Downing Street wouldn't provide a Minister if Alistair Campbell was representing Labour and that the BBC don't take instruction from Downing Street. I presume this is a recent development? Why didn't he just let Alistair say it himself, rather than to have to write it down for the completely unbiased BBC. I did think Piers was about to prove he has a use, when he started harassing Campbell (who was stuttering and stumbling for an answer) over the Iraq War, but then went and said 'I'm not saying you were lying'. Piers, accuracy isn't a sin you know.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hated Law?

There was a question the other day about what laws you would like to see repealed. To set myself a challenge I decided to limit myself to just one. And I think it should be the animal 'welfare' Bill Blair brought in after the Foot and Mouth outbreak. The new legislation means that government officials can forcibly enter properties, remove and kill any animal, including pets, that they feel may have been close enough to a contaminated area to, er, something or other, maybe catch FMD. It is also an offence to impede officials carrying out this unwarranted activity. This legislation was made retrospective. Why would you want to do that (a bizarre concept anyway)? Well, the policy of killing healthy animals had already been carried out and with some force being used and certainly with threats. These actions were illegal and were known to be illegal, yet were carried out on the express instructions of 'personally in charge' Blair and his ministers.

So, by repealing this awful piece of legislation we also get to prosecute Blair,a few cronies and some Chief Constable's who felt that pleasing their political masters was more important than upholding the law. Yes, just by this one change so many good things can be achieved. It would herald a new era indeed.

HIP's, Hip Hooray!

Are we about to see the end of the pointless Home Inspection Pack? Pointless and costly, both to buy and to the market generally. Well, it was the product of the empty, wallpapered space behind Yvette Cooper's eyes. Naturally, it is a good idea to keep the Energy Efficiency Certificate bit. You know, the bit the EU told us we had to do, so we don't have a choice.

Although, we do seem to exercise some choice over EU directives. Some unelected numpty in the EU decides that they should know the energy rating of every house in the 'Community' and so a directive is issued. It requires the rating to be done, every ten years. So Yvette decides that means every time a house is put on the market. Pointless. Is she really that thick? The evidence does tend to support that idea. She is after all, of her own free will, Mrs. Ed Balls.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The BBC and Reality

Gordon Bennett, are there no adults at the BBC? The election itself was hardly slick or decisive but the BBC are being wilful in their disregard for reality. I have just seen a report in which they decided that people didn't vote Lib Dem to support a particular party, no they voted against the Tories. Hence they are now angry that their party (or should that be the one they voted for which wasn't Tory) are now in partnership with Conservatives.

This is similar to the crazy logic voiced by a number of simpletons who keep saying that most people didn't vote Conservative. The problem is of course that if you run with the argument, most people didn't vote Conservative, fewer people voted Labour and fewer still Lib Dem. So the party most people voted for, is the Conservatives. How else do we decide on government?
The BBC should just be amazed at how many seats, even with the skewed boundaries and the paid voters that Labour have engineered, their beloved left leaning party achieved. Strange indeed to place any continued trust in people who have let you down on every single thing they touched, but there you have it. The BBC.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Gone, Gone and Gone

Brown is no longer, the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Labour Party or an MP. Like a child having a tantrum he has, in effect stormed off. Forget the words, look at the act. He really is an unpleasant piece of work through and through. Now the insane harridan, Harman is the Leader so the Labour tradition of someone madder than the last one goes on.

Clegg will be looking to stuff up big style while in the full glare and the Unions will be desperately trying to impose their own candidate as Leader of a bastard Labour party. Which should give a big shove for Labour in the direction of being the third party (despite the weirdos in the LibDems doing a thoroughly good job of proving your kids wouldn't be safe with them).

Cameron should hold his nerve, stay as a nice bloke but definitely read some history of the Conservative party and find out a) why the country flourishes under one and b) why he currently sounds like a Lib Dem.

Still for now lets see how it turns out and just when that next election will be. Cameron has some real building to do if he is to understand what this country needs. And Dave, can I call you Dave? Tell the world what you find when you have access to the full horrors of 13 years of New Labour.

As a big, big personal favour you could repeal that atrocious animal bill Blair passed, you know the one in which he retrospectively forgave himself for breaking the law. Then we can lock him up if he sets foot in this country again (for something at last!) and all those political policemen who thought themselves so clever, so powerful and so above the law under our own little Ceausescu.

Saturday, 8 May 2010


It's Saturday with the usual weekend stuff to do, but also going on is the horse trading as Clegg tries to maximise his kingmaker role. So I come back from a cold, wet dog walk and put on the telly for a news update. Sky have Kay Burley outside the Houses of Parliament where a demonstration of a few hundred people are shouting for a 'fair vote'. It seems to have been organised by a group called 38 Degrees who were claiming to be about Proportional Representation. Primarily though, it is run by Climate Change believers. One of the 'organisers' is brought forward and turns out (not that the reporter realised) to be Billy Bragg. He mentioned PR then moved on to his (unsurprising) main point, which is that Labour should stay in power. Every time I see these people jumping up and down screaming when democracy goes against them I feel really gladdened. Billy Bragg and his ilk love democracy when it delivers what they want. They have the same mindset as the totalitarian EU; you can vote, but only if you get the answer right!

Now Nick Clegg has come out to address the crowd and receive a petition. He is loving it and he is being mugged. You have to give it to the activists, they certainly know when a vain politician will support what he thinks is allied to his politics. These people want the ability to channel more of their lunatic views from the far left into politics. Just another reason seeing the end of Labour is SO important, these are their people.

Friday, 7 May 2010


Scotland is a great country and my father was Scottish, it has a magnificent history and has contributed massively to the success of Great Britain. Today however, this country cannot produce the genius of the past, the great designers, engineers, scientists, thinkers. Its education system was superior and envied. Scotland has been dragged down and its morale destroyed to become a country of no aspiration or ability, by politicians who as intellects are the minnows of this once great land. These poor human beings have done nothing for Scotland but sought advantage for themselves and turned Scotland into a welfare dependent nation. Whether it is the ludicrously puffed up Scottish politicians or those they have exported to Westminster, the entire UK has suffered from this disastrous loss of confidence. We have all let Scotland down by allowing these people to take control, who have then gone on to wreck the successful institutions.

Still Going

Early Friday morning and the Conservatives are doing well, but an outright win isn't looking likely. What we seem to have is a country where large numbers of people think that we should ignore the debt and carry on, what you might call the Greek solution. The TV pundits are endlessly telling us what the map of the country 'means' in any and every way except the most obvious; those parts of the country creating wealth have voted Conservative and the benefits dependent areas, Labour. Naturally we can expect that Brown has based his campaign not just on scare tactics ('you'll lose your benefits') but also on lies; Labour will take away the benefits too. There isn't any money to do anything else. At least Labour would have to clear up their own mess.

Of course the really annoying thing is that these MP's we so dutifully vote for have no intention (or ability) to represent their constituents, but instead are mere numbers to aid 'the party' (whichever one you may support). The Electoral reform we need is one the politicians are not offering, their idea of reform is one that makes democracy weaker and their job easier.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A Question For The PM (While He Still Is)

Mr. Brown, you have been caught lying a great many times. Why do you need to lie quite so much?It isn't helped of course, that you are so spectacularly bad at it.

What Did They Do To You?

I know I should expect Labour to say 'you don't want to go back to the Tories' but it is a refrain the Left repeat and I got to thinking, why? What exactly are they referring to as the reason not to 'go back to the Tories'? All I can think of is the Poll Tax, which seems to have brought sensible people out onto the streets to smash up buildings, set fire to things and attack the police, because they would now have to pay tax that they had successfully avoided in the past. I suppose if you didn't mind the destruction of major industry, you would mourn the passing of the power of the Unions. But otherwise, the last time the Conservatives were in, we recovered from a recession caused by a Labour government, we lived through a recession caused by aligning with the Euro (which all parties supported) and finally got the country booming again just in time for a Labour government to live on the reflected glory.

I suppose it is a bit like those you see on the TV sneering at the mere mention of Thatcher, yet they are careful not to have to substantiate exactly what their problem is. But if you want blatant stupidity, look no further than Ross Kemp. Here was a man who genuinely risked his life and earned the respect of the soldiers around him, whilst making a TV series. Yet at its end, he made a really weak statement of support for the soldiers and now is supporting the man who made all their lives so much more dangerous, a man who grins as he lies about his role in denying them equipment, and has directly led to loss of life. The proof was before his very eyes and yet has not seen.

The Election

So tomorrow we finally get to say. If 1997 was anything to go by it should be a landslide for the Conservatives. But two important things have changed over the last 13 years. Firstly there has been widespread disenchantment with party style politics and there is a groundswell of opinion that pushes people to consider other parties, or Independents. Secondly, almost the exact opposite of a healthy review of our democracy that the previous point represents has been taking place. The Left have demonised the Conservative party, ensuring a knee-jerk reaction from ordinary people; well Labour have got to go obviously, but I couldn't vote Conservative. Why not? Well, they are all toffs aren't they.

My understanding is that a 'toff' is generally seen as someone who has inherited wealth, doesn't have to work and is stupid -in other words Harry Enfield's Tim-Nice-But-Dim. This has been a triumph of Left wing indoctrination in deploying class hatred to replace racism (which is the preserve of little white old ladies according to Brown). Do these toffs exist? Undoubtedly there will be a few dozen, stumbling about Britain, vacuous air-heads with nothing to contribute. But their real manifestation these days is not from the Upper Class Twit mould, but rather the Islington set. Yes, if you want to find people who do no good in society but want to influence it for their own benefit then the Left liberal is where you should look. And there are very many of them, filling Quango's, staffing hopeless 'charities' insisting black is white and living on a diet of soundbites. They are the prolific wasters who occupy themselves as courtiers of some extravagant palace, that you pay for and are personified by the ridiculous Lord Mandelson.

So should you listen to the Left liberal? The same people who took their propaganda into education which has resulted in education not be high on the list of priorities in schools. Who provided the police mindset to pursue easy targets and give up on crime, judges who feel their role is to worry endlessly about the welfare of criminals.

Can you vote Conservative? Yes,if you want your country back.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

How Bizarre?

A Labour candidate has said that Gordon Brown is the worst Prime Minister ever, a comment which is being described as bizarre. Is it? As a Labour person he is expected to lie, yes? It is a statement of fact I think and just shades Tony Blair into second place. I do believe this candidate is trying to break away from the current extraordinarily low standards set by New Labour for probity and say 'I am a man of principles'. That I have no problem with, though he still has a little more to do and realise Socialism doesn't actually work. Capitalism may not be perfect, but Socialism doesn't even try.

But back to Brown. I hear that should he no longer have a job in politics (yes please, let him lose his seat too) he would want to do charity work, something to help people. I wonder which charity he would pick to destroy?

I See Blue People

Oh My God. I have spent over two and a half hours watching Avatar. I'm wondering if there is a bigger waste of such a time interval, but I haven't come up with anything yet. What is it about? Ask Al Gore, it's right up his street. A barely concealed, poorly told story of environmentalism as seen by someone obsessed by his own omnipotence. Giant blue people live on the planet Pandora which happens to contain a substance coveted by humans, Unobtainium (no I'm not kidding). These blue people live as one with the natural world, and not only kill for food humanely they kinda apologise as they are doing it. They have neural endings in their pony tail hair that they can plug into all other life forms on the planet and 'communicate' with them (or perhaps 'commune'). Naturally a private company with it's own exceptionally well equipped army turn up and have no sympathy for the indigenous people. Pandora's box is opened.

Most of these 'future' films involve a World Government as that is the ideal of the leftist film makers, but of course here, being complete bastards the humans are from a big corporation. A war ensues, with the native Americans, sorry blue people aided by the human Marine who understands them. He too wants to see all the lights and colours and to love everyone and everything and be able to fly, without LSD this time.

'It's A Wonderful Life' is hardly believable in the strictest sense, yet it achieves its objective through being human with charity based on the Christian religion. Avatar attempts to be a morality tale as told by a Stalinist, by a man who has asked the Oracle at Delphi a question and believes he knows what she means. It is self-important tosh, with brilliant effects.