Thursday, 13 November 2014

No Leadership Crisis

Well the scaredy cat politics of the current age comes home to roost. No leader of any party will say or do anything definite as this gives something to measure them against and allows a target for the others to attack.

So they are all more or less happy to say pretty much the same things, whilst rubber stamping EU diktats. Obviously evil does well when a good man does nothing so the Marxist project rolls on.

Curiously, the son of a rampant Marxist hopeful of carrying on the dream, is hiding in the middle ground Labour party. This party of amnesiacs are currently trying to convince the electorate, that all the problems they caused under Blair and Brown are somehow the Tories fault and another Labour government would get us back on track.

Now, if you are paid by the state, whether to ostensibly do a job of some kind, or not bother at all, then of course you can be tempted to vote for Labour (unless you actually believe in putting the welfare of others somewhere in your priorities). But otherwise, I cannot see any appeal.

You can have the reality denying idiots like Burnham and Balls back to once more wreck social mobility and the economy generally, led by Miliband who feels that the previous Labour administration failed to take us back to the 70's. And he is confident that his level of stupidity can finally get us there.

Cameron is an altogether simpler animal, in every way. He likes the idea of being the latest incarnation of Tony Blair. He falls for every fad, whether anti-capitalist projects like the Global Warming scam or the Marxist EU. The fact that clearly, from every poll the country is crying out for traditional conservative values and leadership (for proof combine Tory and UKIP polling) evades him completely.

Of course, to adopt that change of direction he would have to do something definite and, being like Blair fundamentally a coward, he will do no such thing. Just enough to survive should do. And like all of his colleagues in the bubble, the needs of the country are irrelevant to their 'politics'.

The Lib Dems. Do they still exist? Representing the loony extreme of the Labour party they are merely a deflating balloon. As long a Miriam (an amalgam of Tony and Cherie) can secure sinecures all is well, the rest is flim flam. But it is curious she attached herself to such an obvious loser.

UKIP? Well they're not really a party are they? They were just supposed to be a thorn in the side of indolent conservatives. A corrective to get the would-fit-well-in-the-Labour Party Dave back on track. But the voters seem to have underestimated how dense he is. Pity really, because previously we have always been able to rely on the Conservatives to get us out of the mess left by Labour.

It's going to get colder before it gets warmer.