Monday, 11 May 2020

Supportive Labour And Covid 19

At the outset, the Labour opposition made it clear that the coronavirus emergency was no time for party politics and they would work constructively with the government. This of course, is what the nation would hope to be the case and is entirely sensible. It's what people wanted to hear.

It didn't last long. Unpleasant people struggle to be something different and so it is with Labour. (I lose track. Are we now on New New Labour? That sounds awfully like it is run by a vacuum from the Tellytubbies). Whether there is an alliance between the Unions and not-Left-enough Keir Starmer is not clear, but they are meshing nicely.

The Unions, suddenly possessed of medical and scientific knowledge as yet denied to everyone else, are refusing any measures to return life and the economy to normal as quickly as possible. Due to the 'risks' of going to work, the teaching Unions are demanding that a) the virus has to have been completely eradicated, b) they will need more money c) everyone should wear masks and d) the roads have to be cleared of traffic, so that they also don't get injured in a car accident.

Teachers must not face any risk. Likewise Tube drivers. Locked away and physically separated from the diseased sardines they haul around, puts they at risk apparently and so, insists the ridiculous mayor and Unions, they shouldn't be 'forced' back either.

Labour object to everything the Tories say (ably supported it has to be said by a completely out of control BBC and Sky, with the papers largely just as spooked). This, and nearly dying, affects Boris strongly and so he continues to ignore any science that might drift in from somewhere other than the useless PHE, NHS England or Imperial College of Hapless Modelling.

The trumpets blare and Boris announces in a statement to the nation his steps to removing lockdown. We are clearer on many aspects of the coronavirus and countries without lockdown seem to have the same rate of infection as those in lockdown. Evidence is mounting that more people have already been infected than previously thought and that, whilst we carefully avoid finding out how many, herd immunity might be achieved at much lower levels than predicted  with the Imperial modelling scenario.

So what is announced to an expectant country? You can go to work, if you can't work from home. Which I think is only a slight nuance on what we already had.

Having not offered anything, Labour were obviously stumped with their prepared objections, so they complained that the er, distinctly lacking advice wasn't clear. Apparently, we could 'meet' people in the park as long as social distancing is followed. Oops. When I have taken the dogs for a walk, if I met someone I knew, I spoke to them observing the separation rules.

So, Starmer, who I am very confused to see described in glowing terms, has settled into the kind of policy that he likes and can cope with. Pretty much, Oh no you can't. Widow Twankey indeed.