Thursday, 14 April 2011

New Labour and the Nazis

There is a current fashion to say that any mention of Hitler in a commentary immediately invalidates it as being written by a nutter and the view will be wrong. I'll run the risk.

I am reading Richard J Evans superb book, The Third Reich at War and it has some very interesting points, for more contemporary events. When the Nazis invaded Poland they viewed the Poles as sub human and Jews some way below that. We know of course that Hitler wanted territory to plant Germans in for a Greater Reich, something known as lebensraum. But to ensure its safety and survival he had to destroy this land of sub humans. His targets (aside from just killing large numbers of people) were, to reduce education to a very basic level, to undermine the basic infrastructure for the ghettos of non-Germans, through continuing propaganda to instill hatred of 'the others' and to destroy the culture of the captured land.

Compare this with the main projects of New Labour. After 13 years of intervention, children now leave school with abysmally low levels of education. Standards are constantly lowered and the cry that 'all shall go to University' is not about increasing intelligence but rather undermining and destroying universities as institutions. Removing their excellence. In the area of basic infrastructure, the State now runs a political police and a public sector that is gleefully detached from the population, enforcing petty rules and with no mechanism for complaint or satisfaction. Hospitals have been destroyed from within, no longer even recognising that making people better is any part of their remit. The NHS is a bureaucracy run for the sake of the bureaucracy. New Labour also relentlessly pushed 'class hatred' as if it was some identifiable element in 21st century Britain. Often they inhabit the class and certainly adopt the manners and privileges they claim to despise. Class hatred is the same as and just as pointless as racial hatred. For New Labour it is just a tool, not a position. And also, Blair and his New Labour project through the empty policy of multiculturalism and by forcing unlimited immigration on the nation sought to eradicate any sense of a British identity, to destroy our culture.

Clearly, New Labour were and are intent on forming a dictatorship here that works only for Party members and its followers, by removing any ability for an opposition to form. Equally clearly, New Labour are actually the idiots themselves that they imagine we are. But then, Hitler did some unimaginable things and no-one seriously objected, no-one stopped him. No-one seemed to think his monstrous acts were all that bad. Hitler got away with it. So New Labour remain hopeful for their project. Perhaps Miliband's support for the violence at the recent 'cuts' demonstration (though there hadn't been any cuts) indicates again their focus.


So, this region has now had 'digital switchover'. Whoopee do. We now receive television exclusively via digital signal. What does this mean in practice? Well I have had to buy an enhanced aerial for my portable telly and a 'set top box'. I have Sky for the main set so nothing has changed there. Except, Sky do rather like you to leave your box switched on (in standby) so they can still access it. Similarly the other box is left in standby, though I do unplug the transformer for the aerial. So, extra purchases and extra electricity usage, that will please the eco-nazis.

Did I ask for digital? No. So how come a purely commercial decision, that digital appeals to the broadcasters, become backed by the force of government? Who knows. For Freeview, which will be the best option for many people who were completely happy with the previous provision you really need a rooftop aerial and bigger than that required by the old analogue system. Such is progress.

The question remains why? If it hadn't been forced on us we wouldn't have adopted it, so it was not for the service of customers, it was entirely profit driven. I suppose businesses are run by voters, but they do seem to have some remarkable clout, for a small segment. It is what should be expected in a country that lives by the code; a government of the people, run for the sponsors by the politicians.